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  1. GT3_richy

    6.5 PRC

    Don't imagine there are too many in the UK as its still pretty fresh in the US. Performance is not dissimilar to the 6.5 SAUM (the SAUM pushes an extra 100fps or so with 140s) but with the bonus of easier/more reliable feeding. There's a bookface group called "6.5 SAUM, GAP 4S, 6.5 PRC Forum" which is administrated by George Gardner of GAP - youll find some decent info there if you can be bothered to trawl. There are a couple of videos and pinned bits that might be of interest.
  2. GT3_richy

    CSR Accuracy

    "The UK's biggest range of rifle magazines http://riflemags.co.uk"
  3. GT3_richy

    Quickload help needed for 7mm rsuam

    You'll need to provide a barrel length As an indicator using a 28" barrel, max shows as a slightly crunchy 111% fill of 64.14gr giving 2,963fps @ 63.8K psi, all burnt.
  4. Wind is still going to be an issue Chaz, though reloading and using the 25grs or 30s if you can find them will help a bit. I think the main thing is to accept that if conditions are not 'favourable' the 17H's effective range needs to be wound back unless you read wind very well. Otherwise take something else on those days assuming you buy a Hornet. I never had any issues with HMR ammo personally (most threads I see about the HMR seem to be 50:50 as to those who have had issues and those who haven't, who knows how many of the contributors have actually owned one versus jumping on the hate wagon though - the pictures of squib-related HMR barrel/action 'failures' cant be ignored however 😮) Has your mate had any issues with his HMR? What sort of volume are you likely to shoot a 17H? Using 20gr/25gr Vmax costs me about 35p a round to reload excluding brass, which is limited to either Hornady (cant say I'm impressed) or S&B. If you can get the Kranks 17grs to shoot well you can probably shave 20p off the cost for shorter range stuff. HMR ammo is about 32p a time around my parts so the convenience of buying ammo and using a rim fire might possibly still be attractive, or not. I flogged my HMR and got a Hornet (22" HW66 JM) as I wanted a bit of extra legs without the additional noise of the 204 or 223 (both obviously considerably louder) which isn't favourable at some places I shoot. I wouldn't have guessed my Panther mod'd 17H to be quieter than the same on my HMR, my barrels 4" longer than David's though and Ive not side by sided 17H and HMR. There's not much between them noise-wise either way I wouldn't think. Finally, neither of my HW66s have been near perfect, both have/had really excellent triggers though. If I was to buy now I'd order an Anschutz I think. I wouldnt get rid of my 204 or 223s in favour of the hornet however. Hope this is of some use
  5. Nah, mines still in one piece, not guilty
  6. Ooops! 😜 Re. the UK Labradar being a bit impotent compared to the US version - as others have said the only shortcoming is how far away it will accurately keep returning velocity readings. Personally, once you grasp how to locate it correctly for brakes, mods, large cals, small cals its very reliable. Mine *might* miss one shot in a session, shooting projectiles as small as .17s, V3 is no better at best with trigger errors. Set up takes about a minute including taking it out of the bag, takes longer to strap on (oo er) the Magnetospeed. I've only compared them side by side once, they were 4-5fps different across a few shots from a 223 running lights bullets at 3600fps+ I have both in the truck, but really only use the V3 if the USB power packs for the Lab is dead - Lab running on batteries is a piss take, 6 AAs last no time, cheap USB power pack lasts aaaages fortunately.
  7. Ill take the Redding bushings and shellholders plse chap, PM payment details
  8. GT3_richy

    17 Hornet. HW66 J-M

    Yes, reloading them. 66JM but 22" barrel, assume Davids is 18". I did the above with random outcomes, D063 was the best - OCW and consequent seating tweaks produced a couple of .2MOA groups...which I couldn't get close to repeating - the next lot (same brass, AMP annealed, same prep, powder measured with FX120 etc) would be 2MOA 😜 Which is why I wondered if the speed was a problem as I vaguely recall they are meant to be old Mach rimfire bullets?? Anyway, I got bored of chasing them and went back to 20gr+ so I could shoot things with it instead of continuing what seemed like endless load development for little return. I'll probably revisit sometime, likely running them slower with N120.
  9. GT3_richy

    17 Hornet. HW66 J-M

    If its the Kranks value things I've given up trying to get them to shoot consistently atm, LG, N120 and D063. Couple of loads looked mint, reloaded a few more to confirm...shotgun ;s Wonder if its the speed, will try slowing them down at some point but for now am shooting the 25s until I find some 30s to try, the 20s shoot well but (and I realise its the cartridges downfall) dont take much wind to get knocked about - in which case I end up taking 204 or 223 instead.
  10. GT3_richy

    Alternatives to QuickLoad

    Enduron 4166, 4451, 4955 and 7977 are included in v3.9. Think thats all of them apart from 8133.
  11. GT3_richy

    204 into 223

    In a word, yes.
  12. GT3_richy

    T3x Trigger Question

    FWIW, the Timney 2-stage appears to have adjustment from about a lb (it will go lighter but wasnt safe at all) to 3lb or so (I didnt try heavier) - the packaging is marked "Tikka T3 Trigger **3lb**".

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