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  1. Andy RV

    Moderator covers

    Ase Utra make nomex covers, they’re about £25 - £30.
  2. Hello Anthony, In the end I took a high quality picture of the TRG from the Sako website and printed it full size. To scale it the length of my stock including the recoil pad is 760mm. My stock has had an unfortunate accident, I dropped the rifle and spit it at the grip! I’d recommend reinforcing this area.
  3. Andy RV

    Best tool for removing military crimp?

    Hornady primer pocket reamer running in my lathe at high speed, takes literally seconds per case.
  4. Andy RV

    .243 load

    80gr Sierra Blitz knocks them down!
  5. Andy RV

    Ruger 30mm Rings

    Hello, I'm after a pair of 30mm medium rings for a ruger no.1, these are ruger part number 4B30. Thanks, Andy
  6. Optilock Rings - 34mm Very good condition, £60 posted.
  7. Schmidt & Bender 42mm Sunshade, came off a 1.5-6x42 Zenith. 50mm Diameter, 55mm length, mint condition. £40 posted.
  8. Brilliant, that was quick!
  9. Spuhr SP3601 30mm to picatinny rail, 6 Mil / 20.6 MOA. Mint condition, used a couple of times on my Tikka .308 with a S&B 3-12x50 PMI. £250 Or nearest offer. Cheers, Andy
  10. Andy RV

    Powder for 69gr TMK

    Well 24gr of RS40 gave me a mean MV of 925m/s, that’s more like it!
  11. Andy RV

    Powder for 69gr TMK

    I tried 23, 23.5 & 24gr of RS40 this morning and they all shot very well. I’ve loaded up some more at 24gr to test over the magnetospeed next weekend.
  12. Andy RV

    Scenar 155 and Swiss Reload

    I got the best accuracy at 45.5gr out of my 20” Tikka CTR, MV is 800m/s.
  13. Andy RV

    zeroing problem

    Did you check the position of the front mount on the dovetail?
  14. Andy RV

    zeroing problem

    You haven’t got the front mount too far forward have you? The dovetail tapers out and could pull the mount off centre.

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