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  1. markymark

    Tikka T3x Trigger spring

    Contact Baldie
  2. KRG Whisky 3 Aluminum Forend & regular sized black grips (Tikka T3 fitment) - £100 posted X-ray polymer forend (minimalist) & Large sized grips in Sako green colour (Tikka T3 fitment) - £44 posted Regular cheek piece - £12 posted *Skid plate, not available for sale just yet. I believe regardless of whether you have an X-ray, Bravo or Whiskey 3 all forends are interchangeable (happy to be corrected if not the case)
  3. Trickler sold to Cheshirelad. Thank you
  4. Bolt handle & barrel tuner sold to Tuck.
  5. Sure, its yours! - Please PM your full name and address for postage and I'll reply back with payment details. Cheers, Mark
  6. Brand new, never used Lee Quick charge drum set - £15 Posted As new (used once) RCBS Powder Trickler 2 - SOLD Brand new & sealed 6.5 Creedmoor Lapua small primer brass - £100 posted (I've got a few of these, but not sure how many I'm getting rid of yet... TBC) Brand new, unused Butler Creek scope caps - Eye 19 (41.8mm) Obj 44 (59.9mm) Where to fit Bushnell DMR - £10 Posted for each one Brand new and unused Limbsaver Barrel Tuner (Sharpshooter X-ring fits barrels 3/4" to 1 1/8") - SOLD Brand new Kick-eez recoil Pad - £30 Posted (L 120mm x W 43mm x D 4 33mm - Hole Spacing 80mm. Part No. 153255) Pre fit pad, but can also be ground down to suit. Used Wildcat Evo Moderator thread bridge, 5/8 x 24 UNEF - £30 Posted Used and scratched original Tikka T3 Bolt Handle - SOLD
  7. markymark

    KRG whiskey 3 stock rear bag rider

    Understood. Thank you. Would you mind linking me to what you guys have? Thanks,
  8. markymark

    KRG whiskey 3 stock rear bag rider

    How on earth does something that costs $39 in the states translate to £108??!
  9. markymark

    KRG whiskey 3 stock rear bag rider

    If said person could contact me? Cheers, Mark
  10. markymark

    KRG whiskey 3 stock rear bag rider

    How much was it? Did you get angled or flat?
  11. markymark

    Original t3 bolt shroud

    I should be able to sort you out. Let me have a dig around later.

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