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  1. Who is Arthur Smith? I’ve not heard of him or anything of his work.
  2. Gents, im putting a rifle together for training/informal gong shooting out to 350m max. Its going to be a rem 700 .223 1:7 probably. I want to keep it short, tha handguard on the xlr chassis is 14”, so if i use an end can (jetz?) i could havit it at sbout 14.5-15”. Any issues going that short? Scope is an nxs 3.5-15 x 50 with 0.1mil clicks. Targets will be 4-6” gongs and a ipsc torso. happy for any comment? Other thought is have it at about 18” and use a reflex moderator.
  3. It surprises me that you say that. Is the zero not repeatable? And are you really concerned about the threads? I would have thought the locking screw thread if any were susceptible to stress/damage. looks bloody good though! Im getting those urges again...
  4. It would fit a 26” if you removed the barrel
  5. Tasmanian tiger bags are quite good. This one fits in the small peli.
  6. lapua

    Tikka tac chassis v after market chassis

    No of course not. That would be daft
  7. lapua

    flush cups

    Here’s one set into an edge tech. Be carefull not to wander into the hollow part of the stock, its fill material is like cotton wool. Dont set it too deep either, it needs to be slightly proud to allow the swivel to engage. I used an end mill to create a flat bottomed hole than tapped it before glueing. Its well stuck in!
  8. lapua

    Tikka tac chassis v after market chassis

    Style, ergonomics, quality, hinge strength, feel - i just didnt like it.
  9. What ase modrator is it?
  10. lapua

    Tikka tac chassis v after market chassis

    I’ve compared all 3 and the xlr comes out on top in my opinion. its an odd question as with the tikka, you are limited to it being a tikka. I thought the chassis was clunky. my choice is custom action in xlr, and then custom in mdt, then factory tikka if thats the only options you are considering. i quite like tikka factory rifles but the tictac is just nasty.
  11. Some peoples eyes are linked to their pockets, and they wont say anything bad about the best thing they can afford.
  12. lapua

    The Fix from Q

    What like off the bipod?
  13. lapua

    The Fix from Q

    Any update on load development?
  14. £137 to convert compact or cqb to borelock. brake about £95, plain collar £54

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