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  1. Hi I would like the 100 Lapua brass please if still available. Steve.
  2. Beretta Silver Pigeon 12g Nos 1, 28"barrels, multi choke in superb condition. £1000 Steve.
  3. Savage Steve

    1/2” unf Mod

    This might help. Steve. Video by Richard Utting at SharpShootingUK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1i1DJgqeIY The Wildcat Panther is our new Rimfire/HMR Moderator with an EXTRA PLUS! The Panther will also tame your WSM/WMR/Hornet and Fireball, both in .22 and .17 calibres. (17Hornet, 17 Ackley Hornet, 17Fireball/MachIV, 20Vartarg, 22 hornet, 22MachIV. So below about 20gr powder) Vital Statistics: All black except our trade mark coloured internal Diffuser. Total Length: 168mm Forward: 112mm Over-barrel: 55mm Weight: 222grm Diameter: 38.3mm Available in 1/2unf/1/2unef 14x1 and 15x1 A three part Moderator for easy strip, cleaning and maintenance. RRP: £149.00 PLEASE NOTE - VIA RFD OR BY APPOINTMENT ONLY AT UKCS
  4. Savage Steve

    1/2” unf Mod

    Yes it's for Wsm/Wmr/Hornet/Fireball. It is calibre specific I have it for my .17Fireball. Steve.
  5. Savage Steve

    1/2” unf Mod

    I've got a Wildcat Panther only fired a few rounds £100 (on ticket) Steve.
  6. Savage Steve

    for sale

    I had my .17fireball built on a .222CZ527 action cracking rifle. Would also make a donor for a .221fireball. Steve
  7. Savage Steve

    .243AI dies

    Now sorted. Thanks.
  8. Savage Steve

    .243AI dies

    Hi Rob No PM received, just checked box.Please try again. Steve.
  9. Savage Steve

    .243AI dies

    Still looking
  10. Hi Steve.....i've got some Redding 243AI dies if you're interested, they're as good as brand new, done next to nothing (under 150 reloads) as I just fell out of love with the calibre.

    I've just moved house and have no internet yet....reading this in a local cafe while nicking their wifi !

    If you're interested give me a call on 07976 618840 to discuss.

    Cheers, Rob.

  11. Savage Steve

    .243AI dies

    Looking for some Ackley Improved .243 Dies and a no go gauge please. Cheers Steve.
  12. Thanks for replying.........
  13. Hi thanks for the reply , the problem with the newer models are the knibs on the edge of the mag they stop the mag engaging they appear to be a different height ,I had a dealer get one from Edgars  and they suggested dropping the trigger guard and shimming  , they adjusted the trigger guard but it thru the mag out of sync and still would not engage ,all they kept saying it's a old gun? Dom @ riflemags said put the mag in a vice and squeeze to compress the knibs .On the later mags they are stamped .223 Rem with mine no markings but they look similar until trying them, I will try and measure , thanks Mel.

  14. Savage Steve


    Pretty sure I have one that will fit, can you let me know overall width. Steve.

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