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  1. Powder for 69gr TMK

    Well 24gr of RS40 gave me a mean MV of 925m/s, that’s more like it!
  2. Powder for 69gr TMK

    I tried 23, 23.5 & 24gr of RS40 this morning and they all shot very well. I’ve loaded up some more at 24gr to test over the magnetospeed next weekend.
  3. Scenar 155 and Swiss Reload

    I got the best accuracy at 45.5gr out of my 20” Tikka CTR, MV is 800m/s.
  4. zeroing problem

    Did you check the position of the front mount on the dovetail?
  5. zeroing problem

    You haven’t got the front mount too far forward have you? The dovetail tapers out and could pull the mount off centre.
  6. Powder for 69gr TMK

    Cheers guys, I bought a tub of RS40 this morning, I’ll report back when I’ve tested some loads.
  7. Satterlee load development method

    Pressure, velocity and action time. It doesn’t matter if the cases have been reloaded or not, as long as they’re consistent throughout the batch. There are a lot of variables within the round which you cannot truly control and two rounds is not nearly enough to establish all of the results which could occur.
  8. Satterlee load development method

    All of this case prep and assembly effort seems to be completely lost by firing only two rounds and concluding on the best charge weights for further development. A repeat of all of the rounds fired would no doubt result with different results! ... in my experience of a few thousand rounds fired through NATO EPVAT systems.
  9. Sako vs Tikka

    One more point, the Sako double stack mag allows you to fill it up in situ, where as you have to drop the tikka mag out to fill it. Here's my Sako sniping bunnies last weekend;
  10. Sako vs Tikka

    The only issues I’ve got with the Tikka’s is the length of the action (long!) and the plastic mags wearing at the lips causing misfeeds. The tikka recoil lug is superior to the sako. I’ve got the Sako, and I’m very happy with it. Also consider the CZ’s, they’re not as ‘polished’ but the mini Mauser action is very good.
  11. Countryman of Derby: Great service

    Yep I can’t fault countryman, I’ve spent far too much there!
  12. Powder for 69gr TMK

    Yes 2560 f/s is quite leisurely! I've just read your thread on 69gr TMK, interesting... My 20" barrel won't help but I did expect a higher result. The pressure for the highest RS50 load is low at 3250 bar meaning case capacity runs out before high pressures are encountered. In my experience with 5.56mm NATO using Nitrochemie (RS) & PB Clermont (Ram Shot) propellants with 62gr bullets 3600 - 3700 bar is normal at ambient temperature. I'll get a bottle of RS40 sometime soon and see what that gives me.
  13. Powder for 69gr TMK

    Gents, Can you recommend a suitable REACH compliant powder for 69gr TMK's out of my 1-8" Sako .223? I've found an accurate load with RS50 at 24.5gr but velocity is quite low at 780 m/s. I need a propellant with a higher energy content and faster burn, RS40 looks like a good candidate?.. Andy
  14. My new varmint rifle

    Ah yes so they do, thanks! I’ve gone for the lows.
  15. My new varmint rifle

    Looks great, I've just ordered a 5-25x56 PMII for my .223 Sako 85 laminate varmint. Am I correct in thinking that Sako only offer the 34mm rings in low height?

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