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  1. Yeah thanks for that, it's what I thought I wanted, or needed, but wasn't sure if it would be enough, i know I would really be better off with 2 rifles but this is just for starters. i think the best thing and possibly the decider will be handling some different rifles with mods on. I have handled the DPT mods and like the lightness, but are they 'good' mods??? so just going back to the rifle choice itself, what would be wrong with picking a bergara or howa (with better stock) over a tikka (also with stock)...are we talking feel and smoothness or reliability and massive accuracy difference? thanks towsey
  2. Thanks very much for all the info you lot keep putting up for me yes that is a good read, so my next question to you all is...22" heavy"ish" barrel or 24" sporter barrel spanner- which parts did you spend the money on please thanks again towsey
  3. Any howa, bergara or browning A-bolt owners out there please??? towsey
  4. Thanks for that, you've pretty much confirmed what I thought I knew. So just how much difference do you think there will be between 2 rifles in the same 6.5 chambering but one at 22" and the other at 24", roughly where will they run out of puff and roughly what difference would it make at 1000, and yes although I don't want a heavy varmint barrel am I really limiting my 1000yd chances...I am lucky enough to be able to drive a lot of my land tho has anyone any experience with the browning A-bolt please??? Towsey
  5. ^^^^^ absolutely ^^^^^ my first .22 liked fiocci's and Winnie's but this one hates them I've always found cci inconsistent, about 1/10 would be louder and go where they want i find rws waxy and if loading a 10 round mag you may need to take care after about no.7 not to mark the bullet on the mag sides cos of slippy fingers and rounds all this may differ to other people's experiences, just saying it pays to try them all towsey
  6. Thanks for the pic varmlr and yeah I'm aware that 'pretending' to shoot one isn't the same, it's just all I've had chance to do. I'm happy to change things as I go, especially if I'm going to see an improvement but yes budget is a limiting factor initially, partly because I don't want to have too much in this build a) because it's my first own long (ish) range rifle, and b) because it's going to be 'dual purpose' and I may well decide to get 2 rifles both better at their respective jobs in the future? Oh, the legal thing was just about it being legal for deer in England before anyone mentioned a 22-250 or the likes that's all. Although barrel length is related to range, does it do a lot for accuracy within the capable range of the shorter barrelled rifle...so all other things being impossibly identical would a 26" barrel do better at say 500 than a 22" or 24" for example??? it NEEDS to be able to be used for fox and deer control but I WANT it to be ok at 1000 yd plinking for my own pleasure, and it HAS to be accurate enough to make it worth while at all ha, but as I said before this is a bit of a trial and I may decide to get 2 rifles at a later date. I only mentioned howa because of the price and I have heard and found mixed reviews and the bergara was suggested to me as an alternative but I've also had hold of a browning (x bolt or a bolt can't remember, think it was a bolt) but it didn't really tickle my fancy but again it was only a dry fire so??? What are people's thoughts and experiences with those Brownings? thanks towsey
  7. Towsey

