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  1. Villadave59

    site not secure

    yes at top left on address bar
  2. Villadave59

    Differences between AT308 & AX308

    Agreed mark,plus the stock on the AX folds to the right shrouding the bolt ,as opposed to the AT folding to the left. if you retro fit the AX adj.stock to the AT cost is around £700 I think ,so not a huge premium if you want those features
  3. Villadave59

    AI Ax rifle accessories

    Thanks Lukas will check them out
  4. Villadave59

    AI Ax rifle accessories

    PM sent
  5. Villadave59

    AI Ax rifle accessories

    Mine is definitely short action AX308 2014 onwards I'm sure it's the correct one I'll come back once I've checked to make sure ,thanks Dave
  6. Villadave59

    AI Ax rifle accessories

    Thanks john I'll check compatibility when I get home my rifle is a 2017 AX 308 if it is compatible I'll take it please and send funds Dave.
  7. Villadave59

    AI Ax rifle accessories

    Good morning john, yes I'd be interested in this, what is the price please? Dave
  8. Villadave59

    AI Ax rifle accessories

    Thanks Tony, I spoke to Graham (sporting services) yesterday, his take was 90% of the time the RRS forend would arrive and pass through uk customs ok but if you are unlucky enough to get over zealous customs officer not only do you lose it but they will charge for destruction plus report it to police, Also not sure from US side if it falls under ITAR restriction, I'll contact them though and enquire ,Dave
  9. Villadave59

    AI Ax rifle accessories

    Hi Mark, thanks for this it looks to do same job as the wiebad pad plus fraction of the price I,ve just ordered one of these from Graham at sporting services.
  10. Villadave59

    AI Ax rifle accessories

    Hi Roy, I knew Bill had moved to the states but wasn't aware London Bridge was him,I'll contact him ref.the forend cheers Dave
  11. Villadave59

    AI Ax rifle accessories

    Google not broken chanonry ,if you look at second image clearly states not for international sales! as for wiebad carriage is nearly as expensive as item hence if a small dealer here who imports might help by tagging it to an order thanks anyway Dave
  12. Villadave59

    AI Ax rifle accessories

    Hi,does anybody know if any of these bits are imported to the UK 1/ "Wiebad" cheek pad for AX rifle 2014 onward 2/ "Realy Right Stuff" replacement forend for AX rifle 2014 onward or if any one knows of U.S stockist who would ship,assuming there is no restriction on their side with export. Cheers Dave .
  13. Villadave59

    Show your Accuracy International

    Fantastic getting youngsters into shooting love the setup,is the union flag cerokote? photo is my youngest firing my AI 6.5 cant afford to get him a lefty though !
  14. Villadave59


    What a cracking deal for one of the "new to centre fire"shooters on here who ask for advice, really nice setup someone will get a bargain ready to go outfit.
  15. Hi could I have second dibs if not sold please,also for me mod only, is it stamped 6.5 btw?

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