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  1. GT3_richy

    17 HMR Finfire II, Tikka T1 or Anschutz ?

    I have the same feeling as David re. the 'new' Finfires. Performance-wise I doubt there will be anything in them so fit and feel is probably the deciding factor. I'd personally be looking at an Anschutz or a Lithgow. Would've considered a Weirhauch after enjoying tens of their sublime air rifles over the years, but after a .22 and a .17H both of which went back I don't think I could bring my self to chance another sadly. Mod, cheapo Sak or a Panther.
  2. GT3_richy

    Steel Core Designs

    Don't WMS shoot/flog these? the name rings a bell.
  3. GT3_richy

    Tikka T3x Adjustable Stock

    They seem to come up reasonable regularly for sale, £100-150 for a mint one.
  4. GT3_richy

    pulsar XQ38F or XQ50F

    ^^ https://www.scottcountry.co.uk/night-vision/accessories/pulsar-eps3i-battery-pack/ I bought one when I bought my Quantum spotter 2 or 3 years ago - before I knew the battery life of the standard battery pack and even with shitty rechargeable AAs was so good. Think its sat in the kitchen since :s
  5. https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/product-category/optics/optical-sights/rifle-scopes/?filter_brand=ior&filter_tube-diameter=40-mm&filter_highest-magnification=31x-40x £2395 new or £1795 described as 9.5/10 condition used, next day from a very well known UK company - if you wanted to find a UK buyer you'd need to be considering this as Doz noted. A year or two back there were people waiting for them for months, no longer the case sadly.
  6. GT3_richy

    3D Prints

    What software do you use for designing?
  7. GT3_richy

    Proof House

    Cheers Bradders 👍
  8. GT3_richy

    Proof House

    Anyone know if London is still a nightmare, or if they have caught up at all?
  9. GT3_richy


    Probably shoulder and/or body taper difference? a la 20prac v 20tac. 223 is a 23deg shoulder, so assume parent is too, VTT is probably 30deg?
  10. I would say 350 is probably top end for the gun, the other stuff is probably worth a few quid. The nozzle referred to I would assume is the recharging probe, being a PCP your dad will need a pump or a diving bottle to fill it from which might be worth bearing in mind. The description of the bits beside the gun are rather vague and would lead me to draw the same conclusions as Akeld. Again, as per above, a more realistic range for accurate shooting is 40 yards for a decent non-firearms-rated air gun - and a lot will struggle to obtain that. Sadly from the brief googling of the Sidewinder they weren't generally stunning performers. PCP rifles aren't cheap, and by the time you have bought some means to recharge it (they need a supply of compressed air in case that's not obvious - they aren't like what most people would associate an air gun to be i.e. a springer which you just 'break' to cock by compressing an internal spring or pneumatic ram), a half decent scope etc it will quickly add up. Its hard as your dad has an inkling for this particular gun as there are definitely better used rifles for the same money e.g. any Air Arms Sxxx, most BSAs etc. Do you know anyone with an air gun? Without wishing to discourage you, it might be worth taking him to an air gun range for the afternoon and seeing if he enjoys it (still?), unless 400 quid plus isn't an amount your concerned about. It sounds as though your dad's shot/owned air guns before?
  11. GT3_richy

    Cheapest place for 6xc brass?

    £126 from March was the cheapest I could find them (Norma), options are as I'm sure you're aware, limited ;s Haven't found 6XC Petersen anywhere in the UK as yet, though imagine someone could supply it upon request. Not sure if there are any restrictions on importing brass from the US, probably cheaper. Did email Tubb about it but didn't get a reply. Let me know if you find it cheaper please.
  12. GT3_richy

    First Custom Build

    How did you go about importing chap?
  13. GT3_richy

    Pulsar xq38f

    XQ38F went for £1919 on that auction site this evening. Pretty mad when retail is £2250? Sure you can get them at least 10% off that easily ;s
  14. GT3_richy

    Pulsar xq38f

    Used one on a popular auction site with a load of bids on it currently at £1750 o.O There was a Quantum XP50 sell for 1900-odd a couple of weeks ago, the 38/50 objective Pulsar thermal spotters seem to be holding their values well.
  15. What happens if it turns out your tight groups show terrible ES/SD when chrono'd, or aren't you bothered? depends how far you are shooting I guess.

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