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  1. Ludicrous lumensns torch mount

    Exactly the reason I got one for my Recon. NV and thermal are great for 99% of the time - but there's something a bit more 'honest' about lamping that makes it rather enjoyable.
  2. Ludicrous lumensns torch mount

    Agreed, I have a few of them, work very well. Especially handy that Andy does them in most sizes inc 40mm for IORs.
  3. Sako 22 Hornet action and wood stock

    FWIW, I picked up an HW66 JM in 17 hornet today. I previously had a HW66 .22LR, which needed the stock relieving slightly to allow the bolt to fully close... Not sure how I didn't notice in the shop (I was late due to traffic and they were closing so was on the back foot :/), but the action is clearly not square in the stock, consequently the barrel is touching the stock 2 or 3 inches from the end. Not greatly happy! On the bright side, the 2 stage trigger as per my .22 is excellent.
  4. Reloading Advice

    Thanks for the dryer info Kev/Varm/Dave, I hate waiting for cases to dry after putting them through the U/S or LEM, will get shopping shortly
  5. Reloading Advice

    Where did you get yours from Varm, what is their actual intended use?
  6. HW60/66 Receiver hole thread

    Same question, after a picatinny rail for an HW66, such as this https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/product/reed-weihrauch-hw6066-aluminium-rail/ but they appear to be out of stock everywhere I've found that sells them >.>
  7. night vision set up

    If you dont have anything night shooting gear-wise at the mo, budget dependent I'd find a good used thermal spotter and a used Photon with doubler+good IR. Budget is probably the biggest consideration when answering your question!
  8. night vision set up

    Budget dependant; Dedicated - second hand Drone Pro, best digital NV available bar none, down side they've recently been discontinued and they dont come up used that often. Alternative much cheaper option is a Photon XT or RT, with a good illuminator and a doubler they are very capable. Add-on; Ward 700/800, not much comes close. Add-on performance is very scope/illuminator-dependent however, high end glass often performs badly. My Recon gives a pretty decent picture though. Then there are tubed solutions. I'd be scared of damaging the tube personally, only people I've heard compare PVS14 to Ward have suggested theyre no better at best. No experience of dedicated tubed stuff.
  9. night vision set up

    Budget? What are you shooting at 200m, fox, rabbit? Would you prefer a rear add on you can use with your dayscope (depends on your day scope though), or a dedicated NV scope?
  10. I'll take the ELD-Ms please.
  11. Drone pro 10x vs Pulsar N355

    Was always going to happen after FLIR bought out Armasight. According to Carl there was never really any money in the DPs, so naturally FLIR arent interested in it, much bigger more lucrative fish to fry than the DP market.
  12. New Tikka rimfire

    As you say, what's a Tikka .22LR going to do that a CZ or other half decent brand cant - at a discount? The limitation with a .22LR is always going to be the ammo. Having said that I'm sure they wont be able to build them quick enough. I'd probably buy one if I had a spare .22 slot.
  13. I'll have them plse, PM me how you want paying chap...
  14. I'lI take the ADM mount, pm me regarding payment please

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