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  1. terrierman

    Remington 700 action

    Valmont firearms have some.
  2. terrierman

    cz action

    anyone have any ideas where I might aquire one ???
  3. terrierman

    cz action

    hi, I'm looking for a CZ 455 .17hmr action only. preferably new or very good condition.
  4. terrierman

    Schmidt and bender PM2

    I've got a 12-50x56 p3 ffp any good ?
  5. I'd be interested in the barrel and action if you decided to split the parts.
  6. terrierman

    zeroing problem

    hi, thanks for all the advice. after trying other scopes in the same mounts/rings(they all worked fine) I decided it must be the scope. I was going to return it but someone suggested turning the turrets left/right and up/down a couple of times then re center the ret. and try to zero again. i'm not sure why but it seemed to work and there is still plenty of windage both left and right. thanks for the help.
  7. terrierman

    zeroing problem

    hi, if it's of any help the scope is a new Rudolf vh 6-24x50, the mounts are recommended for cz rifles, they are fixed straight on to the rifle, there is no rail. I have zeroed loads of rifles in the past but never had this problem with them. i'm going to try another scope today and see what happens.
  8. terrierman

    zeroing problem

    hi, I have recently bought a CZ527 .17hornet. I have tried to zero the scope but there is not enough adjustment to get it to the left. I have changed the rings/mounts round but still end up with the same zero. I have never had this problem before with any of the other rifles/scopes I have owned. does anyone have any advice ??
  9. I have two brand new thumbhole stocks for sale. one is off a CZ 527 .17H , £200 posted. the other is off a CZ455 .22 V , £150 posted. Neil.
  10. terrierman

    rem 700 lh 308

    hi, i'm looking for a Remington 700 , .308 left handed , with short heavy barrel. thanks.
  11. terrierman

    choate stock

    hi, i'm after a choate sniper stock for a rem 700 sa , LH. thanks.
  12. hi, it's first focal plane. the scope is just too complicated for me thats all. thats why its brand new.
  13. S&B pmll 12.5 - 50 x 56 p3 ret 1/8moa ccw mt/dt , with butler creek covers, cleaning kit, paperwork etc. warne mounts. Brand new. £2,000.00
  14. hi, do you mind me asking where you got the lefthand stock from ? and is the rifle a .17 hornet ? thanks, neil.

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