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  1. SeaMonkey

    New flexible borescope

    Wow, you've got to love 3D Laser mapping technology...…..I don't think we'll be seeing those on Amazon any time soon though
  2. In the photo it is MOA
  3. Yes he would, I think we all still expect to see a post from the man, he will be sorely missed......and not just from the AR community.
  4. No worries, just hope I haven’t confused the issue 😄
  5. If I recall correctly, the LMT is a Knights Armament SR25 compatible lower which would mean in Armalite terms, it would need to be Armalite AR10 type A lower and not AR10 type B. The SR25 and the type A both take the Magpul Pmag’s etc where as the type B uses M14 mags so wouldn’t be ideal. I hope this helps
  6. Yes, correction, John MH is right, it needs to be an AR10 lower receiver, I’m not sure but I think the LMT 308 is an Armalite type rather than the DPMS type but clarification would be required.
  7. Yes, but it wants to be a quality lower with a rig like that 👍
  8. Hi guys, I have my Tier One Tac rings for sale as now surplus to requirements. They are for 35mm tube diameter scopes and are medium height (25mm to centre of tube from top of picatinny rail) Very good condition and in original box with necessary Torx bits included. Titanium screws etc. £135 posted
  9. SeaMonkey

    Sad news: Bradders.

    Now that is very, very sad news indeed.
  10. SeaMonkey

    Spuhr SP-4616 Wanted

    Hello Gents, Just thought I would try the UKV Posse to track down a Spuhr SP-4616 before I have to buy new. If anyone has an item that is surplus to requirements, then please do give me a pm and we'll do our bit for the recycling effort. Many thanks.
  11. SeaMonkey

    Karl Kaps Scopes Suck

    You’re on a losing wicket with this scope right from the get go it would seem
  12. I'll take this if still available. Please pm me your payment requirements.
  13. Mark Bradley (Bradders on this forum) is the man to talk to regarding all items AR. I'm sure he'll be along in a minute.

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