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  1. Hi! I am starting rifle cartridge reloading and i am looking for a nice book to get me started. "Top-grade ammo" is most recent than "Handloading for competition", do you think that one might substitute the other? Or are they completely different? thanks
  2. Hi! i Would like to rebarrel my sako trg 22 .308 Win. to a 6.5 Creedmoor and get every bit of accuracy possible from it, but in Portugal Gunsmiths only fit pre-chambered barrels, so i have to send my rifle ouside of the country to have the job nicely done. Do you know any trusted Gunsmith willing to take care of my rifle in England? I appreciate any help that you can provide
  3. Athlon cronus

    just don't be like "Ali G"... you would give a more helpfull contribution to the forum. " just sayin'"
  4. Athlon cronus

    Yes, i have seen some reviews on snipershide they say good stuff about it i think it hás some problems with zerostop and the clicks arent the best but for the price its OK.it would be nice if rex reviews it
  5. Athlon cronus

    No one has nothing to say about this?
  6. Athlon cronus

    No one has nothing to say about this?
  7. Athlon cronus

    Hi! I am starting on long range shooting and i already got a Sako trg 22 .308. But still dont have the óptic. Rifle craft recomended athlon cronus 4.5-29x56 but i don't know the brand and there isn't much info about it. Do you know it? I was thinking also about vortex razor gen II 4.5-27x56, ior recon 4-28x50 or ior crusader 5.8-40x56. what do you think? Regards

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