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  1. Hi, no not stainless steel as far as I can tell I passed a magnet over it and it attracts so possibly stainless steel combined with another? I'm no expert and I'm not sure to be honest cheer Dave .
  2. Villadave59

    Puma knife box

    I'm keeping for now thanks it's not the rarest version but scarce as it has the" awl" I think it's called ? Which is spike hollowed out to allow stitching up carcass I guess, apparently the rare version has a Philips screw driver ,and most common is a corkscrew. this was purchased new in 1979 and is almost like new the previous owner had it wall mounted hence the lost case, your knife sounds nice,I also have a puma "waidblatt" which is a huge knife along same profile as your white hunter ,should you manage to find a spare box that would be great cheers Dave . ps.I tried to post pictures but file is to large
  3. Villadave59

    Puma knife box

    Hi,just on the off chance I'm after a puma knife box /carton for my 70s puma "game keeper" knife prefer the green and yellow plastic carton doesn't have to be model specific?.
  4. Hi I’m not sure and I’m out of the country until the 19th of this month I’ll pm you on my return if that’s ok ,Dave
  5. Villadave59

    Interesting point

    Re'posting this ,interesting reminder of what we all know already
  6. PX for scope considered looking for 3.5-15 nightforce or Vortex same mag range
  7. Villadave59

    .22 tracer rounds

    Yep remember it well,maroons were black powder propelled I think , good f*n good bunch of lads as well..
  8. Hi James pm sent but file is to big to send photos via ukv if you pm your email I'll send pics over cheers Dave
  9. I am selling this hunting knife by J Rigby, beautifully made with the Rigby name etched on the blade it was purchased by the original owner in 1994 for a safari in Africa, and at a cost then of £350 but was never used and as such is in very nice condition,I have no idea what this would cost today but as with anything bearing the Rigby name it would not be cheap! I would like £285 inc postage ,if you require more information and photos please pm,cheers Dave . May p/x for scope 3.5-15 nightforce /Vortex ect.
  10. Villadave59

    Bradley Arms BAR-10

    Very nice rifle , not seen trijicon 1-8 how do you rate them mark?
  11. Hi,ref spuhr mount what do you mean when you say rear cover needs replacing ? Plus could you send photo please I'll pm details cheers Dave
  12. Villadave59

    Flashlight - Surefire or Inforce

    No problem Mac it's yours,if it's not what you want send it back bud,my mail box is empty now but pm your address and I'll get it sent
  13. Villadave59

    Flashlight - Surefire or Inforce

    Limited space for photos if you need any more drop me your email and I'll take some tomorrow cheers Dave

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