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  1. Miseryguts

    Twist rate

    Hi - Varm I take your point, and agree completely. I do need more experience of dealing with wind at the longer(for me anyway) ranges. I have no problem with a steady wind and dialling the required windage on at various ranges (God bless Strelok). As you say, the trick is reading the gusty wind, which is quite often the case on my ground which a shooting estate laid out for high pheasant (lots of ups and downs). your suggestion of 60gn Vmax at 3150 or 3150+ is a nice thought - Treetop, Chris-NZ I have some 53gn Vmax somewhere, so I can load some up and try for node at a higher MV while waiting for the 60gn to arrive. M
  2. Miseryguts

    Twist rate

    Hi, I use 52gn Amax over 25.3gn H335. This gives me around 3150fps. The other day I was playing around with a gong at 260 yards and a metal rabbit at 110 yards in a stiff breeze at around 90 DegreesThis required 4 clicks on the windage at 110 and 10 Clicks more(i.e. 14 clicks total) at 260. Strelok gave 15 clicks 14 clicks is 3.5 MoA that is around 9 inch at 260. Your standard crow is somewhat less- so chances of a miss are high!! M (still getting his socks blown off)
  3. Miseryguts

    Twist rate

    OK - plenty of food for thought. Before I lash out on bullets, I think I will run a few "what if" scenarios through Strelok M
  4. Miseryguts

    Twist rate

    Hi, in my naivety when I bought my 223, I went for the 12 inch twist. After a while I realise that at the range I shoot (200 to 300 yards), and the quarry I shoot at (crow and rabbit) the 50 to 55 grain bullet at 3000 to 3100 fps is rather affected by the wind. So my question is what weight bullet can I go to with this twist to mitigate crosswind effect, and, is there any point in trying to up the MV? M (in windy Monmouthshire)
  5. Hi, I have a few boxes of bullet heads surplus to requirements 115 Sierra Spitzer Blitz #1340 50gn £21 170 ditto #1345 55gn £30 150 Hornady Vmax 53gn £40 All prices include UK postage
  6. Miseryguts

    Lee neck collet Die in .223

    Hi, can't seem to put pictures on PM, and they are too big to put on here. PM sent re email address. I also have an unused bullet seating die by Lee for a 223rem if of any interest. Same price M:
  7. Miseryguts

    Lee neck collet Die in .223

    Hi - do you mean the die that deprimes and sizes the neck only? If so I have one I don't use, and have never used. £10 including postage M
  8. Following available: 91 Federal 100 Remington 50 Lake City All once fired ex NATO, Tumbled, F/L sized, trimmed to length and primed with CCI 400 primers Collection only price 5p each, or swap for same primer These are all surplus to requirements, and were given to me - so just want the price of the primer or a replacement primer(CCI400) hence low price M
  9. Miseryguts

    Primer types

    So I can look forward to single digit Sd's on my next batch☺️ M
  10. Miseryguts

    Primer types

    Hi, I have always used CCI primers - mainly because my local gun shop stocked them. In the past small rifle meant just that(part No 400). Now they only stock small rifle BR (part no. BR4). Anyone know what the difference is (apart from the increase in price)? M (somewhat lighter in the pockets)
  11. Hi Pair of 30mm rings as above in stainless steel £50 postage paid (UK) Now Sold
  12. Miseryguts

    Wanted throw lever

    Hi, mine was sold with the scope, but I got one that fit from ant supplies in wales that was very cheap - did the job https://www.ant-supplies.uk/scope-sight-optic-accessories/scope-zoom-throw-levers.html
  13. Miseryguts

    Rifle Scope for .223. Max £400

    Hi, why not go second hand? the classified on here have lots of scopes for sale - I have purchased several s/h scopes from acquaintances/dealers etc and found it a good way to ascertain what suits best. You can always sell it on if not suitable, also Optics warehouse have a try before you buy facility I believe. I have been able to use Nightforce, Schmidt & Bender, Weaver, Leupold, Hawke, Rudolph etc without spending an arm and a leg in the long term (good quality scopes lose little on the s/h market, others lose more - no names). Scopes are a very personal choice! ATB M
  14. Miseryguts

    LBP Case

    Hi Furrybean - I use an old shoulder of mutton shot gun case for my LBP M

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