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  1. Doesn't look as though that scope has adjustable parallax? in which, unlikely.
  2. Or buy a USB power pack, plug it in when you get to the range, unplug it when you leave a few hours later, and recharge it once a month. Maybe our Euro versions aren't so great on battery life for some reason, but I got bored of changing Duracells and Energisers very quickly.
  3. Get a USB power pack if you dont have one - the 6 or 8 AAs last about 5 minutes!
  4. Sideways perhaps, apart from the form factor which is a +
  5. Have a WT and Acco LRF, you wont regret the Accolades. Just sold my Trail as its hardly used, also hoping Thermion will be decent... GL with the sale, best foxing tool out there.
  6. GT3_richy


    If you're after used I would also consider a Quantum XP50 (though probably rarer used than a Helion thinking about it), same 17micron sensor, much nicer form factor compared to the Helions. Unless you want all the wifi/recording tosh obviously.
  7. Yes, great unit. Whats the reason for selling? Also, someone will be a long to tell you to fill in your location/profile shortly as is required by the forum sales rules
  8. GT3_richy

    Blaser R8

    I'll take the bipod and qd spigot if you are ok splitting, Pm if so.
  9. GT3_richy


    https://www.brownells.co.uk/MULTI-ADAPTER-STUDS-GROVTEC-US-INC-Steel-Rifle-Swivels-100005660 Ouch.
  10. GT3_richy

    Behind the license revocation

    Haha, you may be right 😜 I've watched them eat all sorts, including what I later found out to be half a bag of Doritos someone had dropped in the yard! Where I see them most though they are usually digging up worms, they have a set in a mostly dead copse in the middle of a field that's usually got sheep and a lot of rabbits in it. I see them chase off a rabbit occasionally but for the most part everyone seems to co-exist together, there is at least a couple of rabbit warrens adjacent to the set as I've nearly broken my ankle down them a couple of times now.
  11. GT3_richy

    Behind the license revocation

    Funnily enough the rabbit I saw at the golf course with a rabbit in its gob came into about the same distance and sat there with it in its mouth while I was sitting crossed legged watching it through the Drone. Most people I know have never seen a badger unless its dead on the side of the road - I've spent ages watching them through thermal and NV (they can destroy anything given a few minutes, seriously powerful animals, and appear to eat literally anything too) and a lot of other animals most people might never see. I don't shoot stuff for the sake of it, and regularly leave dinner behind when I've seen things about that will eat it.
  12. GT3_richy

    Behind the license revocation

    I have mostly similar experience, but I'm spending 4-5 hours there at a time with thermal, see mice, partridges, few owls, quite often a pair of ducks, muntjac without fail - but literally 3 fox sightings. On the other hand a golf course I shoot I see literally about 50 deer/fox to 1 rabbit - and thats the only place I've seeen a fox with a rabbit in its gob, the numbers dont make sense but there you are.
  13. GT3_richy

    Behind the license revocation

    That's a very simplistic view/assumption of why rabbit numbers are so high. I have 100 acres just down the road which is rare around here in that it has no adjacent shoots, and having spoken to the owners a fox hasnt been shot there for 10 years+ Since I've started shooting the hundreds upon hundreds of rabbits that are present I've seen a fox about 3 times (and not shot them) - no idea why they arent about or if I've just not seen them, either way they are clearly having little effect on bunny numbers, ditto the 10 billion crows that live there.
  14. GT3_richy

    Behind the license revocation

    I have the same feeling - it's similar to the pictures of dead foxes in bin liners someone's stumbled across at the side of a path, either that or there are some really, really stupid people involved in shooting these days.
  15. GT3_richy

    Imperial dry neck lube

    In answer to your question, you buy the pot of balls and dust together, and then buy the dust on its own to recharge the balls when they've run out of dust!
  16. GT3_richy

    17 HMR - has it a niche ?

    I had an HMR, sold it, bought a 17H and have recently bought another HMR. I'm currently shooting a LOT of rabbits a week at night with the HMR/PARD combo, just walking about zapping them between 50 and 150 yards with Hornady 17gr Vmax. I'm quite enjoying just grabbing a couple of boxes of HMR from the cabinet and setting off and not having to reload the hornet every other night or worry about losing brass etc. I've probably put a 1,000 rounds through it in a bit over a month with no ammo issues of any kind. I recall with my original HMR that a large % of the spent brass would have split necks and in some cases bodies, I'm seeing just the occasional neck split this time around. TL:DR - loving the HMR second time around. Its not a 300 yard crow gun like the hornet but for point and squirt bunny bashing its a winner for me, might buy another shorter one that fits in the truck a bit better.
  17. GT3_richy

    Vortex Viper PST Gen II - Night vision

    I believe the gen2 is a step up from the gen1, but the latter I found one of the worst scopes I've tried with addons. Whereabouts are you?
  18. GT3_richy


    Goods price (A) + cost of shipping and insurance (B) = amount on which duty payable (C) Duty will be charged on (C) at something in the region of 2.5% = (D) VAT will then be charged on (D) at 20% And finally add whatever Parcelforce or whomever clears it through customs charges for admin, £10-20. E.g. scope $200 + shipping $50 = $250, around £191 Duty 2.5%, £5 VAT 20%, £39 Clearance, say £15 Total cost £191+5+39+15 = £235 ish
  19. MDT ESS chassis for T3 in FDE (£745). Has been out of the box, bolted together, action fitted and then removed and put back in box. Comes with 2 MDT .223 plastic mags (£70) and a Hogue beavertail non-finger groove grip (£20). Bought as a stop gap whilst I was waiting for a PSE Etac - Etac arrived a lot sooner than anticipated so this never actually left the house. In box, pretty much as new (may be tiny marks from handling/bolting together etc). The lot cost me £840, looking for £550. Collection preferable, West Berks area. Otherwise will post at cost.
  20. Unused Monkey Clamp - only opened box to takes pics. Cost £200, looking for £150 posted.
  21. Pics attached, apologies that they're a bit potato! Seem to have managed to lose the 3 bolts for the forend so need to get some replacements before selling 😕
  22. What dies it actually weigh please?
  23. Success with addons and more expensive scopes has always been pretty hit and miss personally. The excellent high power laser illuminators available now (e.g. Solaris SRX and Sirius XTL) make using an expensive scope more likely to be successful I think, buts its still a bit of a lottery, the lack of very short range parallax on many scopes is one issue regardless of coatings. I've always had good results with my IOR Recon and a Ward addon, same with the PARD on the IOR, X6i, Stryker and Bushnell Elite Tacs. If you let me know the diameter of the eye piece on the PM2 you can have a borrow of mine as its redundant at the moment, pm me.

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