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  1. Soggy biscuit

    John Carr/ apex ZENITH action

    Dear god that is beautiful 😯
  2. Soggy biscuit

    John Carr/ apex ZENITH action

    Hopefully they get back up and running soon
  3. Soggy biscuit

    John Carr/ apex ZENITH action

    Thanks for all the replies. It's a shame they aren't being produced
  4. Soggy biscuit

    John Carr/ apex ZENITH action

    Any info on the other apex actions would be appreciated.
  5. Soggy biscuit

    John Carr/ apex ZENITH action

    Hi has anyone used one of these actions yet ? I've been looking on the apex site and it looks very similar to the defiance deviant. I was wondering if it's also cut to take AI AW magazines and also a price. thanks s b
  6. Soggy biscuit

    6.5 Creedmoor v 6.5 Swede

    How do you go about getting it sent to the uk ?
  7. Soggy biscuit

    Action advice - dual bolt face

    Slightly off topic but would the AI AX be any good to you as it will mag feed both calibers with the magwell adapter ?
  8. Soggy biscuit

    McM A5 for stalking

    Is the pse available for the Howa again edi ?
  9. Soggy biscuit

    Sellier and bellot 6.5 creedmoor

    Thought it would be too good to be true
  10. Anyone seen this in the uk yet ?
  11. It's in storage I'll get back to you asap
  12. R.E.M. 700 ADL £250 including postage Hi bought this as a donor for a semi custom build so unsure of round count.
  13. Soggy biscuit

    Nosler 6.5 Creedmoor Ammunition

    Have you tried Fulton of bisley ?
  14. Soggy biscuit

    AICS mags

    I think the sites called riflemags.co.uk around £80

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