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  1. Open to offers on my rifles, before I stick them on guntrader / gunstar. Cheers
  2. Thanks Roy for your advice, and time taken. As a matter of interest when they chose the top 3 out of 10 ( from memory ) from Maltby to be put on one side for Holland and Holland, what marking did they give them to indicate this before conversion and further stamping. Obviously I have a 4T so am aware of the marking on a 4T, being stamped T on receiver ( often lost when FTR / refinished ), TR on wrist, number on stock and under wrist, and S right. To be honest it was just what I was told for my No.4 Mk.1 and reading on the subject i.e. Skennerton, Laidler. This Mk.1 seems to have no use in service and likely left in reserves or for conversion, being 1945 X one of the last ones. The main value in it is its originality, i.e. not FTR'd, and all coded parts correct original, numbered, barrel etc. S on the right of receiver on this rifle contradicts the thought the iron sights were refitted after conversion, as this was not converted but stamped S. Anyway I do not proclaim to be a master on the subject just an enthusiast about Enfields. Being service rifles there really seems to be a bit hit and miss on precise procedure when these rifles were processed and the knowledge in the books reflects this in grey areas. If it doesn't sell I am not that bothered as it is irreplaceable as Mk. 1's go. In fact to an extent I am tempted to keep all of them and work harder, as I am hesitant to sell them as it is.
  3. Please let me know of specific photos you wish for. Thanks
  4. Regards the rifles - 1945 BSA No.4 Mk.1 - This rifle is a X prefix last of the war time No.4, stamped S right receiver. It is in excellent condition, around 500 rounds, walnut original furniture, it is unique in the fact it was never been FTR'd and is completely original and matching including woodwork, very rare in wartime No.4's, desireable BSA Maltby M47C ( war code ). £1000 1955 Fazakerly No. 4 Mk. II - 40-50 rounds if that. It is the Irish contract, beech furniture. It comes with the matching bayonnet and slings. Once again as you would expect, all original matching, including woodwork. £1200 1944 Lee Enfield No4MK1T Sniper Rifle. BSA M47C coded action marked in the usual manner and with matching (original) bolt and original, undisturbed, scope mounting pads and with the majority of original finish remaining to the metalwork. 1956 dated Fazakerly barrel in virtually new condition gauging at .30225” with immaculate bore. Correct Singer coded rearsight and lovely Walnut wartime manufactured woodwork throughout, the woodwork is numbered to the rifle but is without doubt replacement woodwork fitted during the rifles service life. Lovely No32Mk2 scope, 1944 dated, with nearly all original finish with excellent optics and very sharp graticule with perfect mechanical adjustments fitted with original leather lens caps, scope fitted to a lovely Rose Brothers scope bracket with the rifles number stamped over another number (probably in service). With the rifle is an original No8 scope tin. £4500 1946 Fazakerley No.5 - All original matching numbers ( not renumbered ) including magazine. Excellent woodwork and matching to rifle. Shoots very well. £750
  5. Hi all, After a lot of interest. I attached to photo of all of them, they are all in excellent condition. To be honest I got them out this morning to photos and thought errr... maybe I don't want to sell these, and just work harder and keep them as they are pretty much irreplaceable, although everything is replaceable to an extent lol. Anyway, price wise I am after, but open to offers. No. 4 Mk. 1 £1000 No. 4 Mk. II £1250 No. 4T £4500 No. 5 £750 Hope this helps. Bertie Bee
  6. 1946 Fazakerley No.5 Jungle Carbine. Original, lightening cuts and original scalloped barrel. All matching numbers including woodwork and magazine. Slight wear to the throat, but shoots very well. These are incredibly rare especially all matching. £750 I am selling as I rarely shoot it, and I am buying a business which means I need to cut down on my toys to raise money. I am also considering selling, No.4 Mk.1 BSA, No.4 Mk. II Irish contract only done 40 rounds, NO. 4T with No.32 Mk. II scope, Enfield Snider 3 band, Martini Henry Mk. VI, and Mk. III, and Martini Greener conversion .22. Generally all my rifles are all matching etc. If anyone is interested in any, please let me know.
  7. Hi, I sold my rifle as my scope remains. It’s a Leupold VX3 8.5-25 as seen in pics in excellent condition. Fine duplex reticle. Includes mounts as seen in pics. Will post special delivery. £420
  8. Hi, Still Available - Leupold VX3 8.5-25 x 50. Fine reticle. (http://www.thecountryman.com/leupold-vx-3-8-5-25x50-lrv-scope) Reduced to £475 including postage.
  9. Rifle and bipod sold subject to funds
  10. Hi, After a couple PM's re splitting the package - Leupold VX3 8.5-25 x 50. Fine reticle. It cost £1100. So would accept £600 including postage. (http://www.thecountryman.com/leupold-vx-3-8-5-25x50-lrv-scope) Sako TRG Bipod - It cost £360 new. So would accept £150 including postage. Sako 10 round magazine - Its cost £200 new. So would accept £90 including postage. Sako TRG Rifle including 1 magazine - Would accept £1450 including RFD to RFD. As above I am open to offers, but tried to be pretty fair.
  11. Hi, I have decided to go back to a AI, so my TRG is up for sale. It the updated 2015 model in very good condition, about 500 rounds through it. It comes with a Leopold VX-3 8.5-25 x 50 Long Range Scope, Sako TRG Bipod, 2 magazine. It is the phosphated barrel green model. I would like £2100 for it but open to offers. Will split if people which, but would prefer to sell as a whole package. I will RFD to RFD. UPDATE - All Sold except Leopold VX-3 8.5-25x50 Scope. Will accept £475 posted.
  12. Bertie Bee

    Wanted: Steyr AUG

    Hi, I quite fancy a Steyr AUG. Let me know if anyone has one they want to part with.

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