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  1. OOps missed a bit - OP, all you need is Copaslip grease(yes that is the correct spelling) Google it or just search on fleabay M
  2. Plus 1 on all the above - plus they are UK made and designed. I have two on 223 and 308, and neither have given any problems that one often gets with other moderators. Very easy to strip and clean. Excellent suppression. M in sunny Monmouthshire
  3. Hi J5, quick query on the reticle, is this the SH1-83 listed on their web site with the reduced windage field? If it is, I am interested(If we come to a deal, I will not back out nor let you down) ATB M
  4. Miseryguts

    thread adapter

    PERFECT Thanks M OK thanks for the Heads up on that - some thing to ponder on M
  5. Hi, I have a Wild cat Evolution moderator, with 308 and 223 inserts and an 18x1mm threaded bridge which fits the barrels of my 223 and 308. I have two 22 rim fire rifles whose muzzles have 1/2-28 threads. Any one know of some one who can make me a 1/2 -28 female to 18x1mm male adapter?? I think if I had one of these I could use my 223 moderator on the rim fires, thus saving the cost of another evo mod? - or am I barking up the wrong tree? BTW before any one starts, I have moderators for all the rifles on my ticket M (scratching his head in Monmouthshire)
  6. Hi, tired of looking at these on the shelf. 64 Hornady Vmax 60gn 64 PPU FMJBT 55gn 64 PPU HPBT 55gn the lot £14 posted UK NO offers, you are getting the PPU for free, the Vmax half price, and postage at cost Prefer pay pal (friends and family) but can take bank transfer. PM me if interested M SOLD
  7. Miseryguts

    Load development and purchasing options

    Hi JF, surely your previous loader gave you his load details? If so do you not know anyone who reloads who would make them up for you? I reload for a friend who is nervous of reloading, but when he starts he will have all my info. BTW I am not touting for business, his payment means I get paid about £2 per hour for doing it!! M wishing he had never offered in sunny S Wales
  8. Hi Cheshire Lad, If you still have some, I will take a 100. Just pm me your pay pal address, and I will send the money over with my postal address ATB M
  9. Hi RR I did PM you a couple of days ago but no answer? I do realise my price did not include the vat as per my second PM ATB M
  10. Hi, as above I have a 35 round magazine for a M&P 15-22 that I bought on a whim, but never actually used. Photos below, complete with loading accessory to make it easier to load. NOW SOLD
  11. Miseryguts

    More scottish bans being proposed

    Plus 1 here for K's analysis - During my lifetime I have seen many of my interests disappear _ as a boy and young man I followed Otter hounds. As I approached my majority I took up handguns. Then as my financial situation improved I was huntsman and master of a pack of Beagles. Injury forced the closure of that phase of my life so I took up Falconry which is still just about legal I think. Then more disability forced the closure of that phase. Then I went back to shooting and indulged in game shooting in the form of a small syndicate shoot on land where I rent the sporting rights. More disabilty closed that down too, so I am left with my rifles and a lot of memories - for now. My point is this - the attitude of "they will never stop my sport" has allowed the closure of: Otter Hunting, Handgun shooting, all sports with Hounds, , and is threatening the game shooting sport as it has never been threatened before, so the "I'm all right jack" people in the target shooting world(which is the only shooting I can now do) really need to think carefully if they are really "all right" now. M raising his head above the parapet in cloudy S Wales
  12. sorry its cheaper to put them in the bin - postage on this lot is just over 6 quid so my return for wrapping, driving 10 miles to the post office (and back) is 0 Never mind the time it took to clean, size, and trim. In my naivety, I just thought that someone might be glad of some help getting decent brass M more miserable than ever in S Wales
  13. Surely some one wants 300 223 cases for 28 quid???? You don't even have to size them or clean them, they are ready to load! Net step will have to be the landfill bin M
  14. Sorry DC, they are the 0.429 ones from Krank's M
  15. will check - let you know tomorrow sorry about the additional quote - fat finger syndrome M

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