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  1. 223 Brass

    Ok thanks for the clarification I get it now! M
  2. 223 Brass

    Hi V Thanks for that, PPU are at the bottom of the price band, and attractive from that point of view. What put me off was that I once tried some PPU bullet heads, which I have since thrown away! BTW, batching cases by volume sounds difficult as one cannot do it by weight(different wall thicknesses) - or do you mean to batch by weight within a manufacturers lot(which should? have the same wall thickness)? M
  3. 223 Brass

    Thanks gbal, as ever a pragmatic and thoughtful reply laying out the pros and cons. In my case, I feel that at my level of expertise, something perhaps middle of the road will suffice for my needs. ATB M
  4. 223 Brass

    At the risk of appearing excessively stupid, what makes some makes of rifle brass worth 4 to 5 times more than others? What are the criteria one should be looking for, bearing in mind we are talking about fairly short(300 yards, possibly 400 max) ranges here?
  5. Optilock mounts

    Thanks, will put them in the for sale section shortly ATB M
  6. Optilock mounts

    Hi, I pal of mine has persuaded me to part with the Nightforce scope I had on a tikka T3 with optilock mounts. His rifle is (or will be when he gets it) a Sako 85 with varmint barrel. So, does anyone know if the mounts will fit his Sako, or do I have to advertise these separately. I don't need them as I have fitted the Tikka with a picatinny rail so I can swap scopes around on all my rifles Thanks M
  7. Automated powder measure

    Hi Tuck interesting looking piece of kit. Do you have a link to the vendor? Thanks M
  8. Adapters

    Hi, any one know of or can fabricate an adapter as follows:Parker Hale rifle rod male to 8-32 male. The PH rod is the black handle 0.270 and up size. Reason is I have a pistol rod(8-32 female) that I want to put PH fitments(also female) on Alteratively, can anyone tell me the thread on the PH rod and I will make it myself Thanks MG
  9. How Clean is clean??

    Hi, thanks for replies - I use Napier Gun Clean on a patch to start, then dry patches for say 5-10 run throughs, then another wet patch, and dry patches til clean. Every now and then I scrub with a bronze brush in between. To Clean the leade I use an oversize(wont go into barrel) wet patch on the jag - never seen much on that. Bolt lugs are cleaned with Q tips every time out. Don't often use the ammonia based stuff, I sometimes use 009 or Hoppes Bench rest or Butch's Bore shine when the mood takes me(not often these days!) Atb M
  10. How Clean is clean??

    Hi, I wonder if I am being too picky here. attached pic shows first patch through 223 barrel and the 26th through same. Now I don't think #26 is clean or is it? This after only 20 shots through barrel. Is my technique wrong? Am I expecting too much? Atb Miseryguts
  11. Stiff Zoom Ring

    Hi, anyone know if there is away of adjusting the tension on the zoom ring on the Nightforce NXS scope? I have put a cats tail on it but it still takes a strong man to turn! There appears to be some sort of set screw on the ring, but am loath to fiddle with it without prior knowledge All my other scopes(Schmidt & Bender, Rudolph, Weaver) are silky smooth and an easily turned whilst looking through the scope. Thanks M
  12. CBTO measuring not going too well!

    OK that has improved consistency for a given bullet, but the difference between the two is still large Now have Amax CBTO at lands 1.896 +/-0.5, Sierra 1.980+/-0.5 that still leaves 84 thou difference - looking at the bullets under a magnifying glass, the Sierra has a more bulbous shape to the last portion of the bullet, whereas the Amax looks almost like a straight line and the ogive has been clearly marked by the comparator, whereas the Sierra has no marks to signify the ogive. So it would appear that the problem lies in the comparator not finding the true ogive of the sierra bullet. It looks like I will not be loading any more Sierra when I have shot this lot, as I am nervous of playing with COAL when I do not know the free travel for sure Thanks for the input
  13. CBTO measuring not going too well!

    Hi, as a newcomer to Centrefire rifle reloading, having got a reasonably(for me anyway) accurate load worked up, thought to try tweaking jump(free travel) to see if I could improve it. I use two bullets -Amax 52gr and Sierra FMJBT 55gr in 223 calibre. Using the Hornady OAL gauge, modified cartridge and their comparator I set off...... A max gave reasonably constant CBTO of 1.877 to 1.880 touching the lands (1.8785 +/- 1.5), COAL 2.277 - two sets of readings on different days Sierra is all over the place - I have 1 set 1.941 to 1.946, then another 2 sets 1.966 to 1.969 (1.967.5 +/- 1.5), COAL 2.330 - all on different days Probably the 2 sets of results is the truth, but what I do not understand is why the CBTO for an Amax bullet touching the lands is different (by around 100thou) to the Serra bullet when measuring to the Ogive? Surely they should be the same? Or am I being stupid?(it has been known) Both bullets mike at 0.224, and I am using the same bullet(s) for each set of readings, and each set is 5 tries When I measure CBTO on the cartridges I have loaded, all to 2.230 +/- 1 COAL, I get Amax 1.8425 +/-1.5 over 20 cartridges and Sierra 1.873 +/- 2 again over 20 cartridges. This I can understand, its due to the bullet shape from the ogive to the tip. Any Thoughts??
  14. OK, this is probably a silly question - how do you specify barrel length in a rifle? a. OA length of barrel; b. bolt face to muzzle; c. length of rifling? On a shotgun it is (a.) as the barrel closes onto the breech face, however I would have thought that (c.) was more pertinent for a rifle as that is the bit that does the clever bit? ATB M
  15. Terrible accuracy - 357

    Hi deadcenter, I would be interested in the results of your tests, as I am trying to push my Win 94AE 357 out to 100 yards. My subsonic load seems good(ish) at 25 and 50 but 100 is poor, so need to look at a hotter load? Am using VvN320 under plated LOS 158gr TC bullet. Any pointers gratefully received! When I get the 357 sorted, will be onto my Henry 44mag next!

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