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  1. Forgot to mention the following. Has a Dave Valkyrie Tikka trigger spring. Action screws, factory bottom metal and mag also available.
  2. Bushnell Elite LRHS 3-12x44 FFP scope Literally as new, not a mark, ding, scratch or blemish on the scope. Boxed as it was like new, sunshade still in original packing. I think it has fantastic glass, and a great tactical / hunting cross over scope. Ring of death reticle is also really useful. Tracks great, zero stop, capped Windage, FFP, bla bla bla. These were over £1k when first hit the UK. Cheapest place you can get one at the moment is £700, and you would struggle to think mine wasn’t box fresh. £450 plus p&p or collected from Windsor / Bisley Full spec has been removed from the Bushnell website now, so can be viewed from: http://www.gaprecision.net/bushnell-lrhs-3-12x44-g2h-mil.html
  3. PSE Composite Tikka T3 E-Tac mil spec stockStandard inlet, not AICS or CTR.With spacer system & bedded. Sling swivel studs fitted, QD cups can be retro fitted. Looking for £600. Can be collected or viewed from Bisley / Windsor / or anywhere local to.
  4. Hi all, My Tikka T3 .308 barrel & action. Must go Started life out as a 24" Tikka Tactical. Later on in life chopped down to 16" as a stalking rig. Approx 1500 round count. Shoots 0.5MOA with match GGG ammo 155/175 & 0.7 MOA with Hornady / Sako hunting ammo. Threaded 18x1 20 MOA rail Sterk swept back handle Sterk metal bolt shroud. Face to face sale at Windsor or Bisley, also willing to drive a short distance to meet. RFD to RFD at cost. Priced to sell - £450
  5. I’ll take the m-lok version if it’s black
  6. markymark

    Accuracy International

    SL7 direct thread for sale Regarding the MAE mod, the one that attaches directly to the brake, only fits the older single port .308 brakes, not the new double port .338 exit hole variant.
  7. markymark

    Accuracy International

    His barrel will more than likely look like this......
  8. markymark

    Accuracy International

    Trouble is on an AI you will still see the exposed steel of the spigot that will have been cut behind the thread. Even once the ASE brake is on.
  9. markymark

    Accuracy International

    Accuracy international thread their barrels M18x1.5 I don’t know what the thread is at the end of the Tac Brake. The options you have is do away with the brake, and buy a suppressor from a manufacturer which use the thread 18x1.5 such as ASE Ultra or MAE for example. Get your barrel re threaded to the more common 18x1, if you already own moderators in this thread? Or continue to use the AI tac brake and not purchase the AI over brake, and use one from One Less Charlie for example.
  10. markymark

    AI AT barrel weight

    I was looking into this as well, still am considering it. I was interested to see how much of a diet I could put an AT on, with carbon barrel, lightweight scope etc to see if I could get it down enough for a multi purpose rifle including stalking. FYI if it helps: 308 Proof barrel 1.06kg 16” 6.5CM Proof barrel 1.60kg 18” Carbon barrels as mentioned have the benefit of being stiffer, with less whip increasing your node size. However the carbon barrel only see a decent saving weight wise the longer you go. A 16” steel stock barrel will only be around 200gr lighter. Is that worth £1,500. Perhaps not. Paddy stocks proof barrels and was extremely helpful with my enquiry’s. Obviously there is Mick at Dolphin too. Let us know your thoughts and decisions.
  11. markymark

    AI AT barrel weight

    1.9kg with the Tac brake on the end. I think the tac brake is 300g so perhaps 1.6kg
  12. Moderator and spare thread bridge sold yesterday. .223 baffle stack remaining and now up for sale. For those who were interested in it, please let me know again as I had to delete a load of messages to make space. Looking for £43 delivered

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