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  1. Has the .17 HMR had its day?

    I like mine, I do experience split cases with certain ammo but mates get split cases with different types of ammo to me so I wonder if that's a rifle preference thing. Mine shoots tighter than moa and I don't think twice about taking shots at 200 if there's nothing more than a steady breeze. As said before I think ammo is the issue, and with what you have I don't know that you need one. Towsey
  2. What's happened to these subs?

    Oh is this being talked about elsewhere as well, I'm not on any other forums is there anything we can do to increase our chances of getting the good old rounds back??? towsey
  3. What's happened to these subs?

    It's bad news that's for sure. I'm down into my last 100 of the good ones same as Elliot and then it's onto the crap. I think wotever they will save in cost it will cost them in sales. I did find an email address one day but I didn't send anything, it's not the sort of thing I'm good at...but would anyone be willing to get in touch with them and put our points across, if enough people have been in touch they might change back, maybe! That would be better than everyone having to go through the motions and find the next best thing for their rifles or if anyone has a good relationship with their rfd they could see if they have taken a hit in sales or ask if anyone has mentioned it to them or even if they will speak to eley. I get on well with 2 different places and I will mention it when I next see them Cheers towsey
  4. What's happened to these subs?

    Yeah that's wot makes me think they are the new 38 grain bullets You boys might already know about this but I've found an 'eley lot analyser'...I don't know how to put links up but just type that into google and it tells you about your batch of ammo, apparently both my batches are the same new type ha Towsey
  5. What's happened to these subs?

    Ah it worked On the top pic- the left round and batch number is the original (good) ones and the right side is the newer type I presume are being phased in but in the old boxes for now. I'm guessing but don't know that these are wots in the new boxes as well but I don't have any of those yet On the bottom pic- the group above the line is the original type, and below the line are the new ones. This is at 50yds (don't know why they had shifted left but their back where they belong now), and I just threw the ruler on to give you an idea I hope this comes in useful sometime and if anyone can fill in any gaps... Towsey
  6. What's happened to these subs?

    Yes that's the sort of thing I mean Il try and put 2 pics up but can't remember how, bear with me Towsey
  7. What's happened to these subs?

    Well I managed to squeeze a few shots in with the 22 this evening to try the 'new rounds in the old box'. I fired a few of the original ones first to see how we were performing and all was normal so I plinked a few of the what I presume are the new rounds but being cheekily smuggled in by the old boxes before hitting the targets. I only managed to get 5 rounds @50yds and 10 @100yds before dark and what I found was that I could not tell any difference in noise from behind the rifle in the field I was in, but my 50yd group was not quite as tight with the new rounds as with the old ones, nor was my 100yd group. There was not much in it and the new point of impact was very slightly lower in both cases with the new rounds but it looks like eley have tried to mirror performance but with a lighter bullet sort of thing. Others may have different experiences but this was mine tonight...I hope this is of help or interest for someone Towsey
  8. Even if that there .410 is the bestest ever .410 on the planet, you can buy 250 air arms 18 grain pellets and get ya bottle filled for the price of 25 .410 cartridges...erm, hello people haha. If you like a traditional kinda thing and don't want ya pants pulled down over the price air arms s410, easy! I've owned 2 and have been familiar with another 3 over the last 12 years or so and I can't speak highly enough of them...they tick all the boxes For fac tho I like a tuned classic (factory full length not carbine) rather than a fac built one, because they are really long and aren't cheap new Towsey
  9. Fac airguns are brilliant...if you have the use for it, same as anything. I'm a firm believer there is a place for them, their so useful and still quiet. For wot it's worth I think a fac registered and then tuned air arms s410 classic is more useable than a factory fac one...they are soooo long, and wot you lose by de-valuing a standard one by registering it you save by spending less in the first place. Yes they give a few less shots but they are so much easier to wield around whether it be when walking, in a wood or in a vehicle Just my experience
  10. Hi all I see that eley are/have changed, among others, their .22 hollow point subs...38 grain, new box etc etc... However...I'm still using the 40 grainers in the green boxes as are a couple of my mates, anyway, one of these mates rang me the other day to ask if I'd noticed that the bullets had changed but were still in the old boxes, I hadn't. I had just bought some more tho so I opened a box from the batch I just bought and compared them to some I already had, and sure enough they are different. The bullets are shorter, looking lighter, and the ones I have have a bit of a casting mark down one side of them. Definitely different to how they have been for years but I have not had chance to get out with 22 since the call to try them both. I was just wondering if anyone else has found this, or if anyone has noticed a change in these rounds for no apparent reason? Also, has anyone tried the ones in the new boxes yet, I'm interested to see what their like Thanks Towsey
  11. Please help

    Thanks for that I know my home altitude and I'm going to get the altitude of some other places I go, then when passing these places I will set my reference altitude and go from there. I've gone all these years without my kestrel so that will have to do and it's better than nothing Cheers Towsey
  12. Please help

    Yeah that was the conclusion I'd come to. Il stick with the phone for doing it, I just couldn't see how good the kestrel would be for it but now I know. Thanks again all Towsey
  13. Please help

    Thanks again for the replies I just wanted to know if my kestrel can be used to tell me my current altitude when I'm on the wolds or the moors walking the dog or off-roading, without having to be set up with known references etc, like it can be used to get my station pressure without having to input any known info (I suppose station altitude will make sense even if it's the wrong thing to call it) It's not for the purposes of shooting and I am aware of the effects of conditions on shooting (although the links people have put up are very good) I did not want to write my original post in this blunt manner and come across like a cocky, clever know it all, please believe this is not the case at all. I just wondered if my 4000 would give me a good altitude reading if I ever think "it's quite high here I wonder wot my altitude is". It would appear not, although I can work round it when I need to Thanks again and my apologies if this post reads badly Towsey
  14. Please help

    Thanks for the replies people I too have the altimeter on strelok and I know my base altitude, and to be honest I didn't buy this kestrel for the less needed features, and yes it came with instructions. If I'm honest getting the altitude from the kestrel when I want it is why I'm asking, it's not particularly for the purpose of shooting. The instructions say that you need to use a weather website or other means to get your current altitude or pressure so you can set the reference settings, but it also says you can set reference altitude to 0 to get station pressure which is your current pressure at your current location (the thing to use for shooting)...so can you not use your station pressure as your reference pressure to set it up, and more to my original question, can a kestrel be used to give a current true altitude (il call it absolute altitude for this purpose but that's proberbly wrong ) let's say for interests sake, like you can get station pressure which is also called absolute pressure? Many thanks Towsey

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