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  1. Bushnell LRHS 4.5-18×44 FFP

    They don’t seem to stock the one I’m after, only the DMR and older elite tactical’s to which I already own or don’t need. Appreciate your help & suggestions! Thank you
  2. Bushnell LRHS 4.5-18×44 FFP

    Anyone? I’m after a Mil / Mil variant. Opticswarehouse only do the MOA version. Not planning on bringing on anymore in as they didn’t do that well. That said, would be perfect for what I’m after. Does anyone have one they wouldn’t mind parting or swaping something with? Cheers, Mark
  3. Aimpoint Magnifier now on ebay: https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Aimpoint-3-X-Magnifier-With-Twist-Mount/332512741163?hash=item4d6b4dc72b:g:m3AAAOSw~T9aUizS
  4. AX308 mag

    Anyone got a spare AX308 10 round double stack mag? This is for AX308 not AICS AX. Any condition as long as it functions. Cheers, Mark
  5. Yes its sold sorry - But I'll contact you if/once my last remaining one is for sale. Cheers, Mark
  6. Sure is. I’ll PM you now. For the rest of three who’ed had the other mags off me. All posted recorded delivery today. i actually have another MDT mag and AI mag on top of what I’ve slready sold. Just holding them back for the meantime in case any potential buyer for my KRG chassis wants them. Cheers
  7. Found the other AI 5 round mag..... so another one for sale.
  8. Duke you have a PM. For everyone else on this thread, I've got one person interested in the whole set up. If that falls through, I will contact each of you shortly to break this set up to its respective parts. Many thanks, Mark
  9. Cheers Max. MDT sold!
  10. Can’t send a PM. Inbox full?
  11. Bushnell is now sold to Dave. Any offers on the Aimpoint magnifier before eBay?
  12. I would say it was so, but PM me your phone number or email and I’ll send you a few more pics for you to judge. FYI I have another 5 round somewhere.... just can’t find it at the moment. If someone is interested in a 5 round and I’ll let you know when I find it. ( or Ben if you want a second)

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