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  1. Wow ! Thought I was quick,any way thanks for letting me know,should it fall through I'd still take it cheers Dave .
  2. Hi longbow, ill take this please ,if you let me know your PayPal details I'll pay now,but I'm out of country until 22.03 so if ok can hold posting until 20th please, thanks Dave .
  3. squirrel eating

    Crow sounds brave ,carrion peutrid meat I reckon I'd go for the squirrel if I had to choose, but only have reds where I live so of the menu ..
  4. Hello

    Hi brushy ,welcome mate .
  5. ATACR vs Razor AMG

    Totally agree I have a Steiner M5XI 5-25 -56 fantastic scope ,on offer at optics warehouse for Β£1950 at the moment
  6. Show your Accuracy International

    Hi,there's one on guntrader now complete AW308 setup, Schmidt and bender ,mod,bipod aim dragbag ect. ect.sorry folder though Β£5250
  7. Show your Accuracy International

    That looks very nice I bet it barks with the 16" barrel no mod fitted πŸ™‚
  8. Scope mount and moa

    Hi, I have a Steiner M5XI 5-25 as supplied there is no provision for downward adjustments, Steiner recommend total of 45 moa mounting to allow full range of 26mil elevation, I use a spuhr "0" moa mount my rifle has 20 moa rail which cuts my elevation to approx 16 mil, which for distances /I shoot is ok but for very long distances I would need the extra slope from the mount ,not sure if this helps as not familiar with your scope , I went with this mount for AI in 308 as advised by sporting services cheers.
  9. Scope Calibration

    Brilliant ,tickled me thatπŸ˜‚..
  10. Essex variation turnround

    Your spot on Banus ref.Hampshire police fire arms licensing,very efficient and quick ,they seem to pride themselves with the quick turn around on my recent renewel the girl contacted me by phone to clarify a .17 cal addition ,as I forgot to specify centre fire,in the past that would have incurred a delay while they wrote to me ,very polite and helpful ..
  11. British Shooting Show - No Dogs

    Yep definitely not laughing at this at all πŸ˜‡
  12. New rest

    Hi nick not sure if this is what your after but optics warehouse have Caldwell fire on offer for Β£249.95 ,plus 10%off until new year ,happy new year all,Dave .
  13. SWISS RS52

    Hi scotch shooting supplies ltd bromsgrove ,advertise stocking this range, 01527831261 hope that helps Dave
  14. Yes but could you beat that price?😁

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