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    Shooting fast bikes yamaha R1 supercharged
    Kawasaki H2 triple 1972!
    Various Supermoto's

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  1. kaduflyer

    Load for 6mmBR

    I am using 31.3 gr RS52 with 87gr sierras getting 0.2 group 100yds velocity is about 3075 out of 22” tube
  2. kaduflyer

    75 gr vmax in 6mmbr load

    Has anyone got any load data on using 75gr vmax in 6mmbr using either H4895 or Swiss RS52 I am currently running 87gr sierras with 31.3 gr RS52
  3. New price £575 ovno or back in cupboard it goes
  4. kaduflyer


    Ill I’ll take this bradders £85
  5. kaduflyer

    6mmbr Norma neck die

    Thanks joe excellent kit
  6. kaduflyer


    Hi bradders would you do £70 have a guy offfering one Sinclair at that price but has gone off line I want to wrap this bit of gear up quickly thanks mark
  7. kaduflyer


    am looking for a reasonable priced used arbor press for reloading
  8. Thanks sold to deadcentre pm sent
  9. for sale set of lee 303 dies unused £20 posted full length die seater die and factory crimp die
  10. yukon photon xt 6.5 x 50syukon nvrs 2.5 x50 doublersunranger built with yukon lens and t20 black sun pillmounts for the sunranger excelent condition change in circumstances means selling this can email pics if anyone interested £360 ono

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