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  1. lapua

    PRl round 4 @ Roundhouse

    Few surprises😉
  2. lapua

    PRl round 4 @ Roundhouse

  3. lapua

    PRL questions

    Ask for an Open class rifle
  4. lapua

    PRL questions

    Check with Tiff what class you will be in and get some bags from practical precision. Your scores will double, mine did
  5. lapua

    PRL questions

    You dont need a rangefinder, but can use them to confirm ranges which are given. Some stages are ukd, so no rangefinders. i think factory class will die out, its not really necessary. There were 40 competitors at round 4 and only one factory class rifle, and he won factory class, even with 6lb of lead weights added to his factory howa to completely change its charachteristics. My 20+ year old r93 which cost £1200 when new was not allowed in factory class because new r8’s cost £3000 even though they have larger and detachable mags - figure that😂. I still beat a lot of customs and ai’s etc. And was hitting the farthest targets on elr day with a 15x scope. its not the rifle that wins, its the shooter. enjoy!
  6. lapua

    Zeiss windage turret

    East coast binocular repairs are zeiss’ uk workshop. They will fit them. Cost is about £200 i think.
  7. Is this the one you purchased a week or so ago on SD? How come youre selling so soon?
  8. lapua

    PRl round 4 @ Roundhouse

    Any of the northern contingent?
  9. lapua

    Paddlelake Rimfire Tactical

    PRL on a tight budget?
  10. Wilson seater, £50 posted rmsd reading fl sizing die, £25 posted rmsd both for £70 posted perfect condition and produce less than 0.002 runout consistently. change of calibre reason for sale
  11. lapua

    Accurate mag

    American rifle company single feed double stack have the longer coal ability. If you can source one. 10 shot capacity and about as tall as a 5 shot aics
  12. lapua


    But the barrel that came with it was made to fit any gun😜

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