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  1. moderator bushing, to fit 5/8"UNF onto 1/2"-28 thread

    Do they do such a thing you've got 16th inch of metal to play with so not leaving much room for thread. Steve.
  2. .17 bullets 50 gr

    Looking for .17 bullets in 20 gr please. Steve.
  3. Nightforce scope Nightforce NXS 12-42x56 NP-2DD Reticule, comes with sunshade and Third Eye Tactical mounts. £850 posted. Steve. SOLD SUBJECT TO USUAL
  4. Binos

    All sorted now . Thanks Steve.
  5. Binos

    Trying to PM but says you cannot receive messages. If you can PM me with your E-Mail address. Cheers Steve.
  6. Binos

    Hi PMd you cheers Steve.
  7. Hi Steve

                   Would you send me some pictures of that WSM that youve got for sale mate , whats the barrel like bad , poor , good ?



    1. Savage Steve

      Savage Steve

      Hi Steve,

      give me a call for a chat when you have a minute.


      01473 787796 or 07850 787796

  8. Binos

    Looking for some compact binos along the lines of "vortex viper" 8 or 10x42. What have you got. Cheers Steve.
  9. Reamer

    Now sorted thanks Steve.
  10. Reamer

    Reamer I know it's a long shot......Has anybody got a "reamer" and "go no go gauges" for a .243WSSM before I order from the States. Cheers Steve.
  11. donor wsm action/ full rifle

    Hi Jonathan. Don't know if this will do, Winchester 7mm WSM thumbhole stock with dies and cases (some unused.) £350 to your RFD. Steve. 01473 787796 or 07850 787796
  12. mag conversion

    Got two @ £25 each. Steve.
  13. mag conversion

    Sorry Pete, Just have a mag. Steve.
  14. mag conversion

    Is it just a mag you want or the bottom metal as well. ???? Steve.
  15. Leica Geovid HD-R 8x42 range finding binos. Bought these new just over a year ago so pretty much as new. Not getting the use out of them so looking to sell, would consider PX of normal binos. Sell for £1400. Reduced to £1300 Cheers Steve.

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