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  1. I have a metal 10 round mag in 223 will take longer oal cartridges and bullets would like £70 posted thanks this is new and unused
  2. kaduflyer

    40gr 223

    27.5 of 133 think I was getting 3680 out of 20” tikka tube
  3. kaduflyer

    .20 practical

    Hey looks amazing excellent
  4. kaduflyer

    Tikka t3 lite 223 aftermarket stock

  5. kaduflyer

    .20 practical

    Stock came like that when I bought it it’s a Lawton action with an 18” pacnor barrel 1in 11 and Mcmillan stock built by Neil Mckillop am sure barrel is 11/4 inch diameter heavy lol 😂 next time going for light varminter barrel maybe 22 or 24”
  6. kaduflyer

    .20 practical

    My 20 tactical
  7. kaduflyer

    Tikka t3 lite 223 aftermarket stock

    Looking to upgrade my stock from the standard plastic one so what’s out there anyone
  8. kaduflyer

    .20 practical

    im using 24.5 gr vit133 and 39sbk in 20tactical excellent results
  9. kaduflyer


    im using a 20tac built by neil mckillop its a lawton action with a short 18" pacnor heavy barrel im using 39 sierra sbk and 25gr of vit 133 getting 3650 fps and sub .25 groups
  10. kaduflyer


    Pm sent lapau cases
  11. Offers or trade for .22 semi auto sw 15-22

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