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  1. Fixed 10x sidewinder HW60j with nice tiger stripes in the wood. About 210 rounds. very low shot count picture sent on request SAK mod Neoprene cheek riser. Jags and brushes and rifle bag. £460 all in north wales area but travelling to Manchester at the weekend so can help with delivery.
  2. Edgewood rear bag

    The try before you buy is the way forward with this item I think. I did t realise it was that precise on the gap. You have been a great help.
  3. Edgewood rear bag

    Good question on which bag. Not 100% sure. I have a Whiskey 3 Chassis and an Atlas bipod on the front of a on .223 which it will be used for until the creedmoor comes along. It will be a 50/50 on bench and prone. If I can get one to suit. The bench is my local club where it’s a 100 yard tunnel. I am going to Altcar on Sunday for the first time. My rear bag is a TAB gear one. Looking for a more stable and secure one. Open to any help.
  4. Edgewood rear bag

    Thanks. They look quite good. Cheers
  5. Edgewood rear bag

    Open to offers on model cheers
  6. Edgewood rear bag

    Open to offers on model cheers
  7. It’s a .204 It’s perfect other that I like thumb up style.
  8. I have a marble slate blue Macmillan Lazzaroni thumbhole stock in great condition. I prefer thumb up style shooting so looking to swap it. If anyone is interested please email me D3landy@yahoo.co.uk cheers
  9. I have just sent £23.00 via paypal for the 204 dies

    Thanks again Regards  Malcolm

  10. I cant seem to log onto my email for whatever reason,and have never used paypal to send money but I will try to sort it.How much do you want for the postage?

    My address is    Mr A M Turner ,The Cottage ,  Grennan Farm, , Glenluce,  Newton Stewart

                                       Wigtownshire,  SCOTLAND     DG8  0NU


  11. Clear out

    D3landy@yahoo.co.uk thats my email and PayPal cheers send me your address
  12. Clear out

    Pm received sold pending usual.

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