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  1. GT3_richy

    Quickload update

  2. GT3_richy

    Quickload update

    Yes to both.
  3. Ill take the sterk handle and bna trigger please.
  4. GT3_richy

    Wildlife camera > Phone

    These are about the cheapest decent ones at the mo (you can get them a bit cheaper, perhaps 180ish) https://www.scottcountry.co.uk/wildlife-cameras/cellular-wireless/spypoint-link-micro-cellular-wildlife-camera/ Quite a few use their own subscription services which aren't badly priced. Range - same as a phone, if there's network coverage where you put it you're good to go. Worth it - really depends on the use I guess. Professional pest or deer controller, probably. Obviously if youre thinking of deplying a bunch of them then it would cost a tidy sum - before accounting for any that get robbed or vandalised!
  5. GT3_richy

    6 Creedmoor

    What barrel life are you expecting running 107s at 2920 v a 6BR running similar?
  6. GT3_richy

    Quickload and rs60

    I'd be very wary relying on QL data for RS60. For my 6.5CM for e.g. QL predicts a 97% fill max charge of 43.8gr will give 2874fps and 62K psi. Reality was 42gr was around that fps - 43.8gr = 3K fps and probably 75K psi in all likeliness...zing
  7. https://www.formriflestocks.co.uk/stocks/hardwood-ply-shooting-benches As long as the grounds level these are excellent, flat pack and chuck in back of truck in about 30 seconds. Solid as.
  8. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/wild-birds-licence-to-kill-or-take-for-conservation-purposes-gl34 - flora and fauna https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/wild-birds-licence-to-kill-or-take-for-public-health-or-safety-gl35 - public h&s https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/wild-birds-licence-to-kill-or-take-to-prevent-serious-damage-gl36 - serious damage
  9. You appear to have given this review before? Are you on commission with Cliff or something? ;d
  10. GT3_richy

    Bix n Andy trigger

    You can get them from March or directly from B'nA, B'nA are very easy to deal with, mine both arrived pretty quickly.
  11. GT3_richy

    Open certificate rules

    What is written under Additional conditions on your Certificate?
  12. Doesn't look as though that scope has adjustable parallax? in which, unlikely.
  13. Or buy a USB power pack, plug it in when you get to the range, unplug it when you leave a few hours later, and recharge it once a month. Maybe our Euro versions aren't so great on battery life for some reason, but I got bored of changing Duracells and Energisers very quickly.
  14. Get a USB power pack if you dont have one - the 6 or 8 AAs last about 5 minutes!
  15. Sideways perhaps, apart from the form factor which is a +

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