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  1. kaduflyer

    221 fireball cases

    #1 Looking to buy few 221 fireball cases to practice necking down to 17 fireball
  2. kaduflyer

    17 fireball

    Looking in near future to buy a 17 fireball when variation comes through so just seeing what’s out there pm me any details thanks
  3. kaduflyer

    Pard 008

    Brand new never mounted a month old only looked through it change of circumstances it’s the lrf model
  4. kaduflyer

    Pard 008

  5. I’ll take this thanks payment details
  6. Great scopes I have 2 iors might be tempted
  7. kaduflyer

    Versapod mount

    Looking for a versapod mount for a sling swivel thanks
  8. Did you sell the varget
  9. kaduflyer

    L E Wilson 223 dies

    Wanted 223 le Wilson dies for use with arbor press
  10. Hi can you email me list you have interested in 204 ,224, and 6mm to msin444@aol.com oh the annealing machine working great
  11. kaduflyer

    Universal decaplng die

    Sorted now many thanks
  12. kaduflyer

    Universal decaplng die

    Wanted die that can use just to decap cases

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