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  1. Johnmurphy20930

    proof research 7mm

    My apologies It is indeed 1.200
  2. proof research 26’ 1-9 .800 at the muzzle 900 shipped also advertise elsewhere Any question ask away
  3. Johnmurphy20930

    RPA Quadlock stock

    PRICE Drop 450
  4. 1 rpa quadlight stock Robertson interceptor this is the more sought after shine stock as they only did a limited run of the in very good condition 500 plus P+P
  5. RPA stocks 1 RPA Quadlock McMillan long range prone in very good condition needs repainting inleted for Quadlock 500 plus p+p
  6. Johnmurphy20930


    Hi guys any SEB RESTS out there not at crazy money ??
  7. Hi is it small primer ?
  8. Johnmurphy20930

    Rifle Action

    Does any one have an action suitable for a 338 build or may consider full rifle at right price
  9. Johnmurphy20930


    First or second focal?
  10. Johnmurphy20930

    Nightforce 8-32x56 npr2

    Hi sorry it’s sold
  11. Johnmurphy20930

    HS Precision stock

    Hi Sam it’s just a little over 3 pounds

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