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  1. Hi would you sell the mount on its own ? Cheers Jimmy
  2. Amax

    Sorry for being a little off the original topic but anyone know howmuch difference is there between the 123 Amax and the 123 sst ? Was wondering as with the Amax going of production when I've used my stash up I'll need to find a new bullet Thanks James
  3. Yes please if still available
  4. Pic rail fitting

    Hi I'm thinking of having a pic rail fitted to my t3 but I want it bonding on so probably best I don't do it myself. When doing this professionally do smiths have tools to 100% aline the rail to the bore ? As it's not like once stuck the screws can be cracked and it nudged across if it's not exactly in aline Thanks Sp.
  5. Tikka T3 bolt release problem

    Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/332293410161 Alot for a spring I must admit but if needs must guess
  6. Redding comp bushing die set 6.5x47

    Yes but I'm used to it mark 51years of being ''special''
  7. Redding comp bushing die set 6.5x47

    Please someone offer me something to help before I bounce this ad more than a wallis bomb
  8. Redding comp bushing die set 6.5x47

    Surely someone must be swapping from last years trendy calibre to this years trendy must have calibre and wanting to of load a bushing die
  9. surgeon 6.5x47

    Not a problem. Appreciate the reply Cheers
  10. surgeon 6.5x47

    Don't suppose you'd happen to have a bushing die for sale ? ''if you're changing calibre that is'' cheers.
  11. Redding comp bushing die set 6.5x47

    Still looking cheers Would consider just a bushing die, neck or full length. Cheers
  12. Redding comp bushing die set 6.5x47

    Anyone got anything please
  13. Redding comp bushing die set 6.5x47

    As above really please, if anyone has a set they no longer require please get in touch before I cry and buy new
  14. Hi On a t3 what would the lop go from/to please

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