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  1. lapua

    New flexible borescope

    I ordered one last week and checked this morning, delivery quoted by end of month. I think it was supposed to be quicker than that.
  2. I got the advice from a professional deer manager who is suffering from hearing problems associated with years of both shotgun shooting clays at national level, unmoderated rifle shooting etc. Its what his specialist told him. You obviously know more about the topic. Cheers
  3. Ear plugs don’t stop all of the damage, you need proper ear defenders with gel pads to protect the head behind the ear
  4. lapua

    VhitN140- 123grn

    Sensible thing would be change it to a creedmoor, 47l is so 2017!😂
  5. As above, need a harris bipod for an AT. Anyone got one to sell?
  6. As title, mint condition, carbon mod, dr bobs bipod stud, chargers x2, webley pump(never used), free divers bottle, 12ft lbs, few boxes of pellets, very accurate. Scope not included. £750 bargain. Cheapest in uk, bought for kids, no longer used. Vgc. might consider px for rem 700 action, or .243 varmint, or .308 varmint rifle/barrelled action
  7. lapua

    18x1mm thread protector

    Jolly decent-pm inbound
  8. lapua

    18x1mm thread protector

    Anyone got a spare they dont need?
  9. lapua

    Fire Arms licence question

    If you have 22-250 AI on your ticket for rifle and ammo how are you going to be able to fireform your first lot of brass. Holding plain 22-250 would surely be illegal?
  10. Wouldn’t it be better to sell the AT and buy an AX?
  11. lapua

    Light bullets in 1:8” twist .243

    No thanks, got plenty. Just wondering about the 1:8 which i am considering as a multi purpose rifle. backup for eveything. Foxing, culling deer and PRL type comps. Wont be perfect for eveything but with 6mm bullets between 70gn and 115gn it could be pretty useful
  12. Does the conversion use the same hinge? Is that why it folds to the left? wasn't twg1 (keith p) selling a converted one a while ago?
  13. lapua

    Ticktac .223 F-Class Build

    Who is building it?

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