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  1. No lnfo on calibre innovations then?
  2. Are callibre innovations any good?
  3. Boring BAR22

    With credible witness?
  4. AW .308 folder

    Do it, it annoys me too
  5. Boring BAR22

    Pretty difficult as im on a sunned in mallorca
  6. Boring BAR22

    My cz will do it at 60m
  7. hare prices

    Alan's paying £3/kg for headshot fallow at the moment, i doubt you'll beat that.
  8. hare prices

    Alan pays me £5, all year
  9. IR Illuminators ???

    I swapped from a drone to a photon, the photon is much better value for money and with a doubler/sunranger 300m foxes are easily shootable in good conditions. I dont miss the drone at all.
  10. IR Illuminators ???

    Brave move buying a front mount with no real uk feedback on performance, reliability or repeatability! For the illuminator, a sunranger will probably be hard to beat on cost/performance
  11. Drone Pro 15x Questions

    You will need a 0 moa rail but even then you may need to shim the scope to centre the crosshair perfectly. Careful when tightening the mounts, theyre not very strong. Its not geared up for dialling, "clicks" are 2 cm so pretty coarse.
  12. A pair of Creedmoors

    You must be expensive, bloke cant even afford a fresh target!
  13. Slander

    I've been accused of slander because of a comment on another post, been threatened with a solicitors letter. Is this something i should be worried about? What will the letter say?
  14. When a zero is not really a zero

    the real kind, not a clone.

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