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  1. I think you need to delete some messages. you can not Except messages
  2. What scope are you looking to trade for?
  3. As new complete with tier one 40mm mounts boxed etx with warranty. 18mth old. £1400 inc post and packing 07917878414 pictures on request
  4. Ok. Yes please. Pm on its way.
  5. Blacknsilver

    Tubb ATR

    What bullets are you using in the 6xc?
  6. Blacknsilver

    Z8i 2.3-18-56

    £1750 for the scope
  7. Blacknsilver

    Wanted rear bag

    Not sure.
  8. Blacknsilver

    MOA - Mills

    It’s a target shooting scenario I’m thinking. Bench/prone/comp. Best to chose what the majority is using along with what the rings on the targets are measured in. Inches. Or cm.
  9. Blacknsilver

    MOA - Mills

    So to sum up. If the distance to the target is know. And your not using the scope to range the target. It doesn’t matter what system you are using?
  10. Blacknsilver

    MOA - Mills

    Why does it get the answer in inches if Mrad is in cm?

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