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  1. Nice job as always Andy. I like a gun that ejects to the left, keeps the cases inside the truck. An edge tech stock would have suited that and kept weight down. I might go carbon next season on my PRL rifle.
  2. lapua

    223 lapua brass

    Or use a f/l sizing die
  3. lapua

    Christensen MPR

    You could get a c2 precision barrel from Josh Martin and drop it into any lightweight chassis. His rifle shot well at the first prl shoot, he even made custom carbon comb for it.
  4. lapua

    Wanted AICS chassis rem 700 sa rh

    All sorted thanks
  5. lapua

    Scope Rail Bedding Material Options

    Do you want to bed it or bond it? I’ve bedded them with devcon before, but always used release agent on the action.
  6. Anyone got one to sell? folder preferred
  7. What does that setup weigh?
  8. lapua

    Ax aics question

    Can anyone tell me if there is a restriction on the barrel diameter that can fit into the forend tube on an ax aics? Or can they accomodate any profile? Eg, parallel, not tapered.. thanks
  9. Yes, Brad used r8 creedmoor and took joint first with one of the irish lads. on prl day i saw everything from .223 to straight 284 being used. The 284 wasnt first choice but the owners prl rifle played up so he shot it with his elr rig. lots of creedmoors about Josh shot one of his C2 barrels in 6.5cm and was hitting ipsc torso at 1400y elr day was won with ax in 6.5cm
  10. Anyone else? I’ve heard practical precision have put a team together Any of the northern contingent making the journey?
  11. lapua

    Does this scope exist???

    You must be murder to go dress shopping with!
  12. lapua

    Does this scope exist???

    Smaller nxs could be an option. Ive got a 3.5-15x50 mil/mil zero stop which is a fantastic scope.
  13. lapua

    Does this scope exist???

    Zeiss diavari 4-16x50 illuminated ret 60, windage and elevation turrets. £1200

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