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  1. Reloading Press

    If you are serious about reloading buy the Forster, you will not regret it. Have two on my bench now, third went to a good friend. Thinking about buying another just so I don't have to change Shell plates even though it only takes a couple of minutes.
  2. Reloading belted magnums - 300 win mag

    Nosler brass (Norma), H1000, 208 ELD-M, CCI BR2. I use Larry's collet die every time.
  3. Standard Deviation

    In your blasphemous rant you forgot CRIMP
  4. New Tactical Tikka

  5. cleaning dies??

    Brake cleaner when I'm in a hurry ultrasonic when I have time.
  6. Have you verified your scope? Tall target test.
  7. .22-250 load data for 75gr Amax

    New Hornady manual has load data for 73/75 and 80 gr. None of the powders you listed are published. Powders listed IMR4895,VARGET, RL15,IMR4064,2000MR,IMR4007SSC,RL17,H414,ACCURATE 2700,HYBRID100V, and SUPERFORMANCE
  8. extreme velocity spread

    If your brass was fired from two different rifles you need to full length size and then go back to bumping but keep the brass mated to the rifle. Anneal and don't be afraid to run a Lee FCD.
  9. A game changer for long range shooting with 5.56/223?

    We need to get testing before Friday brother, just looked at the weather and they're calling for -29°
  10. 6.5 Credmore ammunition

    If it was photoshopped I would have put a bikini on you!
  11. 6.5 Credmore ammunition

  12. Ballistic calculators

    Fahrenheit. And yes chronographs aren't 100% accurate, that's why we shoot on paper first then go to the computer to verify and true it to real world data.
  13. Ballistic calculators

    Your temp is the only major factor for muzzle velocity, the rest of you enviromentals will determine how fast it sheds velocity down range. Chrony at two different Temps to determine fps per degree and enter into Calc. I chronograph a minimum of 10 rounds but prefer 20. Always shoot on paper first then true your calculator.two loads for example, My 308 load running imr 4064 has a variation of 0.5 fps per degree. My Creedmoor load running H4350 has a variation of 0.13 fps per degree. AB toolbox app has a tool for estimating velocity difference from chrony to muzzle, astonishing how much velocity some bullets loose in the first few feet.
  14. Tikka Stock / Chassis options?

    Don't know if you can get them over there. http://shop.mcreesprecision.net/main.sc
  15. Barrel life 300win mag

    300 win mag if you're planning ELR, for hunting not many creatures need to be that dead.

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