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  1. Bertie Bee

    SAKO TRG muzzle break

    Hi, if anyone has a trg muzzle brake let me know
  2. Bertie Bee

    Enfield 7.62 Ideally Enforcer

    Hi, I am looking out ideally for an enforcer but open to most 7.62 enfield which are interesting. If anyone has one let me know. Cheers
  3. Hi chaps, I have decided to part with my pretty rare Lantac Raven 5.56 Custom, it is in fantastic condition, only done about 300 rounds. It has a Wylde chamber 223 / 5.56, dragon break, laRue bits, lots of upgrades all from Lantac. I bought this with a view to doing CSR but used it only a few times, as I am mainly into the old wooden stuff. It comes with a Peli hard case and Nightforce NXS 1-4 Zero Stop, Lantac Dragon break, speed loader, super 3 gun trigger, PRS stock its fully tricked up ready for CSR, and even has Troy pop up sights. The only marks on it are as photo'd small scratch which has been touched up near the muzzle of the barrel caused by trying to get a quick release moderator on it, otherwise it is as you would expect of this amazing AR15. Please have a look at: http://www.lannertactical.com/AR15-Straight-Pull-Side-Charging-Rifle.html New there start at £2785 without scope, peli case and extra etc. Overall features: 223 / 5.56 Wylde Chamber 16" 8221; 1:8 twist Border Archer Barrel, match profile Billet Upper and Lower LaRue 13" 8221; Handrail Lantac Chrome Charging Handel Geissele Supper Semi Auto 2 stage trigger PRS Stock Accu-Shot Mono Pod attached to PRS MS3 1-2 point sling Troy front and rear pop up battle sights LT110 quick release bi-pod mount 3 x 30 round mags 2 x 10 round mags Pelli Case 1720 Magpul RSA rail sling mount Magpie 1" 8221; QD sling Swivel loop Magpul extended buttpad PTS-2 AR15 223/5.56 speed loader for mags I would like £3000 for everything. I have more photos if anyone would like. Cheers
  4. Hi, I have listed the AI on gunstar and reduced it slightly, which is in my opinion a bargain for this rifle and scope. I will take £5650. Let me know if anyone is interested. https://www.gunstar.co.uk/accuracy-international-arctic-warfare-ai-aw-308-7-62-with-s-/rifles/1009956
  5. Hi, hopefully all filled in now. Thanks
  6. Hi all, I am considering selling some of my rifles due to no time to shoot and need money elsewhere, open to offers. AI AW .308, AI bipod, Muzzle break, 26" barrel, folding stock, AI alumium hard case, S&B PMII scope, desert / flat earth folding stock, with 5 magazines, 200 round count in excellent condition £6000 Lantac 5.56 Raven, Wldye chamber, 16" barrel, Peli hard case, Nightforce NXS scope, 4 magazines, dragon brake, 500 round count in excellent condition £3000 Lantac CMMG Mk.4 .22LR, Boonie Packer etc. Never shot, boxed as new, original invoice was £1190 last year, so would like £850 - SOLD Let me know if anyone is interested or want photos.
  7. Hi gbal, that's what my thinking was, most of my rifles have been bought with one eye on collectibility / investment as well as shooting. I am err....ing to an AW as they are just awesome, and may not shoot any better but will tick the boxes and I'll be a proud owner of a AW. If I need a more dedicated f-class rifle later as advised I may just get another, but I have rose tinted glasses for an Artic Warfare, just can't dig deep enough in my pockets for a original L96A1 green meanie!
  8. Why are you selling them?
  9. Are they in .308, what are you wanting for them? What is the difference between AX and AW. The AW is classic, but it is a better rifle over the AT.... I am interested tho in your rifles.
  10. So I recently sold my TRG for one reason or another, and now in a position to buy again, initially decided TRG again but then thought push the boat out as I am fed up of sending for variations, and I am about to join a new club that is concentrating on F-Class, and I am into my military rifles. So there are a few Accuracy International AW knocking around, for a similar price to the newer AT. I am struggling between deciding between a AW which is about £700 more but an AW!!! Over a similar spec AT, albeit the AT newer and less expensive. Do you think the AW will ultimately be the one to have being the original AI AW or not ( it is a lot of money to invest in a rifle without thinking of the future, and I am a buy once, suffer the bank balance drop once sort of guy and forget about it ), and secondly is the AT better than the AW? Or is the AW better than the AT? Thank you for all your advice.
  11. Bertie Bee

    .223 SGC / Bradley Arms AR15 or similar

    Hi, it depends on what it is, I haven't really got a set budget. Cheers Also, does it include the scope, what scope is it?
  12. Bertie Bee

    .223 SGC / Bradley Arms AR15 or similar

    Hi, it depends on what it is, I haven't really got a set budget. Cheers Hi, I am interested. Please send my best wishes to your friend, my dad died a few weeks back, and I was about to give up shooting and sold a few enfields I had before he died, (including my 4T!!!) and he told me not to as I would regret it and now getting back into it again and do! Now looking for an all round .223/5.56 for practical service rifle and up to 600 yards, as I have a slot and before I send my FAC back in to add the .303 back on. But how old is it? Do you know a rough round count? Barrel length and twist? Cheers
  13. Bertie Bee

    .223 SGC / Bradley Arms AR15 or similar

    Hi, it depends on what it is, I haven't really got a set budget. Cheers

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