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  1. Villadave59

    Practical rifle comp Norwich 1980,s

    Outstanding 👍
  2. Villadave59

    Practical rifle comp Norwich 1980,s

    Total respect to your buddy ,love the cursing at one dropped shot! We all knew my friend could shoot but there was no way he was Going to miss out on the run down and fair play to the organisers for finding a way to help him compete on a level with every one else
  3. Now sold pending usual to member "Dunc" thanks for the interest
  4. Villadave59

    Practical rifle comp Norwich 1980,s

    Adrian's team was him and his wife Sandra bull,I think they were called the "Biryani rifles" my claim to fame was we managed to beat them in the turkey run once which was quite something as they almost always won both team and individual pr . my rifle then was an HK33(.223) with a khales zf84 scope ,the Q.D HK mount was beautifully made I still have one,my team mate also HK33 but had hensoldt 4x25 scope ,I have a friend from back then who now shoots CSR ,I hope to get a go at that this year he's told me it's great fun,when funds allow I hope to get a used straight pull AR based rifle..
  5. Weekend bump £485 shipped you pay RFD your end ,final reduction ,if not sold going on guntrader ,would do a deal on 6x42 or 1.5-6 German Schmidt or zeiss German scope .
  6. Villadave59

    Practical rifle comp Norwich 1980,s

    Hi bolthead probably shot at the same shoots ,there were around 8 or 9 of us from the Isle of Wight including two lads who were amputees, one of them was ex para who lost his leg in the falklands war, who still managed the "turkey run" his team mate ran with both rifles while he filled in the back of a transit and joined him on the firing point to carry on ,talk about spirit! They were great weekends culminating with curry nights in Norwich with a terrific group of blokes .. was your team name TEAM HK by any chance? I think they shot in the pr league and I rember them
  7. Villadave59

    Practical rifle comp Norwich 1980,s

    Hi,does anyone remember these shoots at Horsford range Norwich ,it was shot over 2days the first day was a two man team shoot which involved engaging a static target at 500 mtr which would drop when hit triggering two moving targets which traversed the width of the butts,filled by two target backer with 3 targets on each which once hit would drop ,you then ran to 400,300,200 and 100mtr with targets needing head box and body to stop the clock,really good day and great bunch of characters. day 2 was individual comp same distances but compulsory 3 position shooting from 300 sitting 200 kneeling finally standing at 100 the organiser RO was a really nice guy Karl freeman,would love to hear from anyone who remembers Dave ..
  8. Price reduction £500
  9. Villadave59

    Show your Accuracy International

    What a cracking idea plus very reasonable hire rate
  10. Villadave59

    Show your Accuracy International

    They look stunning paddy ,very nice..
  11. Hi,forgot to add this is the MOE model. Also have original box ,manual ,and trigger lock and cable thanks
  12. Hi ,yes it's a sectional rod contained in the kit , not best of photos I used the limit on just one give me a shout and I'll send you some more detailed photos this evening thanks

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