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  1. Another Headspace Headache

    Headache over! had to strip the die as had a case stuck, and found the fault - decap/throat mandrel was too low down, and when I lowered the die the mandrel was pushing the case base out jamming it into the die and causing it to stick and not bump the shoulder. Ran the cases through again without the mandrel, and bumped the shoulders back sweet as a nut!! Thanks to all for their suggestions M
  2. Another Headspace Headache

    Hi Catch-22, you may have something there, on checking the diameter of the cases just above the shell holder, I find that most of my brass is 0.3735 to 0.374,whilst the brass I have a problem with is 0.374 to 0.375 compared to the SAAMI spec of 0.3759. All the brass is trimmed to an OAL of 1.755 to 1.759 so I do not think that is the problem. It is always the last 3-5 mm of the case that needs the extra force and sticks in the die. Have just ordered another die, so hopefully that will sort it M
  3. Another Headspace Headache

    Sorry should have been more specific! Webby, TJC, winding the die in makes no difference - shoulder as measured in headspace gauge does not change, and the rounds will not chamber in my rifle with the pin removed and after F/L resizing. I have a lot of brass which has been resized in this die that all checks out ok on the headspace gauge and fits the rifle. Some time ago I measured the headspace on the rifle and that came out at 1461 ON MY COMPARATOR. Brass sized at 1458 on my comparator chambers with no tightness, at 1459 slight resistance, at 1460 fairly tight, at 1461 very tight, at 1462 not chambering. I have brass at 1462 -1463 and fancied bumping it back to fit but ran into this problem, and ended up with a stuck case as winding the die in made the force required to operate the press more and more until the case separated. Ho Hum M
  4. Another Headspace Headache

    Hi been trying to bump back the shoulder on some donated 223 brass a couple of thou to bring them into line with my rifle's headspace, but my Lee breech lock press does not seem to be up to it, nor does the Lee FL sizing die. So my question is....... what is the most reasonable way of doing this??? M
  5. Lever Action Rifle accuracy

    and as Dalua says, flare the neck to allow the bullet to start easy
  6. Lever Action Rifle accuracy

    Hi G, my trimmer does the chamfer for me both in and out automatically, and is hardly noticeable, doing it by hand tends to be a bit rough - well it is with me anyway! Dalua recommends a hard crimp, but I found that my Sd was way up(25min 60 max) using a "heavy" crimp(1 to 1 1/2 turn of the die adjuster from case touching) - but, horses for courses, see what suits you best ATB M
  7. Lever Action Rifle accuracy

    Hi Gruntus I use a factory crimp die and as light a crimp as I dare.This equates to 1/2 turn of the crimp adjuster from case touching point -but you have to be sure all your cases are the same length. I trim mine and use the vernier to keep the length to +0/-1 thousands inch. Using accurate powder charges I have Sd between 4 and 8 for the 357. Not had a bullet pushed into the case yet - emphasis on the yet!! No cannelure on my bullets M
  8. Lever Action Rifle accuracy

    Yes Davy, are they not just good fun - and cheap to run if you load your own! Not got figures to hand for 100 yard stuff, but on checking my 50m stuff, I have best group for each calibre at 1.2 inches (2 MoA) C-T-C, but more normally at 1.6 to 1.8 inches for 6- 8 shot groups, and 2 inches for 10 shot groups (ain't there ALWAYS a flyer!). So perhaps things ain't so bad after all!! M
  9. Lever Action Rifle accuracy

    Hi perhaps I should clarify - my 1 MoA is MEAN RADIUS as in OP - I need to go back to my records to get C- C figures to compare my results with yours Laurie, as I think it very unlikely that I am getting anything like the groups some one like yourself shoots!! M
  10. Lever Action Rifle accuracy

    Hi, I have a couple of Lever action rifles in 357Mag and 44Mag calibres. I shoot these at 50m and 100yards (Club range is 50m, my range is 100yards) Struggling to get 10 shot groups under 1 MoA mean radius on a repetitive basis. Am I expecting too much? Rifles are Winchester 94 and Henry Big Boy. Using home loads with plated bullets or jacketed bullets. Sd values are in single figures M
  11. Centre fire rated rated gongs/silhouettes

    his e mail is tom@tube-bender.co.uk
  12. Centre fire rated rated gongs/silhouettes

    Hi, I use this chap, he does rabbit as standard, and made some crow for me - very reasonable, will do specials, and will negotiate on price. Handle my 223 and my friends 243 no problem. E mail him direct you don't have to go through e bay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hardox-500-50mm-75mm-100mm-Gong-Set-Rifle-Shooting-Targets-AR500-Plate-Shotgun/232137425925?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649
  13. Legal??

    Thanks for all the advice. We both have 223 tickets. On reading my ticket it is plain that I need to sign them on to his ticket - perhaps I should have read it first!! Ho hum M 😳
  14. Legal??

    Hi, I reload all my own ammunition(except 22LR and 12G) for 4 rifle calibres and 2 shotgun calibres. A friend wants me to load him some 223 ammunition. Should I put this on his certificate as a shop would do? Should I say nowt? Should I refuse as it may be illegal? He is buying the components by the way. Another alternative would be to let him use my kit I suppose, but he is a bit dippy, and I would have to supervise him at all times. M
  15. Head Space Head Ache

    OK done the sellotape test, and the bolt is starting to firm up at +3.5thou on a case which measures 1.457 on this comparator, so I suspect my chamber head space dimension is 1.461 as measured on this comparator, so I guess I should be looking to size my cases at 1.459 as measured on this comparator. Thanks to those who sent in suggestions and explained things. M (without a headache)

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