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    Shooting fast bikes yamaha R1 supercharged
    Kawasaki H2 triple 1972!
    Various Supermoto's

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  1. kaduflyer

    .20 practical

    im using 24.5 gr vit133 and 39sbk in 20tactical excellent results
  2. kaduflyer


    im using a 20tac built by neil mckillop its a lawton action with a short 18" pacnor heavy barrel im using 39 sierra sbk and 25gr of vit 133 getting 3650 fps and sub .25 groups
  3. kaduflyer


    Pm sent lapau cases
  4. Offers or trade for .22 semi auto sw 15-22
  5. kaduflyer

    Wanted optilock 1”med rings

    Yeah I have some
  6. kaduflyer

    Wanted optilock 1”med rings

    Think I have some will check in morning
  7. kaduflyer

    6mm br dies and cases

    I maybe have some forster dies two set
  8. kaduflyer

    Best UK Varminting Calibre?

    id go with 20 tac with 39sbk then 6br with 75gr vmax
  9. kaduflyer

    20 cal

    All sorted now thanks
  10. I thought same mcavoys doing the 6mm 70gr for £125 for 500 and the 107gr for £152

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