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  1. SeaMonkey

    Sad news: Bradders.

    Now that is very, very sad news indeed.
  2. SeaMonkey

    Spuhr SP-4616 Wanted

    Hello Gents, Just thought I would try the UKV Posse to track down a Spuhr SP-4616 before I have to buy new. If anyone has an item that is surplus to requirements, then please do give me a pm and we'll do our bit for the recycling effort. Many thanks.
  3. SeaMonkey

    Karl Kaps Scopes Suck

    You’re on a losing wicket with this scope right from the get go it would seem
  4. I'll take this if still available. Please pm me your payment requirements.
  5. Mark Bradley (Bradders on this forum) is the man to talk to regarding all items AR. I'm sure he'll be along in a minute.
  6. SeaMonkey

    Best reloading manual

    Excellent and thought provoking info as usual Laurie and Pops 👍
  7. Hello everybody, I know it’s a long shot on my quest for rocking horse shiz but, does anyone have or know of one of these items that may be available. Let the quest begin, thanks
  8. SeaMonkey

    Lantac ONYX Receiver Sets...

    Love the Gen 1 UBR, Gen 2 not so much...
  9. SeaMonkey

    D-Day recollections

    Sadly, I absolutely agree Again, I absolutely agree
  10. SeaMonkey

    D-Day recollections

    Thank you for your post Brown Dog, everybody should read it, utmost respect to all those that had to take part in such a monumental operation.
  11. SeaMonkey

    Scope Rail Bedding Material Options

    I agree, all Araldite products work well, always manage to stick my fingers together without problem
  12. SeaMonkey

    MDT SRS V5 Skeleton Stock Wanted

    Good day everybody, does anyone have a MDT Skeleton Rifle Stock (SRS) kicking about and gathering dust that they may want to part with? Ideally I would like the Version 5 in FDE but, it's not an ideal world. Many thanks in anticipation.
  13. If you decide to sell the LMT irons on their own, I would be interested.
  14. This is a bit of a waffle but it's worth saying I think. I took my 3 year old IOR Operator 6-24x50 to the 2019 NEC Shooting Show as it had developed a parallax "clicking" issue and hoped that the guys at the Optics Warehouse stand may be able to offer some advice. Upon inspection it was instantly decided, by OW, that they would send it back to IOR under warranty. In conversation, it was mentioned by OW that they may be able to lend me a "loan" scope from the second hand section to use while mine is in repair but I took this as just a "thinking out loud" moment. I didn't expect to hear anything more until my scopes return but, Wednesday just gone, I got a phone call from OW asking if an Athlon Argos would be suitable as a loaner to tide me over until the return of my IOR. Perfect. Less than 24 hours later, DPD deliver a brand new Athlon Argos BTR 6-24x50 from OW. I'm totally blown away by Optics Warehouse, they just seem to do everything right as far as my past experiences go and the experiences of my colleagues. They had no obligation to help me out but I'm incredibly grateful that they did and for their excellent service. Thanks Optics Warehouse, top service from a top company. The Athlon Argos BTR is very impressive in it's own right too. Ok, end of waffle, I'm going away now. Cheers
  15. Is the picatinny version you have black or FDE? Thanks

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