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  1. still for sale. £175 each posted
  2. terrierman

    S&B pmll ret. change

    many thanks markymark.
  3. terrierman

    S&B pmll ret. change

    okay. thanks for the info. I'll try Adam.
  4. HI, I have two brand new boyds stocks. one CZ 527 grey lam. TH. one CZ 455 forest camo lam. TH. £200 each posted. Thanks.
  5. terrierman

    S&B pmll ret. change

    Hi, just wondering if it's possible to change the ret. on pmll for a finer one. would I have to send it back to S&B factory ? do I contact them or is there someone in the UK I can contact ? thanks..
  6. terrierman

    .22 zero problem

    thanks for all the advice chaps. I ended up taking everything to bits and gave it a good clean. then bedded the action and then zeroed it. that seemed to have done the job. grouping bang on at 60yrd. went out in the evening and shot two rabbits at just over 100yrd and another at 88yrd. just off out now to see if I can do it again. bloody things are all over at the moment.
  7. terrierman

    .22 zero problem

    the ammo is eley subs. the rifle with the photon was shooting 1" groups and the scope is not too clear in the day. the other rifle was shooting a bit wider with an occasional flyer 2" out . ??? same ammo, same rifle. one has SAK sm the other wildcat whisper.
  8. terrierman

    .22 zero problem

    hi chaps, I went out today to zero my photon rt scope . scope zeroed no problem. and kept nice tight groups. I then tried my other rifle with a vortex scope on and the grouping was terrible. both rifles are CZ 455 and the ammo was from the same batch. I have had this problem with this rifle before. zero fine then shots all over. I'm not a bad shot and can usually put the shots in a 1" circle. any ideas ?
  9. terrierman

    Remington 700 action

    Valmont firearms have some.
  10. terrierman

    cz action

    anyone have any ideas where I might aquire one ???
  11. terrierman

    cz action

    hi, I'm looking for a CZ 455 .17hmr action only. preferably new or very good condition.
  12. terrierman

    Schmidt and bender PM2

    I've got a 12-50x56 p3 ffp any good ?
  13. I'd be interested in the barrel and action if you decided to split the parts.
  14. terrierman

    zeroing problem

    hi, thanks for all the advice. after trying other scopes in the same mounts/rings(they all worked fine) I decided it must be the scope. I was going to return it but someone suggested turning the turrets left/right and up/down a couple of times then re center the ret. and try to zero again. i'm not sure why but it seemed to work and there is still plenty of windage both left and right. thanks for the help.
  15. terrierman

    zeroing problem

    hi, if it's of any help the scope is a new Rudolf vh 6-24x50, the mounts are recommended for cz rifles, they are fixed straight on to the rifle, there is no rail. I have zeroed loads of rifles in the past but never had this problem with them. i'm going to try another scope today and see what happens.

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