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  1. I have an array of full size Aim bags, folding FS-42 Aim bag, hard case & AI rucksack/drag bag. All have their own pros and cons but all get used depending on what outing. If your interested I would sell you a Maverick41 bag in black. Used but in excellent condition. I have two and only need the one. https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/product/accuracy-international-maverick41-50-inch-long-rifle-folding-stock-drag-bag-system-black/
  2. markymark

    Ammo Wallets

    Also consider https://coletac.eu/products/ammo-book-40
  3. Please bear with me, while I attempt to explain my question. S&B ultrashort. Comes in both 3-20 & 5-20. I know the 3-20 comes with a larger field of view.... obviously. Are both reticles produced at the same ratio or differently for each model? If an 3-20 US was placed at x5 magnification to attempt to mirror the 5-20 US..... would they have the same field of view? Secondly would they have the same reticle thickness / zoom at this magnification, or would the 3-20 be larger & easier to see as it’s zoomed in slightly? Hope that makes sense, Cheers, Mark
  4. For the people who have contacted me, in the interests of transparency so I’m not accused of playing people off each other. The price I’m saying and trying to achieve is £250 for the moderator alone.
  5. So looked it up on my PayPal. These are £380 new. Any interested party let me know if you might want the moderator, Tac brake, suppressor cover and or RFD’ed also any combination of the above and we can start talking turkey.
  6. As for price, I’ll have to find out what I paid for it new again (Colin please feel to remind me) and come up with a suitable used price. Was always used with a Cole-Tac suppressor cover so won’t have any marks on.
  7. It’s got a .30cal exit hole because I used it on both barrels for .308 & 6.5 CM. Its on my ticket as a 6.5CM moderator, as that was the slot I had free at the time when I got it. However there is no serial number and no calibre inscription on it. I will have to check with licensing if I can issue it out to someone elses FAC as a .30 cal for example. It was cerakote black btw. Some pics below:
  8. I know I can’t do this in the for sale section. Hopefully I can do it here. I have a one less Charlie moderator that threads directed into the Accuracy international Tac brake. I’m considering selling it, but just thought I would get any expressions of interest first before I do. I would consider selling an AI Tac brake to go with it should a buyer need it. I’m contemplating running all my rifles M18x1 and sliming down the collection. Pictures or more info can be added on request. Many thanks, Mark
  9. markymark

    S&B Illuminated Ultra short Mil

    Still looking
  10. markymark

    Tenebraex covers for 5-25 PMii

    As above. Can anyone assist? Many thanks, Mark

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