    Cz replacement stock

    Do you have any rfd's that take scrap rifles near you...could be worth asking for an old stock
  8. Me and two mates used to swear by eley subs when they were 40gr but since they turned to **** we need to start looking at the better stuff cos non of our rifles (2x cz 455's and a 453) can get near 1" groups at 100yds with any of the common offerings like we all could before interestingly though although most people on the net are saying eley have got worse my 2 local rfd's swear more are switching to them now
  9. Thanks again chaps for all the replies il be honest, I've never yet fired a tikka t3 but from looking, holding, cycling and dry firing I'm not that much of a fan so far...I know this will maybe make some of you tut but I just want something else, and are they not all long action with spacers in the mag instead? Maybe if a tikka was in a grs stock like the howa I tried or if the howa was in its standard stock then I might be thinking differently. i never paid much attention to bergara rifles but I am liking the look and idea of a hmr in 6.5, and I think I found somewhere that the newer ones are 24" barrel...but I could be getting mixed up with something else, you folks will know better than me. I don't have a lot of experience in aftermarket stocks on centrefires and I did think the grs stock was a bit 'fancy' but I was very comfy behind the rifle and I found it effortless to get set up and keep very steady indeed, more so than I do with my own rimfires whatever I buy it won't really see that much deer or fox work but it needs to be legal and able, and really a .243 would do as we have mainly roe round me but, well, I just want a 6.5 and I want to push it out if all other components, and me, are able...so 1000 yard plinking as said above is a good description if I have enough money when I can wait no longer for my new purchase then il be looking for a bergara but please keep the info coming in on howas and bergaras alike cheers towsey
  10. Brilliant cheers folks i didnt start this thread wanting it to be about comparisons, I know some rifles are 'better' than others, I was just wondering if a howa would be a worth while starting point to see how I get on or are they best avoided...but then those cheeky bergaras stuck their head through the door... so howa and bergara owners please keep the info coming... thanks again towsey and I hope you have a fruitful night no I deer
  11. CHANONRY... Maybe wot I have written reads wrong but I agree with you, wot I'm saying is that I can buy a howa and aftermarket stock for a similar price to a standard tikka...but then STILL probably want to buy a stock for the tikka as well. I too think that they, like most other rifles, will benefit from a better stock. With the bergara I am keen to get my paws on one as I've never come across one, the only thing that keeps popping into my head is what they say about when something seems too good to be true...so I guess the question is are they, or are they genuinely a good deal???... thanks towsey
  12. Thank for all the help SMLE...are you saying that you saw a good improvement from just fitting a better stock alone, if so do you think it's from quality and rigidity or being comfier behind the rifle and that in turn helping your fundamentals? As i said before I do like the look of the bergara and il be asking round my local rfd's to see if they are stockist. The 2 things drawing me to the howa (rifle, not chambering) is mainly price and feel of the action seems ok, and for now I'd like to try and keep build price down as much as realistically possible so although I know there are better options out there I'm curious as to whether a howa rifle will be accurate enough for a reliable fox and deer rifle and to push it out for my own pleaseure, I'm happy to improve on things as I go along cheers towsey
  13. Hmm thanks again for the advice well I had decided on a short action but I suppose if that's the case I might have to think again, wot sort of difference am I likely to see in barrel life between 6.5cm and 6.5x55 if I load my own not too hot but look for accuracy not every last fps? Is is there any more info on the howas or bergaras floating about on here please thanks towsey
  14. Thanks people for all the replies, really really grateful as I said before one of the things that attracts me to the howa is the price, around me I could get a new howa with aftermarket stock for the price of a standard tikka t3 which I would rather not have if there are other choices, not that I'm knocking them in the slightest just personal preference. That said I do like the look of the bergara hmr. I know that if I can't afford it I should just stay away till I can but it's more that I don't want to put too much money into this project at this point, but obviously enough to get the job done If I buy a rifle (of any make) and they have a known fault of something like bad crowning and the price to have a re crown needs to be factored in then that is fine, but if there is a more serious problem like general poor barrel manufacturing then that's more of an issue, for now I'm interested more in how a factory barrel performs rather than when one has been re barrelled with something of a better class one more thing, do you all think that 6.5cm should be my choice over 6.5x47 or .260. I'm wanting to start with factory ammo and may reload if the need or want arises and I've kind of decided on a short action 6.5 thanks again towsey
  15. Hi all I guess the title sort of says it really, although the question is more about the rifle than the chambering. I'm wanting a rifle legal for deer and to have a go at stretching it's, well my, legs a bit but just for my own satisfaction not competition...for now. Ive heard and found mixed reviews on the howa 1500 but I've had a dry fire with one in a grs stock and although the stock was a bit 'fancy' for me I did quite like it, and to be honest the price of them in my area is also quite appealing to me. So really I'm hoping for people's thoughts and experiences with these rifles, do I steer well clear or give one a go? many thanks in advance towsey

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