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  1. Cardiffplinker

    Bradley Arms BAR-10

    That’s excellent! Now I just need to offload the RPA to clear the slot!
  2. Cardiffplinker

    Bradley Arms BAR-10

    Will these be regular offerings Mark?
  3. Dear all, I know it is a long shot ( pun intended ) but if anyone happens to have any of the above surplus to requirements please get in touch. Regards, Cp
  4. Cardiffplinker

    Remington 700 SA .223 magazine conversion

    Thank you very much, I am looking for something that would fit my OEM H&S stock.
  5. Cardiffplinker

    Remington 700 SA .223 magazine conversion

    Looking for a Remington 700 SA .223 magazine conversion suitable for DIY installation. Many thanks
  6. Cardiffplinker


    Well done to the old shooter!
  7. I'll be interested in the bag & armourers tool, action clamp and mag well clamp if you split.
  8. Many thanks, I just don't enjoy wearing glasses, as they dirty real quick at the range. Hopefully will have a swap by this weekend.
  9. SOLD elsewhere, please mark appropriately.
  10. EOTech XPS2-0 Holographic Weapon Sight 68 MOA Circle with 1 MOA dot SWAP for magnified scope. I love the Eotech on my BAR22 but my astigmatism and red dot types do not work too well and a 3x magnifier won't make a difference in my case. I am looking for a magnified quality scope for my rifle and can add money on top if need be. The Eotech is in excellent condition and comes with box etc. One small mark on the battery cap. Please PM if interested for pics etc.
  11. Cardiffplinker

    Eotech EXPS optic

    Hi mate | got an XPS 2-0 if you are intrested, currently on my BAR 22 but not getting much use.
  12. Price dropped to £140 shipped with rings and bases. Advertised elsewhere as well.
  13. Cardiffplinker


    We used ADT and they charge around £20 a month maintenance /warranty. yearly inspections and replacement of any faulty equipment included. So far they have been very good. The engineer was brilliant ( 2 days job! ) but he worked with me to make sure ALL the perimeter was covered, with him walking around and me calling him to tell him where to move to adjust/ add cameras. Probably very expensive, but I am happy with what I got.
  14. Now comes with 2 piece bases for a Remington 700 SA

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