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  1. Wildcat EVOLUTION Moderator for sale In great condition. Comes with .30 cal baffle stack, with an option to purchase the .223 baffle stack along with or seperately to anyone else. Choice of 18x1 or 5/8 x 24 (UNEF) thread bridges. Buyer can opt to have which ever one they need or purchase both at cost. Also the option of two different sizes of rear bush. One was for Tikka Tactical one for was a Tikka CTR. But would also fit plenty of other barrel profiles. Also many people have fitted the moderator with no rear bush without any issue. I also have a neoprene cover I have forgotten to take a pic of, along with other rear bush. £140 face to face. Can collect from Windsor or Bisley. Will also travel a small distance to meet someone of choice. I also travel a fair amount with my work so feel free to ask if I’m around your way soon. Can RFD to RFD but buyer will have to cover the cost. Feel free to ask any questions. *Advertised elsewhere for sale
  2. markymark

    Double rifle sling

    It’s ok, by no means perfect. I don’t have many to compare it with to be honest. I have a tab gear sling also. The negatives with of a more conventional sling when kneeling / bending down or changing direction the sling can slip over / off the shoulder. I also wanted something more comfortable when walking with the rifle. Double strap definitely helps this. I also didn’t want a true biathlon sling. I’ve never used the z-aim or sealand sling. If people complain about the z-aim riding underneath the armpit this doesn’t happen with the 3HGR because it connects lower down. (Also can choose wear this clip sits) I’ve got the light harness, as I didn’t see a need to wrap it around a tree. This can be had for around £44 which isn’t too bad. I don’t think it’s worth too much more, wouldn’t be good value if paid £70 for it. Negative that it has no rapid adjust system to it, so when wearing different thicknesses of clothing you have to adjust it manually which is annoying if you want a snug fit. Equally you need to make sure the clips are 100% clipped in. Once in they are fine, but you can clip it in thinking it’s secure, when one side hasn’t locked in and can come undone. Forvthe light harness, only comes with QD sling swivel stud attachments. You can buy there other line of sligs with QD cups if needed, but you if wanted the light sling you would have to change these out yourself which could be seen as a negative. Hope that’s of any help?
  3. markymark

    Double rifle sling

    Also the 3HGR sling.....
  4. I no longer have the packing for it, but I believe it was the KZ-112. https://kickeezproducts.com/recoil-pads/kz-112-recoil-pad/ https://www.brownells.co.uk/PRE-FIT-RECOIL-PADS-Model-KZ112-Pre-Fit-Recoil-Pad-KICK-EEZ-Black-Polymer-440000029 KZ112 - Fits Marlin 336/444/450/512; Mossberg 500 AG Turkey/9200/9300, wood; Remington 870 Wingmaster (non-Express)/870 Police/11-87 SP (1992 only), wood; Weatherby Vanguard, wood; Winchester 70 Carbine (.30-06)/Mod 100, wood. Can also be grinded to fit other pads too
  5. Hi all, before I buy has anyone got any of the following: Standard tikka T3 plastic bottom metal / trigger guard. Standard inlet of the above in metal. Tikka T3 .308 5 round mag. AICS version of trigger guard / bottom metal . Black Tikka T3 action screws. All of the above considered. Can anyone help me out? Thank you, Mark
  6. Bix n Andy triggers - single or two stage?
  7. markymark

    6.5cm load advice

    Yes it should. Obviously data hasn’t been trued, but in theory it should take you to 1200yards. I think the load you’ve worked out so far should see you for your next shoot. I would be keen to re-test at perhaps 0.3 load up increments, look for a node around you chosen velocity then tweek seating depth to tighten up groups. How did you decide upon your COAL?
  8. markymark

    6.5cm load advice

    My recent ladder test with 139 Scenars and RS62 very closely mirror your results except a little higher velocity. I assume my 26” barrel is the reason. I just did a ladder test, I didn’t shoot groups with them. However from 40gr to 43.5gr the POI was all sub 1 MOA. I didn’t get a sticky bolt, however I was also seeing the ejector markings on the brass at 43gr. I going to re-run my test again at a different COAL. However im assuming my load will also be around 42.5gr. There or there abouts. My goal was to achieve 2750fps once I’ve got around that with a good node I’m not going to chase anymore velocity. Strelok suggest that this will achieve 1200yards supersonic. You say your shooting 1100yards, this load should see you well no?
  9. Skid plate sold Now just green forend & grips left, along with standard cheek riser.
  10. Black forend and grips are sold.
  11. markymark

    wildcat evo bridge wanted: 18x1.

    Just seen. Not mine. 18x1 thread still available I think..... https://www.thestalkingdirectory.co.uk/showthread.php/155487-Wildcat-Evolution-parts

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