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  1. Essex variation turnround

    Your spot on Banus ref.Hampshire police fire arms licensing,very efficient and quick ,they seem to pride themselves with the quick turn around on my recent renewel the girl contacted me by phone to clarify a .17 cal addition ,as I forgot to specify centre fire,in the past that would have incurred a delay while they wrote to me ,very polite and helpful ..
  2. British Shooting Show - No Dogs

    Yep definitely not laughing at this at all 😇
  3. New rest

    Hi nick not sure if this is what your after but optics warehouse have Caldwell fire on offer for £249.95 ,plus 10%off until new year ,happy new year all,Dave .
  4. SWISS RS52

    Hi scotch shooting supplies ltd bromsgrove ,advertise stocking this range, 01527831261 hope that helps Dave
  5. Yes but could you beat that price?😁
  6. Shaggy I have followed this for new 6.5 cm barrel fired this morning with a box of factory hornady 120 amax took about half an hour so no big deal , very happy and looking forward to developing a load myself and will clean around every 50 or so shots, job done. To be honest i didn't know until joining this forum that a barrel needed "running in " in the past I've cleaned the barrel to remove factory/proof house muck and then after use Each time.
  7. Valkyrie 6.5 creedmoor barrel

    Sounds good Roy ,is that this year? I'd probably have to use mikes guitar case to transport it,you know what the policy on guns is on the ferry unless that has changed, im hoping to sight it in on Sunday on land I have permission over for 6.5, love the sound of CSR, my rifle will be a bloody handful to run around with though lol..
  8. 17 Hornet - Who . . .

    Cheers Dave I see ivythorne sporting in Somerset has them looks beautifully made, That's sweet treetop,love that!
  9. 17 Hornet - Who . . .

    Hi David, have you managed to get your Hans on the hw66 in 17 hornet yet? Interested to no what you think as I have a slot for a 17 hornet and have the hots for the HW60, I guess supply is ltd only one dealer on gun trader offering one ,Dave .
  10. Valkyrie 6.5 creedmoor barrel

    Hi all, just received my 6.5 creedmoor barrel from Dave at Valkyrie rifles,and thought I,d share the moment, the brief was to match closely as possible the profile of the standard factory 308 barrel, with a 26" bartlein barrel in 6.5 creedmoor , threaded to accept AI tactical brake ,and cerokote finish , first class job,kept informed throughout great service couldn't be more pleased ,thanks Dave hoping to get out to sight in on Sunday ..
  11. FCSA leading the way!

    Hi, only my interpretation of the situation but it seems to me that this is a consultation period during which both sides can discuss their concerns , and offer "constructive" and "reasonable "solutions to steer away from any outright ban of any class, such as separate storage of the bolt effectively making rifle useless,this is something i do anyway as I'm sure do others, I'm fairly new to this forum ,but no stranger to the way government works ,having lost equipment to the self loading rifle ban and ten years later the hand gun ban,where this differs from those events is it's not a jerk reaction to an event and as such it's much more likely that sensible ,consensual ,measures that wouldn't impact on our shooting could be acceptable ,also showing that we are willing to adapt this simple measure to help allay security fears, as has already been said it's difficult to lobby until we know what is proposed, until then unity is the key hopefully those who are part of the consultation will keep us posted..
  12. fonts colour

    Hi Dave ,first world problem defined as a very small trivial niggle which we all have daily as opposed to maybe third world problems disasters ect , I don't see it as an argument just part of a discussion not trying to be flip ,sorry didn't mean to offend just putting font colour into perspective i.e. Just a font colour change cheers Dave .
  13. fonts colour

    This really is a first world problem, bet if it went back to pre-change /update, some will prefer the new,just adapt and enjoy the content...
  14. 6.5 for Fox

    Sorry should read 20/10/17 not 20/09/17 ..
  15. 6.5 for Fox

    Licence expires 17/11/17 sent 15 page renewal forms (coterminus with sgc.) sent on 20/09/17 no visit sent back to me 2nd class from Winchester 1/11/17 I think that is fast ,ok maybe not lightning but pretty fast I'd say..

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