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  1. Johnmurphy20930

    Sako m591 stock

    Any one have a sako m591 stock ??
  2. Johnmurphy20930

    Brass tumbler

    Any one with a brass tumbler looking to shift??
  3. 500 Seirra 7mm 197 200 plus P&P
  4. 1 Bartlein 33’ blank 1.250 straight Taper 7.5 twist £500 plus p&p 1 Bartlein 32’ finished 1.25 straight taper chambered in 7 270 wsm 382 rounds gone down it was on a john Carr action £400 plus p&p buy both and shipping is free pictures on request
  5. Johnmurphy20930

    Berger 140 hybrids

    Any 6.5 140 hybrids about ??
  6. Johnmurphy20930

    Berger 7mm 182 BT Target xlr

    Hi guys Any one have any of these Berger 7mm 182 BT Target xlr the were discontinued a few years ago if you do let me know cheers john
  7. Johnmurphy20930

    proof research 7mm

    My apologies It is indeed 1.200
  8. proof research 26’ 1-9 .800 at the muzzle 900 shipped also advertise elsewhere Any question ask away
  9. Johnmurphy20930

    RPA Quadlock stock

    PRICE Drop 450
  10. 1 rpa quadlight stock Robertson interceptor this is the more sought after shine stock as they only did a limited run of the in very good condition 500 plus P+P
  11. RPA stocks 1 RPA Quadlock McMillan long range prone in very good condition needs repainting inleted for Quadlock 500 plus p+p

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