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  1. Cooperman


    Hi, I will check it later and see, thanks.
  2. Cooperman


    I’ve one for sale - boxed with all the bits.
  3. Cooperman

    Arbor press wanted

    Hi Pengo, thirsk based, but often work in Leeds and Bradford. thanks for responding, Cooperman
  4. Cooperman

    Arbor press wanted

    Anything considered, thanks for responses, cheers Cooperman
  5. Cooperman

    Sunny Hill bottom metal, stainless steel

    Have sent pm, thanks for responding
  6. Hi, I’d like to replace my remy die cast bottom metal. Does anyone have a replacement? I’d like unpainted stainless ideally, but don’t want to pay Brownhills £238. thanks in advance Cooperman
  7. Cooperman

    Jewell trigger for Remington

    Sorted now, thanks for everyone’s help
  8. Cooperman

    Best UK Varminting Calibre?

    I tend to go light rather than heavy for foxes, although not really for barrel life. I’ve two 243’s and a 222, and for reasons of noise and weight I always take the 222 at night when foxing. I’m often shooting around sheep and cattle, and try not to disturb them. The 222 is significantly quieter. I shoot at night, off quad sticks, walking round the farm with a thermal and a small Bluetooth anker speaker to play calls via my phone (thanks to this site for the call).
  9. Cooperman

    Jewell trigger for Remington

    Hi All, after mint Jewell with top safety, located in Yorkshire. Would consider other quality triggers, thanks Cooperman
  10. Cooperman

    Vixen on Heat

    Sorted now - thank you
  11. Cooperman

    Vixen on Heat

    Hi All, I’d be very grateful for a vixen on heat call so I’m ready for this seasons action if someone would be so kind. I’d be very happy to send my email to anyone? thanks in advance, Cooperman
  12. Thanks Bruce, I’ll load it up tonight on my old machine (windows 8 ??)
  13. Hi All, ive just bought Quickload and haven’t installed it yet on my old laptop. I am planning to buy another laptop soon, and will ditch the old one. Is it easy to install again via the CD ROM or am I best waiting until the new laptop comes? (I’m getting an ex company laptop soon, but not sure of the date). thanks everyone, Cooperman
  14. Hi, I’d like all the 58g If still available? Please can you pm your bank details or Paypal?
  15. Hi, I will pm you, regards, Matt

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