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  1. Yes, and its adjustable sideways by 2 allen screws on the underside of the bit that goes up and down. look at the last picture in the user manual.
  2. I dont paint mine that i leave around the farm, less easy for the thieves to spot. I can still see and hit them and fresh strikes show up pretty well. I dont pay £2000 plus for scopes and expect to have to paint something to see it.
  3. Is the seal team 3 patch on the back of his webbing (see other U.S. websites) standard issue also, or do you think he swapped it with one of his penpals?
  4. lapua

    Multi calibre BARLOC

    I can sell you one, £25 delivered, mates rates not applicable
  5. lapua

    Multi calibre BARLOC

    Or get a Blaser😂
  6. lapua

    Multi calibre BARLOC

    Try “walkabout” fmj firearms, he’s building rifles with a split recoil lug to do quick barrel changes, i think
  7. The knife looks like a stuart mitchell..
  8. http://www.webshop.roedale.de/media/content/RCS II T3 User Manual.pdf
  9. Seal team 3 are claiming this one.
  10. Bump £850 t3 lite stainless adjustable pic rail atec hertz 10 shot mag choice of rings, 1” or 30mm
  11. Bump. £550 for stock, sling, and 10 shot .308 mag
  12. Andy, whats wrong with bulletflight? Ive been using it since you reccomended it to me and its been brilliant
  13. Charts are great fun, especially on a windy day (benny hill music in background)

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