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  1. Villadave59

    Best ever pickles ?

    Apple and chilli chutney sounds good ,mine just a month old now so might dip in next week just to try!
  2. Villadave59

    Can You identify this scope?

    Could be nightforce benchrest as you say ,very similar on eBay 12-42x56
  3. Villadave59

    Best ever pickles ?

    Yeh my old man always did the pickles weird that must have been a bloke thing ,these are cracking, never quite got pickled cabbage right though
  4. Villadave59

    Best ever pickles ?

    Hi terry and moorlander, Ok ,I'd love to claim this as my own but wife's mothers recipe, 1/shallots purchased on line from "Parrish farms" medium English shallots ,if these are medium glad I didn't go for large! £7.49 for 4kg method 1/ peel shallots and cover in brine ,1tbl spoon salt to 1 pint water cover bowl with a plate to ensure they stay fully submerged, for 24 hrs, drain but do not rinse! 2/ dry between tea towels when fully dry pack into jars tightly! 3/we use sarsons classic malt pickling vinegar heat gently in pan but do NOT! Boil, add sugar at a ratio of 7dessert spoons sugar to 1ltr of vinegar/ if you prefer a bit more kick add 3 dried red chillies and half tsp of mustard seeds, 4/ allow sweetened vinegar to cool fully then pour over onions ensuring they are completely submerged , 5/ wait around 6-7 weeks and that's it , as you say cold meats on Boxing Day bubble and squeak ect, tend to have ploughmans lunch strong black bomber cheddar crusty bread Saturday lunch drool! Good luck
  5. Villadave59

    Best ever pickles ?

    Well that time of year again just peeled 8 kilo of English shallots all peeled at last and starting to put in jars ready in time for Christmas
  6. Villadave59

    Sponsor Bradders

    fantastic effort Mark ,love the moustaches on the kids?
  7. Price drop £255 posted
  8. Thanks for that Al,as blade is not marked I have to say I don't know but based on what you've told me it could well be "martenistic "stainless steel ,hope this helps Perkin steel
  9. Hi, no not stainless steel as far as I can tell I passed a magnet over it and it attracts so possibly stainless steel combined with another? I'm no expert and I'm not sure to be honest cheer Dave .
  10. Villadave59

    Puma knife box

    I'm keeping for now thanks it's not the rarest version but scarce as it has the" awl" I think it's called ? Which is spike hollowed out to allow stitching up carcass I guess, apparently the rare version has a Philips screw driver ,and most common is a corkscrew. this was purchased new in 1979 and is almost like new the previous owner had it wall mounted hence the lost case, your knife sounds nice,I also have a puma "waidblatt" which is a huge knife along same profile as your white hunter ,should you manage to find a spare box that would be great cheers Dave . ps.I tried to post pictures but file is to large
  11. Villadave59

    Puma knife box

    Hi,just on the off chance I'm after a puma knife box /carton for my 70s puma "game keeper" knife prefer the green and yellow plastic carton doesn't have to be model specific?.
  12. Hi I’m not sure and I’m out of the country until the 19th of this month I’ll pm you on my return if that’s ok ,Dave
  13. Villadave59

    Interesting point

    Re'posting this ,interesting reminder of what we all know already

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