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  1. Swiss Load Data

    Was looking at Swiss load data on there site it had a link to quick load on there for all Swiss powder I downloaded this file but can’t get it to open has anyone else tried this ?
  2. 6mmbr Norma neck die

    Wanted neck die for my 6mmbr
  3. I’ll take bolt handle please
  4. 6mmbr losing primer

    Hi Laurie I had loaded 11 rounds only up from 28.4 gr to 30.4 all fired ok apart from 28.4 and 29 grain load these chuked primer out no others had tight bolt issues or ejector marks on cases thou as stated velocity’s seemed bit low over chrono the loads were in .2 grain increments
  5. 6mmbr losing primer

    Must say velocities seemed down too 29gr producing about 2750fps thought it should have been higher with that bullet so maybe powder to old
  6. 6mmbr losing primer

    Yeah definitely 4985 thou an old tub I had maybe need to chuck it start again also scales are Rcbs 1500 electronic calibrated
  7. 6mmbr losing primer

    Hi have been doing work development on my 6mmbr using hogden 4895 and 85 gr Sierra spitzer using 28.4 and 29 gr I found primers were blowing out of case and leaving mark on case head and hard to open bolt when increasing load I found cases ok image shows 1 case minus primer 29gr of 4895 seated at 2.225 inch other case with prime was 30.4 gr 4895 same seat depth no probs
  8. night vision set up

    Atn seem to get differing reviews by folk some good some not so good
  9. night vision set up

    Shooting fox mainly odd rabbit with 223 and which ever would be the best between the dedicated or the rear add on my scope I would put add on would either be a Burris or my ior
  10. night vision set up

    Thinking of having a night vision set up on one of my rifles any suggestions on equipment needed to do job maybe shooting out 200 metres seems a lot of different equipment thanks
  11. 6mmbr light strikes

    Yeah 29 grains of h4895 defiantly primer didn’t go off at all
  12. 6mmbr light strikes

    Using a remmy action 6mmbr just started using gun after purchase I found only 1 out of 5 rounds fired using br4 primers and h4895 powder any ideas pic of the strikes would normal small rifle primers be better ?
  13. I’ll take 21st century cutter depend on private message reply thanks

    Looking for a case neck turner not sure what make
  15. SWISS RS52

    ill try working a load for 6mmbr using 105vld bergers next week then some sierra 87 varminters on the 223 i mainly use 52 -60 grain so may try to develop a load in this

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