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  1. Yes please. I'll have it
  2. I would be interested in buying a T3 action or a barreled action in 308 with a heavy barrel. Potentially interested in a second hand T3 tac a1 in 308 as well
  3. Very nice. I wish it was for a tikka and I would have had it. ?
  4. Do you have any of the sierra 69gn hpbt left?
  5. I will take this please.
  6. These are a brilliant item. It may seem expensive for a manual power dispenser, but they are worth every penny. Quick and 100% accurate. Just wish I needed another one!
  7. OK thanks. Looks like a nice piece of kit.
  8. I will take this if we can sort delivery.
  9. happyshooting

    MAE Silencer

    Thanks Darren. Thats really quick work. I'll hopefully pick it up from mine on Friday. Cheers mate! Chris
  10. happyshooting

    MAE Silencer

    Hi, Money sent. Many thanks Chris Wilson
  11. happyshooting

    MAE Silencer

    I'll take this please.
  12. happyshooting

    Bullet lengths for 7mm (.284) Sierra and Lapua

    Thanks for that info Laurie. That's really helpful. I was favouring the Sierra, so I will probably go with those. Many thanks! Chris

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