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  1. Savage Steve

    Pro hunter

    I have broken the extractor claw on my Steyr Pro Hunter 7mm rem mag. Any ideas where to get one please. Cheers Steve.
  2. Savage Steve

    Apel rings

    Looking for Apel 30mm rings for swing off mount. Cheers Steve.
  3. Savage Steve

    .338 Lapua brass

    All sold now subject to the usual. Thanks Steve.
  4. Savage Steve

    .338 Lapua brass

    Yes Lapua head stamp (" L") stamp in a shield. PM me Email address and I can send pics I can't seem to download them on here. Steve.
  5. Genuine once fired .338 Lapua brass. £75 per 100 posted Cheers Steve.
  6. Savage Steve

    .243 AI die

    Sorted now. Thanks Steve
  7. Savage Steve

    .243 AI die

    Looking for a full length body die for a .243AI. Would consider full set. Cheers Steve.
  8. Sorry they shouldn't be there. Have amended post. Steve.
  9. 7mm Steyr Mannlicher Pro Hunter bedded in a Boyd's Laminate stock, 3-12x50 Zeiss Duralyte scope sitting in Third Eye Tactical mounts, Either an Ase ultra Jet Z compact or a Wildcat predator 8mod, Dies, bullets, cases and primers. £950. Cheers Steve.
  10. List amended now.
  11. Sorry already sold.. Steve.
  12. 7mm Hornady Interlock 162gr BTSP sealed box of 100 + box of 20 and 35 pulled so 155 in all £40 posted. 7mm Sierra 160gr BT 94 off. £30 Posted 7mm Speer 160gr BT 43off. £25 posted 7 mm Barnes TTSX 120gr one unopened box + 28 £60 SOLD 6.5mm Hornady 140gr interlock 57off. £15. SOLD 6.5mm Hornady 129 gr interlock 137off £50. SOLD 6.5mm Nosler Partition140 gr 37off. £38 posted 6.5mm Barnes TSX 130gr 49off. £38 posted 6.5mm Sierra 130gr HPST 65off. £15. SOLD 6.5mm Nosler 120grBT. 45off. £20. SOLD Cheers Steve.
  13. Savage Steve

    7mm Rem Mag

    Would be interested in a swap for a Docter 3-12x56 illuminated ret scope. Steve.
  14. Savage Steve

    7mm Rem Mag

    Info and pics sent. Steve.
  15. Savage Steve

    Suzuki Vitara

    Still available.....

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