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  1. Double stack, single feed aics compatible, 10 shot mags. £70 each posted, £135 the pair much lower height and also allow coal of 2.970”
  2. lapua

    Decent .308 wanted

    Pss - £600 upwards to semi custom-up to £1200 i thought we all knew the value of s/h guns? chaps total budget is circa £2500 for rifle mod and scope
  3. lapua

    Decent .308 wanted

    Thanks for posting, still looking
  4. Borden alpine, bartelin 6.5 cm 22”, AIAX chassis,RRS arca grip, mae mod, 3-20x50. Shooting 140 eld-m
  5. I was amazed at how big the difference was even between 123gn and 140gn 6.5’s. Hitting the same targets at 7-800m the 140’s hammer while the 123’s ping. 139/140 gn bullets are where its at. And 115’s in 6mm if you must
  6. The bean bags are essential, tripods are optional
  7. Round 1. 6xc borden alpine in A3 edge tech with 3-20x50 pm2 13lb weight round 4. 6.5x55 r93 with 3.5-15x50 nxs 10lb weight round 5. 6.5cm borden alpine, aiax chassis, pm2 3-20x50 17 lb weight
  8. That will be the blankets in the bunkhouse
  9. Best one yet. Mood was great, weather excellent, really good. The future for this is looking really good
  10. lapua

    Decent .308 wanted

    Looking for a .308 in the near future for a friend, for range/club use and occasional deer shooting. anyone got anything they want to part with? thinking anything upwards of rem 700 pss might suit, semi custom, etc no lemons please.
  11. Ebay, new with tags, seller was in france
  12. I use a tasmanian tiger bag for my folder, 22” barrel and mae mod fitted works. https://tasmaniantigerusa.com/product.php?id=85
  13. lapua

    VV N160 - compressed loads in 6.5CM

    Im seating to 2.850”, speed circa 2700 at max load, im going to run 43.5 gn at orion prl final which is 2620 fps and consistently shooting sub 0.5” so far
  14. lapua

    VV N160 - compressed loads in 6.5CM

    Im using n160 in hornaday brass with 140 eld-m’s. Just hit pressure signs yesterday lunchtime (28c outside) with 44gn load. Not compressed.

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