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  1. .22LR semi auto. Downsizing house so having a clear out. Bought this about 4years ago and just don't need it. Anschutz 525 .22LR semi auto Hogun Mod and Tasco scope with sports match mounts. The Magazine was new when I bought the rifle. £100 + any fees. Cheers Steve.
  2. Savage Steve

    Yukon Photon

    Would swap for a Docter Scope or similar. Steve.
  3. 30 mm Game reaper mount for a "Winchester short magnum" £30 posted Cheers Steve.
  4. Savage Steve

    7mm Rem-Mag

    Whoops Price added now thanks.
  5. Steyr Mannlicher Pro Hunter 7mm Rem Mag. Bought this last year on here to tide me over whilst having a Custom rifle built. If I wasn't committed to the new build I would just keep it. It has been ceracoated and sits in a Boyds laminated stock. I have fired about 50 rounds and the previous owner 200 I don't know what full round count is but it shoots spot on. RCBS dies 100 Un-fired cases and about 50 fired cases to go with it, if picked up There are some Magnum primers. Scope, rings, and Mod are not included. £500 ON HOLD Cheers Steve. Cheers Steve.
  6. Savage Steve

    Yukon Photon

    Still available
  7. Savage Steve

    Yukon Photon

    Not much to tell really about the Torch,it's the PBIR,S model and it's one of the best on the market it's clean and tidy and does the job. The scope is pretty much as new and in perfect condition Steve.
  8. Savage Steve

    Yukon Photon

    I can split this up but the lamp would have to sell first: Lamp £285....IR £65....Mount £25. These are posted prices. Cheers Steve.
  9. Yukon Photon XT 6.5x50S with PBIR torch and adjustable mount. £375 posted Cheers Steve.
  10. Hi If you did decide to split I would be interested in the 20gr Vmax. Cheers Steve.
  11. Savage Steve


    Payment Made Thanks Steve.
  12. Hi Matt. Im just off foxing for the rest of the day.Will sort payment out in the morning if OK. Steve
  13. Savage Steve


    Hi Matt I will take these as well please. Steve.
  14. Yes please if available. PM me with payment details. Cheers Steve.

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