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  1. GT3_richy

    Vortex Viper PST Gen II - Night vision

    I believe the gen2 is a step up from the gen1, but the latter I found one of the worst scopes I've tried with addons. Whereabouts are you?
  2. GT3_richy


    Goods price (A) + cost of shipping and insurance (B) = amount on which duty payable (C) Duty will be charged on (C) at something in the region of 2.5% = (D) VAT will then be charged on (D) at 20% And finally add whatever Parcelforce or whomever clears it through customs charges for admin, £10-20. E.g. scope $200 + shipping $50 = $250, around £191 Duty 2.5%, £5 VAT 20%, £39 Clearance, say £15 Total cost £191+5+39+15 = £235 ish
  3. Pics attached, apologies that they're a bit potato! Seem to have managed to lose the 3 bolts for the forend so need to get some replacements before selling 😕
  4. Unused Monkey Clamp - only opened box to takes pics. Cost £200, looking for £150 posted.
  5. MDT ESS chassis for T3 in FDE (£745). Has been out of the box, bolted together, action fitted and then removed and put back in box. Comes with 2 MDT .223 plastic mags (£70) and a Hogue beavertail non-finger groove grip (£20). Bought as a stop gap whilst I was waiting for a PSE Etac - Etac arrived a lot sooner than anticipated so this never actually left the house. In box, pretty much as new (may be tiny marks from handling/bolting together etc). The lot cost me £840, looking for £550. Collection preferable, West Berks area. Otherwise will post at cost.
  6. What dies it actually weigh please?
  7. Success with addons and more expensive scopes has always been pretty hit and miss personally. The excellent high power laser illuminators available now (e.g. Solaris SRX and Sirius XTL) make using an expensive scope more likely to be successful I think, buts its still a bit of a lottery, the lack of very short range parallax on many scopes is one issue regardless of coatings. I've always had good results with my IOR Recon and a Ward addon, same with the PARD on the IOR, X6i, Stryker and Bushnell Elite Tacs. If you let me know the diameter of the eye piece on the PM2 you can have a borrow of mine as its redundant at the moment, pm me.
  8. GT3_richy

    Hornady V-MAX .243 58GR Loads

    Sounds...hopeful? Quickload suggests 50-odd grains of RS60/RL17 will do 3926, 50gr sounds like a lot to stick in a .243 case, RS60 does fill well though. Viht shows a max load 44.4gr of N550 to give 3822 from a 23" barrel, so a 26" might approach 3900-odd. Certainly, whatever you try and load to get those numbers is going to cane a barrel...
  9. GT3_richy

    VN160 WANTED

    Dunno about half tubs, but https://www.livens.co.uk/product/vihtavuori-n160-1kg-01757/ if you're desperate
  10. GT3_richy

    40gr 223

    I was around 3700@20-degrees C with a 20" T3, N130 but dont recall the charge off hand.
  11. I think that about sums up the app - buggy on iphones (I gave up with it after 10 mins on my phone), works fine on Android tab 99% of the time.
  12. GT3_richy


    The XTL seems to be flavour of the month, followed closely by the SRX. I have an XTL on its way and have most of the other popular torches, my preference is the SRX currently due to performance/size. From reviews from a few pretty learned gents that use the XTL I expect it to be top of the tree.
  13. GT3_richy

    .20 practical

    Who built yours, Bob?

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