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  1. Accidental message

  2. Fantastic set up. Good luck with the sale. Out of interest what was the overall weight of the rifle with the scope, and how much weight saving was there over the orginal barrel?
  3. Swap 175 TMK for 155 TMK

    Ideally looking for 155 TMK's yes, but I also shoot 77gr .224 as well which I might consider swapping for. Nothing wrong with 175 TMK, in fact I haven't shot them at all, so have no idea. I have a 1-12" twist, to which it groups 155 SMK's slightly better than 175 SMK's. Just would rather run a lighter bullet faster and flatter. My current powder would suit 155 better too. If I can't find anyone to swap with I will more than likely keep them and shoot them than sell at a loss.
  4. Swap 175 TMK for 155 TMK

    Hello, I have 100 x 30. Cal 175 TMK bullets, looking for a swap for 155 TMK. If anyone can help, please let me know, Many thanks, Mark
  5. AI AT Build

    +1 Another happy customer for the Phoenix bipod!
  6. SWAP: Aim 50 for Aim FS-42

    Cheers Phil, Yeah it’s for an AX, so need the right hand folding bag. Certainly right about Aim customer service, had a quite a few things from them over the years. Don’t need the two bags I’ve currently got along with the third folder, hence want for a swap!
  7. SWAP: Aim 50 for Aim FS-42

    One last punt...
  8. AX308 mag

  9. If someone is feeling like they have missed out....contact me if you like as I also have one for sale. Cheers, Mark
  10. AccuShot BT15 Picatinny Rail


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