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  1. Hi Guys, here my new Long Range reload ! HORNADY 147 gr ELD- MATCH + 46.7 gr RS70 + LAPUA Case + CCI 450 OAL = 2.903'' V0 = 2841 fps (Target@ 400 m, with no wind flag, RPR 6.5CM)
  2. Hello Laurie, Yes à bolt with excessive space between the firing pin and firing pin hole on the bolt face will allow the primer to flow into that space...and the crater primer comes! In my RPR I measured my clearance between my firing pin and my pin hole (measured on a crater primer) I have 0.05 mm (.001968'') at clearance ! Is it to much ? Or is a right speace between between my firing pin and my pin hole? Enjoy to read you, Laurie! A+ Laurent.
  3. The CCI 450 are the same Cup thickness than the CCI 400, but the 450 work right with the high pressure! The metal cup is harder ??? In my RPR, with slow powder(RS70, 47.1 gr) and heavy bullet (147 gr ELD-M) in 6.5Creedmoor LAPUA Case I use CCI 450 look at this cratered primer : Do you think I'm in over pressure with this load ? https://www.primalrights.com/library/articles/understanding-pressure A+ Laurent.
  4. Hello , I doen't measure yet my velocity to the 46.7 gr RS +147gr Hornady ELD-Match , I prefer test it for the best accuracy at 300 m But I hope a good vellocyty for a LR use... I look QL for this RS70's load : 47.1gr de RS 70 et une OAL de 74,25 mm Presure : 3898 bar - V0 = 854 m/s ( 2802 fps) I 'll share my velocity measure if you are interesting by this LR load...
  5. Hi Guy , Yes the CCI 450 work very Right for the 6.5 Creedmoor SR Case !!! (More than the CCIBR4) whith Lapua Case for a long Range Load , I think I found my magic load with the RS 70... But carrefuly for the cratered cup with this Magnum primer ! A+ Laurent.
  6. Hello Richard, Happy to read You! I don't measure yet my velocity with my 2 slow powder (RS70 and N560) but I work with a friend called Quick Load... Look at the results with 147 gr - COAL 2.903'' (Presure -Velocity) Presure Max 6.5 Creedmoor = 4350 Bar 47.1gr de RS 70 et une OAL de 74,25 mm Presure : 3898 bar - V0 estimée à 854 m/s ( 2802 fps) 47.2gr de N560 et une OAL de 74,25 mm Presure : 3833 bar -V0 estimée à 853 m/s (2799 fps) … (My good accuracy load with N560!) I tell you when Iwill measur my velocity Richard ! A+ Laurent
  7. Hello Richard, Yes ou are in the right! The jump in my RPR work better again with my 147 gr ELD-Match - COAL =2.903'' (In single shot ) Here the result with the 147 gr + 47.2 gr N560 (my best load, but I dont know yet my velocity!!! : (yes the doting line is the X = 50 mm/1.97'') (the nine shoot ia annonced with a bad sigth in the target ... Now I will test the RS70 +147 gr with a slow powder (equivalent N165) ... With 46.3 gr the density load is over- max! (with an Vibrating load with electric toothbrush ) A+ Laurent.
  8. Hello, I test this rounds the saturday 29 september in my RPR at 300 m : The best reload is this one (OAL = 2.920'', the bullet toutch the lands!) : (The X measure 1.97'') What do you thinck about this N560 for the 6.5Creedmoor with eavier bullet? A+Laurent.
  9. Here my new components for load test! A+ Laurent
  10. Hello I always think (perhaps is not true !) to Long Range Shooting the better results can made with an Heavier bullet (High BC) run with a high velocity for this we necessary to use a slow powder to produce high velocity without max presure. Well for my 6.5 Creedmoor for a LR load, I look about the HORNADY 147 gr ELD-Match (#26333)…In my RPR's barrel 1:8" After lookin those tow link : https://press.hornady.com/assets/site/hornady/files/load-data/6-5-creedmoor-147gr-data.pdf http://www.wwpowder.com/PDF/Burn%20Rates%20-%202015-2016.pdf I think I’ll choose the N560 to run this 147 gr! Is it a good idea , can I have your opinion about my nexts choices and tests ? A+ Laurent. PS : Where I find this Hornady 147 gr ELD-Match in UK?
  11. Hi pow1, I very interesting about your tests with RS62-139 gr Scenar using LAPUA Brass (SR) with velocity! Because I tested this same components exept the brass, I used Norma Brass (LR) ... I ask me if the load will be higther or less with using LR or SR for a same velocity??? A+ Laurent.
  12. Cienfuegos you can use this tatuctor : https://www.bing.com/translator/
  13. I buy all my Leupold scopes with Scott in USA since ten years ! :) (five days shipping at home!) http://www.theriflescopestore.com/leupold-172345-vx-3i-lrp-8-5-25x50mm-side-focus-t-moa-reticle/ A+ Laurent
  14. Hi Chaz, Yest I'm the happy proprietary of this new Leupold VX -3i LRP ! But I don't used it much yet to tell you à return of use with it! I just zeroted the elevation turet Zero Stop at 100 m and take à Mark4 IMS 30 mm 20 MOA Mount (Leupold # 171987) on my RPR 6.5 Creedmoor! With the 20 MOA Ruger rail + the 20 MOA of the IMS I have 67.5 MOA (with a zero at 100 m) to use my Scope to LR ! To more information in the Zero Stop elevation turret look at this link (sorry in French! ​) http://www.uvsonmidrange.com/t16697-choix-d-optique-lr A+ for more return use with this good scope for LR! Laurent.
  15. Hi Dave, Sorry, I buy recently the new LEUPOLD VX-3i LRP ! (With Zero Stop elevation turet!) But in few mons Leupold give the replacement of Mark4 for the civilian shooter... http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2017/01/18/leupold-mark-4-replacement-coming-soon-shot-2017/ A+ Laurent.

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