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  1. I'll take it thanks
  2. Phillywilly72

    Changing factory ammo

    Seems a bloody waste buying a box to shoot a handful and decide they are not suited.
  3. Phillywilly72

    License change for range practice and comps

    Thanks, I thought this would be the case.
  4. Phillywilly72

    Changing factory ammo

    Hi, I have only ever used one brand of factory ammo through my 223. If I fancy a change and didn't re-zero what kind of variation would you expect from a new brand sub-inch or off the paper? Theoretical question. Thanks
  5. Hi, I currently have a closed ticket for vermin for a rim and CF. I am considering join a club to practice on ranges and possibly shoot in competitions. Do I need my ticket conditions changed and if I am using several ranges would it be best to get it 'opened'? Thanks
  6. Phillywilly72

    Fossil Watch

    I'll take it thanks.
  7. Phillywilly72

    Rifle Life

    Hi Just wondering what the life expectancy (barrel) is of a new 17hmr. I know this will vary according to make etc but on a worst case scenario how many thousands of rounds will it take before it loses accuracy with this hot round. Thanks
  8. Phillywilly72

    Zeiss V8

    Pics and price please!
  9. Recently bought a secondhand rim which came with a sak mod. After doing some research it appears you can strip it and clean them. However mine appears to be a sealed version. Anyone know if the newer ones are now sealed as I am a pretty big guy and I can't strip it the way videos show!!
  10. Hi, Any pics or links to more info? Thanks
  11. Phillywilly72

    Buffalo river keys

    So i have a buffalo river cabinet but only one set of keys. They dont look to be anything like what a little local key cutting service can replicate. So does anyone know the suppliers contact details or agents who i can contact to get another set made up. The keys have numbers on so my guess is that they can be ordered with this number. Thanks
  12. Phillywilly72

    MTC Mamba Help

    Thanks guys, i dont have the SCB version but have a IR dot floating in the middle of some simple cross hairs. Just the way i like it as sometimes there can be too much going on and by then the target has moved on. Will check out the night vision page. And for reference I think the scope is great and crystal clear through the daytime but it does struggle a bit at dusk, but then that might be the case for all scopes I just haven't used that many others enough to judge against.
  13. Phillywilly72

    MTC Mamba Help

    So i have just joined the forum and have got my first cf that already has a MTC Mamba 4-16x50 RIR on board. Where can I go to learn more about this scope and scopes in general. Also I have heard its pretty good for adding nv kit to it but again no idea what bolt ons are required for night use. Any help would be great.

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