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  1. Movember

    Hi. I am currently undergoing a new look. My brother's and I are growing strange things on our faces. I'm sure your all aware of the charity. If you can spare a pound to donate that would be very welcome. Many thanks mark Movember United Kingdom - Home
  2. I would be interested in the skins for the Whiskey 3 and the bipod spigot. Cheers
  3. Balistic information on iStrelok .223

    I have a AI mag system. There is a bit of crush when loading. I might play with seating depth after loading 10 and see how they fair.
  4. Balistic information on iStrelok .223

    Don't know the MV. Looking to borrow a chrono soon. It's .4 under max load. Not showing any pressure signs. 1.738 to ogive. OAL is 2.263 i have not tried any other seating depth.
  5. Balistic information on iStrelok .223

    Ok. So I loaded some more using same seating depth etc and moved up the powder increments again in .2s 23.8gr of N140 seems like a possible. I will load 10 at that and then if it's shooting the same borrow a chrono and test at 300yrds
  6. Balistic information on iStrelok .223

    It's a 1-8 twist and 26in Stainless Archer barrel. Struggling to upload pictures. Says file to big.
  7. Balistic information on iStrelok .223

    Agreed on the guess work. It's all a learning curve. What I did was look at the reloading books starting MV and the max MV and looked at what I had loaded and guessed at what it would be. It was done purely to get an idea. Mistake made. I stopped at 23gr as I mentioned before about the 'crush' felt and hearing while seating the bullet. I tested the 22.2gr last night and worked well on grouping at 100. I will load a few more past 23gr and see what I find. Thanks again for all help given. Well appreciated. Mark
  8. Balistic information on iStrelok .223

    That's what it can't work out. Put the relevant info into the app and that's what it's coming up with. Like you say something isn't right.
  9. Balistic information on iStrelok .223

    It's coming out at 44.2in at 600yds with 10mph and 90' wind No idea how accurate it is. Only used it to 350. But that was on the .204 round.
  10. Balistic information on iStrelok .223

    I agree. The book stops somewhere. And I don't fancy it being with me. I am Waiting for the rental service to kick off so I can try out the V3 chrono. The last one I used was such a nightmare. Can't go through that pain again.
  11. Balistic information on iStrelok .223

    I need to twiddle with the figures on the app and see if it's worth persevering with. I have the application for for Altcar rifle range where I hope to go. I am on the border line with the 53gr. I am just guesstimating at the fps as I have not yet put the 53gr on the chrono yet. Would the range chrono your rounds? Thanks for the heads up.
  12. Balistic information on iStrelok .223

    The load on the 77gr I started at 22gr and worked my way up. I stopped at 23 going up in .2. I am getting a degree of crush even at 22.2. Only slightly but would hate to hear what 24.2 would sound like. 22.2 gave all shots through same hole. I have loaded up 10 round to see how they shoot. After checking the difference between the 53s which are shooting great I am wondering if I should bother developing the 77s.
  13. Balistic information on iStrelok .223

    I have just started working on load developing a 77 grain Sierra tipped match king bullet. N140 powder 22.2gr Lapua case. I put in the ballistic information into iStrelok being 0.415 ballistic coefficient 2450 ft./s and the remainder of the information needed I then added 600 yards to the calculator and 10mph full value wind. It came up with 128in of drop 42in windage I did the same range with the 53gr v-max - BC 0.290 and 3300 fps H4895 powder 3300fps It came up with 80 in of drop 44in windage The TMK was getting delvloped for the range of up to 600 yards but if the 53 gr pill can do what the app says then why bother with the 77s?

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