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  1. 10” wont shoot 105’s, you need 8” for them
  2. lapua

    AWM 300 winmag

    Yes it does have to be 300wm, thanks anyway. I’ll keep looking
  3. lapua

    AWM 300 winmag

    Anyone selling or know of an AWM in good used condition?
  4. lapua

    65x47 cases

    The rifle that Gary had pressure issues with at rrc was the tac30 aw in the sentinel stock, benchmark barrel. His sako was long gone before that arrived so not same brass. His load on that day was 38gn varget, 123 amax which was best load in the sako. As the benchmark bore was .0002 tighter than the LW that load turned out to be too hot. The load for the new rifle ended up as 39gn n150. Since then Gary shot an R8 in 6.5x47 lap as well as many other calibres. He has now retired from abusing armchair warriors and spends most of his time trying to solve world hunger, as well as shooting stuff. He still regards Ronin as one of the country’s finest rifle builders (second only to James Clarke), and remains eternally regretful for argueing with Brown Dog over the inherrant safety of the Blaser rifle system. He sends his regards to you all...
  5. A friend of mine has a callum ferguson (borden) 6xc/6.5-285 switch barrel built on a short action using aics .308 mags. Its limited to 123/129gn bullets on the 6.5-284 but feeds and ejects. Fast, flat and insanely accurate.
  6. lapua

    Wanted ftr bipod

    Anyone selling? Bipod stud fitment type thanks
  7. Very nice rifle
  8. No lnfo on calibre innovations then?
  9. Are callibre innovations any good?
  10. lapua

    Boring BAR22

    With credible witness?
  11. lapua

    AW .308 folder

    Do it, it annoys me too
  12. lapua

    Boring BAR22

    Pretty difficult as im on a sunned in mallorca
  13. lapua

    Boring BAR22

    My cz will do it at 60m
  14. lapua

    hare prices

    Alan's paying £3/kg for headshot fallow at the moment, i doubt you'll beat that.
  15. lapua

    hare prices

    Alan pays me £5, all year

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