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  1. Villadave59

    Schmidt PMII Ultrashort

    Hi there is one for sale on guntrader
  2. What a great opportunity for someone Fantastic setup Roy have a bump
  3. Villadave59

    Tikka T3 Tactical .223

    Hi could I have pictures of the PMii please ,cheers dave
  4. Villadave59

    Rifle Cases

    AIM every time , top quality
  5. Hi, im in the market for complete panther 17 hornet moderator ,do you know what else I would need plus cost ect ,new mod is £145 complete so just checking to see if it's worth trying to save on that ,cheers dave
  6. Looks very nice what calibre is it? I'd say should fit ok profile looks slimmer than AI,plenty of lashing straps but once secured doesn't move ..comfy to carry as well
  7. Yes paid £165 for mine
  8. Aim FS42 dragbag is on sale at optics warehouse £119 bargain !I have same for ax308 folding 26",fits a treat ,top quality
  9. Villadave59

    Toyota hilux mk5

    Sure £5000
  10. Villadave59

    6.5 PRC Hornady

    Hi, I have a friend with redding 6.5-284 dies new unused if you were to go that way,
  11. Villadave59

    Toyota hilux mk5

    Your right there Vortex they are built well ,rust is definitely a thing to look iut for I looked at one which looked great but crawled underneath and the chassis was rotten, big plus is they hold their money ,I just like the low tech which I guess is why they get snapped up for export
  12. Villadave59

    Toyota hilux mk5

    Yes ,and since the top gear show the value shot through the roof ,most go for export, built like a brick s+*t house,and low tech no frills ,it might be the one from top gear ,thinking about it I knew there was something doggy about the bloke I bought it from🤔
  13. Villadave59

    Toyota hilux mk5

    hi I've been looking for a nice one of these for years and finally got one with single cab and just thought I'd share couple of pics,its done 150000 miles with full history ,I'm told this is nothing on these ,and have read that a farmer in Austria has had one from new and has 380,000 miles still going ! Does any one else run one of these?
  14. Villadave59

    FCSA Update

    Totally agree with your points ref.the illegal weapons especially, the point is they know all this, and also know the threat from legally held firearms of any type is minuscule, but I don't feel those who are vehemently "anti" don't care about the facts and are not interested in fact based argument, only their own agenda which is niether true or fair ..
  15. Villadave59

    FCSA Update

    This is picture from Pinterest,so may be up to date picture rather than the original but looks identical ,not very well made either

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