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  1. lapua

    Case for msa sordins

    Cheers, visited the fishing shop today (my god they sell some shjt), got a nice green camping gaz bottle cover with drawstring top for a fiver. Perfect fit
  2. lapua

    Case for msa sordins

    Can anyone reccomended a case for my new ears? perhaps post a pic of how they fit in your solution. cheers ears!
  3. lapua

    Tikka t3 aftermarket stock

    Or PSE
  4. lapua

    Tikka t3 aftermarket stock

    Mcmillan, manners etc rh varmint barrel inlet standard trigger guard/magazine inlet what have you got? pm with details please if you have anything to sell
  5. Youre quite good at building those 47’s i hear...
  6. Bump. Would px this for an AR15 if anyone is intetested, or judt for cash
  7. lapua

    Looking to minimise my cabinet

    6xc would be better with an 8 twist to shoot heavier bullets. It definately kills fallow
  8. lapua

    AWM 300 winmag

    Still looking
  9. lapua

    Why so few AR10`s ?

    What is that .243 going to be used for? Is it configured for heavier bullets? looks just right
  10. lapua

    Dry tumbling

    Walnut media, add autoglym if you want shiney
  11. lapua

    6.5 PRC

    The roundhouse offers shooting similar to this

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