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  1. Savage Steve

    Weatherby .243

    I will be going to the game fair at Ragley, if it helps. Steve.
  2. Savage Steve

    Hornady A-Max

    Sold to Leck. Thanks Steve.
  3. I've got an unopened box of Hornady 6.5 A-Max 123gr I don't need. £40 posted. Cheers Steve.
  4. .224 bullets I've got a right assortment here which I've used over the years for load testing. Nosler Spitzer 60 gr 40 off Hornady Match 68gr BTHP 67 off Hornady SP 55 gr 58off Sierra SP 55 gr 76 off Sierra SPotzer 55gr 84 off Sierra BT 55 gr 21 off Sierra FMJ 55 gr 96 off Thats over 440 bullets there's also a handfull of odds and ends I will chuck in. Looking to swap ideally for Hornady V-Max 40 gr or sell the lot for £55 posted Cheers Steve. Advertised elsewhere. ALL SOLD THANKS STEVE
  5. UTG Leapers 3-12x44AO Swat Accushot EZ-TAP I.R. With 30 mm tube. mounted and only 15 ends fired, so as new. £130 Cheers Steve.
  6. Wildcat Panther Diffuser .17 caliber for: .17hmr / .17WSM / .17 Hornet / .17 Fireball it's for a 14-1 thread, Brand new and unused bought in error last week. £65 Cheers Steve.
  7. Savage Steve

    Hawke scope

    Now sold Thanks
  8. Savage Steve

    Hawke scope

    Still available.
  9. Savage Steve

    Hawke scope

    Yes it's the 30/30 reticule Steve
  10. Savage Steve

    Hawke scope

    Still available.
  11. Expanders & press adapter Haven't used these in ages so might as well move them on. K&M press adapter with mandrels .22 (.224) .6mm .6.5 .270 .7mm .308 £50 posted Cheers Steve. NOW SOLD THANKS.
  12. Savage Steve

    Weatherby .243

    Still looking for a new home
  13. Savage Steve

    Weatherby .243

    Would consider swap for Docter scope. Steve
  14. Savage Steve

    18x1.5 Jet Z Collar

    Hi Bob, I got one from "Sportsman gun centre" £23 I think. Steve.

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