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  1. I've used my lab with as small as moderated .17H successfully, just needs very careful alignment and experimentation with muzzle to Lab placement. 20cal and above never had a problem with personally, havent used V3 since I bought Lab.
  2. GT3_richy

    A&D scales with autotrickler/autothrower

    Agree completely, I gave up with D063 and generally found the placky Lee bit a massive let down to the whole package. The V3 billet thrower is a huuuuge improvement.
  3. GT3_richy

    A&D scales with autotrickler/autothrower

    I quite often still roughly throw with a cheapo Lee thing then trickle if I'm not loading a large number, save cleaning out the autothrow. I doubt you will be disappointed either way.
  4. GT3_richy

    A&D scales with autotrickler/autothrower

    Deffo V3, big improvement for me and the Bluetooth functionality is really handy when loading for development.
  5. GT3_richy


    Think it was just a tongue in cheek comment not directed at you - people have been trying to sell Varget for twice its cost and more in some various places since the REACH-thing happened. £50 for 1.5 tubs was a steal for someone
  6. GT3_richy


    Looking to retire very soon too, it would seem!
  7. GT3_richy

    Whidden Micrometer Seater

    Either the die isnt set in the press correctly and the sleeve part is bottoming out on the body, or youre maybe missing the bullet seating part and actually winding down the adjustment stem on to the bullet instead. If you take the die apart it will be obvious to you what the problem is I think.
  8. GT3_richy

    New flexible borescope

    Got a link to the exact item please?
  9. GT3_richy

    Guardian Long Range Competition Ireland

    I have 2 factory T3Xs and a Bartlein on a T3 donor, they're all very quick cycling, especially the latter fettled by Alan M. In comparison my 2 Defiance actions feel a lot tighter and have less slop but require more precise operation which I could easily see causing a problem under competitive conditions. I imagine they will be a lot slicker after a few more thousand rounds through them though. Personally it will be hard to justify building on a custom action over a T3 in future, unless the cartridge planned wont fit a Tikka donor for whatever reason.
  10. GT3_richy

    Guardian Long Range Competition Ireland

    What is with the attitude in this thread??
  11. GT3_richy

    Comparator Accuracy (or not)

    What he said ^^ Comparator (inserts) are not...comparable, nor are they intended to be. You're as likely to get fractionally different CBTOs using two of the 'same' Hornady 30cal inserts.
  12. GT3_richy

    6.5 creed heads

    Ping me your address, Ill bung a couple of whichever you choose in the post chap
  13. GT3_richy

    Sad news: Bradders.

    I think that about sums it up. Hope the CSR lot do something appropriate to remember him. Cheers Bradders, farewell and good travels, Sir...
  14. GT3_richy

    pard 008 lrf

    Blackwood Outdoors are now taking pre-orders for the NV008 LRFs, due in a week or two.
  15. GT3_richy

    Digital calipers

    Mitutoyo from the UK and the same from China for a 1/3 of the price I fear may not be equal. I have a couple of pairs of the 80ish quid Mitutoyo calipers, usually forget to turn them off but no sign of batteries dying.

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