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  1. GT3_richy

    Thermal Imaging - Whats any good please

    Buy a Pulsar if you have an issue with NVS/Clive, you'll probably get one next day from the UK, job done. It just wont be as good as a WT75.
  2. GT3_richy

    rebarrel time

    Base mag its on doesnt look like 4, so might be a Crusader?
  3. GT3_richy


    Don't have anything on your swap list unfortunately, but I'll buy the 52 from you - Pm me if interested thataway
  4. GT3_richy

    George Balfour

    Very sorry to hear, UKV's lost one of its true Gents. Condolences to his family and to you Les, sad to say good bye to a friend 😢
  5. GT3_richy

    Anyone shooting British sniper rifles??

    Tis a beautiful thing. If its not rude, what sort of rarity and money are L42A1s like that these days?
  6. GT3_richy

    Amazing group!

    Bet Al's regretting building a 6BRA now...
  7. GT3_richy


    The guy in the video (think that was at or around shot show) gave August delivery for MOA versions, dunno if Mils will be about beforehand - though lets face it, IOR availability is pretty random here, they seem to get a bunch of Recons in then nothing for 6 months...then few Crusaders turn up et cetera. The scope above was a prototype also, so I'd be surprised if you'd get hold of one in the immediate?
  8. "Version 3.9 requires Windows XP or newer OS. Will run on MAC with Windows emulation software 3.9 is win 10 compliant" With emulation, ya!
  9. GT3_richy

    Inconsistent Neck Tension.

    Yes, the turning mandrel will give you a touch more neck tension. In the case of the 21st Century .204 mandrels I happen to have in front of me for e.g., the turning mandrel is .2015 and the expander is .203 i.e. the turner will give 2.5 thou neck tension, the expander 1 thou.
  10. GT3_richy

    George Balfour (gbal on this site)

    Having started reading UKV about 18 months or so, it wasn't long before I read the first of many of George's 'wall-of-text-ballistic-table-quoting'-replies, that had clearly taken considerable time and effort to prepare. He clearly has a true love for the sport and - what appears at times - an encyclopaedic knowledge. George has always come across as a true gent. I wish him and his family all the best.
  11. GT3_richy

    Bushing for 7 mm SAUM

    This lot averages .01565-.01575 mid-neck using a Motutoyo tube mic.
  12. GT3_richy

    Quickload check

    I don't think QL has the ability to account for Palma brass rather than normal LRP stuff, assume the charge weight/velocities will be slightly awry in comparison as a result? happy to run using the standard QL 308W profile though if you want. You'd need to provide barrel length in addition to the above btw.
  13. GT3_richy

    Inconsistent Neck Tension.

    To be fair to them, if you skimmed Brownells Ts & Cs before buying its clearly stated, "DELIVERY SCHEDULE - All orders are shipped from Brownells USA, we aim to achieve 5-7 working days delivery from dispatch but we ask to allow 7-10 in case of issues." Their prices do vary from occasionally cheap, to reasonable, to very expensive. Delivery on average for me has been 12 days from day of order to day of receipt. The only company I have experience of in the UK that consistently delivers on time and has in stock what it says is in stock is CDSG. I've given up ordering from anywhere other than CDSG or Brownells at the moment (I do drive to Dauntsey on occassion too) - I'd rather pay the extra and know I'm going to get my stuff in <2 weeks, than be emailing companies 4 weeks, 6 weeks and 8 weeks later asking where my that which promotes growth and vigour is (including stuff that was allegedly in stock here) - then end up cancelling and ordering from Brownells!
  14. I'll take the Recnagel's - pm payment info bud.
  15. GT3_richy

    GRS Bifrost

    Not sure they're available here yet, are they? Have a feeling I read May time perhaps? could be dreaming ;p

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