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  1. Hi Marty,

    Nice talking to you.

    Here is my  E-Mail / pay pal address : "hyland.savage@ gmail.com"

    Cheers Steve.


  2. Rifle basix trigger SAV 1 £30 delivered PM with E-Mail address for pic
  3. Dies + Cases

    Hi Duke, unfortunately the Norma cases are sold subject to payment. Steve.
  4. Dies + Cases

    .223 Forster dies SOLD. Thanks Steve
  5. Various dies + cases Don't shoot these calibres any more so having a clear out. 1/ Lee 30-06 die set £23 posted 2/ Lee 7mm WSM die set few months old made about 20 rnds £30 posted 3/ Redding 7mm WSM body die 75265 un-used £30 posted 4/ Forster Ultra die set .223 had these about 5yrs but only made up about 200 rnds £80 delivered. SOLD 5/ .223 mostly once fired Norma cases approx 150 £30 delivered. SOLD Looking for Forster ultra die set in 6.5-55 swede . Cheers Steve.
  6. Hi Bud, Brilliant. I have a use for all three sets. How would you like payment. Cheers Steve.
  7. Titan barrel

    Good job somebody is awake .243 Steve
  8. Titan barrel I've got the .243 barrell in stainless and bolt for a RWS Titan, I've had it about seven years and it's only seen about three hundred rounds. Ideal to upgrade your Titan 3 or just a calibre change for your Titan 6. It's lodged with an RFD in Essex at the moment. £200 plus RFD fees Cheers Steve. Advertised elsewhere.
  9. Ruger.223

    Hi Dave, Noted. Steve.
  10. Ruger .223 S/S Selling my Ruger M77 set up in Stainless synthetic as it gets little use. Rifle , Nikko Sterling 3-9x40 Gameking scope, Ruger rings. Wildcat Evo Mod. Forster Ultra die set. Couple of hundred mainly once fired Norma cases. £725 + fees £375 + fees rifle only Cheers Steve. PM me for a pic.
  11. KAHLES CBX 3-12X56 wanted

    I've got one hardly used so as new condition, boxed with instructions etc. These were £1660 when I bought it so £1000 seems fair if any good to you. Steve.
  12. Ruger rings Ruger 30mm stainless mounts which are 17.5mm from scope base to rail. Bought these for a Nos1 which I never got in the end. £40 posted or would swap for a pair of quality 1" low mounts for a Picatinny/weaver rail. Cheers Steve.
  13. Moderators

    Hi Chris, Sorry don't know. If it helps the rear of the mod is 25 mm internal and covers the barrel by 84mm. Cheers Steve.
  14. Ase Utra Northstar 1/2 thread.30 cal £150 Asu Utra sl5 14-1 thread .223 cal £150 Must be face to face with slot on ticket or RFD. Could meet up between Ipswich & Glasgow. Cheers Steve.

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