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  1. Miseryguts

    .22LR Scope, for 20m to 100m

    Hawke Airmax - cheap as chips, does the job, and is illuminated. Readily available retail and second hand. Mine is an old one with MoA turrets and a mil dot recticle(!) but they may have seen the light by now. I swap mine twixt air rifle and rimfire (QD rings) M
  2. Miseryguts

    Best tool for removing military crimp?

    Hi Michal. Primer pocket reamer. Hornady et al manufacture, 1967spud and CDSG sell them. Not expensive, had mine years, saved hundreds of cases M
  3. Miseryguts

    Measuring performance

    Varm, you mention another thing that really gets me -with my 223, first shot from cold barrel is always off. As per pic below(the first shot is 0.85in from bull centre, distance to target 105yd). How do you get round that? M
  4. Miseryguts

    Measuring performance

    Hi, I am interested in how everyone measures performance of their shooting or a specific load. I use On Target software to analyse my targets, and am interested to know which is the best measure of the quality of a group. There are several measures - Mean Radius, Extreme spread, and Group size(Width and Height). Another variable seems to be number of shots in a group - some say 3 shot, others 5, others more. I always go for 10 shots myself, but there are not many occasions there isn't at least 1 flyer!! Then there is what one should be expecting to get at the various ranges 50,100, 200, 300, etc Then there is the capabilities of Pistol calibres(Gallery rifles 357M,44M, 45C), centrefire rifles(223,243,308 etc), and the ubiquitous rimfire(22, 17HMR) Total confusion reigns (for me anyway) M
  5. Miseryguts


    Not had a problem with PPU cases myself, I use them on 3 calibres. Easy way round your problem is a primer pocket reamer - I use them to reclaim ex military cases. I can't remember how much they cost, but I think it was a few pounds from either 1967spud or CDSG M
  6. Hi Farmer - £50 cash? I live near Raglan, and shoot at SW2000 every week M
  7. I use AR500 gongs in various guises and sizes, but always been a bit cautious since I saw this........
  8. Miseryguts

    Bit of a mystery?

    The way I look at is: Rig is zeroed with the slow bullet, so the axis of the parrel is pointing in such a direction that the loop of the bullet trajectory means that it lands on the POA at 50m. Light travels in a straight line, so the scope axis is pointing straight at the target whilst the rifle axis is pointing slightly up so that the loop of the trajectory falls to the POA at 50m. Insert the faster bullet, then with the above scenario the bullet will impact above the POA I like that better, but 8 moa is lot, and this is very repeatable, and I get 1 to 1.25 moa 10 shot groups with both bulles, only not at the same POI!!
  9. Miseryguts

    Bit of a mystery?

    Hi - Henry Lever action rifle in 44Magnum with Rudolph 4-16x42 scope atop 240gn copper plated RNFP bullet over 6.8gn Unique exiting the muzzle at 990fps, rig zeroed at 50m 240gn copper plated RNFP bullet over 19.5gn N1110 exiting muzzle at 1500fps - rig unchanged but now POI is 8MoA below POA at the same 50m. Now in my simplicity I imagined that the POI of the second bullet should be above POA? Or am I being stupid?? M (puzzled in sunny Monmouthshire)
  10. Miseryguts

    Wanted part boxes of bullets

    See my reply to Malxwal's post last Friday M
  11. Miseryguts

    .224 softpoint/hollowpoints

    Hi Malc I have 60 PPU HPBT 55gn 64 Hornady Vmax 60gn 74 Nosler Varmint spitzer 55gn 100 Dogtown(made by Nosler) FBHP 50gn 55 pounds the lot incl Uk postage M
  12. Miseryguts

    Summer 2018

    Not good for duck - I put 7 week old growers on 3 ponds,, all have dried up and the duck wandered off(they can't fly yet). Trying to keep one pond going by putting bowser loads in (3 loads at 10,000 litres each) every weekend. Cannot sow game crops as ground too hard to get the plough in - even if we did they would shrivel and die (we put brassica game crops for partridge). So I'm praying for rain - but as I am pretty secular, nothing seems to be happening M (more miserable than ever in baking Monmouthshire)
  13. Miseryguts

    Foxes. What do you do with them?

    Exactly forums have been infiltrated before M (paranoid in sunny Monmouthshire)
  14. Miseryguts

    Starting out

    As scotch egg says but it is an absorbing pastime! I find a lot of pleasure in chasing after the elusive perfect load! Not got there yet and probably never will but it does engage the grey matter. M
  15. Miseryguts

    interesting little problem

    the 44 magnum is a handgun cartridge, and is used in gallery rifles here in the UK as handguns are banned. So all this type of cartridge are crimped and there is no such thing as neck thickness. Both lots of brass had the same OAL and were crimped at the same time with a taper crimp. When using crimp on a straight case, as long as all the cases are the same length all the crimps are the same. I will check the wall thickness of the two types of brass, but the variation in MV to get this sort of variation in POI would be huge, especially in view of the powder charge of 19.5gn which fills the case to 3/4 full As above straight walled hand gun case so not normally a factor?

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