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  1. The Burpster

    Sako finnfire varmint - stock req

    I’ll happily swap my standard Varmint hunter stock for your range stock? 😀
  3. The Burpster


    Can I have the 5rd .300WM pleas.... PMd you.
  4. Not that I remember..... it did take a while to find an ammo it cycled 100% That was also accurate. Once that was achieved I had to smoothen out the trigger pull and release as I would always end up pulling the second shot on a double tap. It has basically worked like a sewing machine ever since.....
  5. The Burpster

    22-250 Sierra 69gr TMKs

    I use the 60gn TMKs in mine and they are pretty good! Also used 55gn HPBT and they just as good but more susceptible to wind out beyond 400. never looked at using 69TMKs but 1:10 should be enough to spin them up as long as build up a load to find which load suits your barrel. what you using N140?
  6. Thank you for the kind comments. Indeed yes I did do the trigger work after watching a YouTube tutorial from the US. Simple and minor polishing of burrs on a couple of parts. Made the lighter trigger spring from spring wire (had to experiment with several different gauges) but settled on one that gave nice crisp pull but didn’t need finger muscles like Arnold Shwarznegger..... Unlike the standard SIG item.
  7. The Burpster

    Sako Quad Quick Release Scope

    Currently for sale in the sale section
  8. The Burpster

    Sako Quad Quick Release Scope

    Vortex and UTG do less expensive ones but the American Defense Recon is the best VFM. if using one piece you need to ensure the engineering is up to scratch - sorry it’s not cheap but it is reliable....
  9. The Burpster

    Sako Quad Quick Release Scope

    No worries.
  10. The Burpster

    Sako Quad Quick Release Scope

    Just remembered Apex make a rail as it was an Apex rail I put on my mates Quad HMR to swap between day scope and NV.
  11. The Burpster

    Sako Quad Quick Release Scope

    If you have a one piece rail then yes it should be within one click. Always check until you know what the effects of removing and reffitting has but mine don’t move noticeably. if you want guaranteed results you need a one piece rail and one piece mount with QR. Two piece mounts always allow slight flex of mounts or tube.
  12. The Burpster

    Sako Quad Quick Release Scope

    https://www.kinneysshootingsupply.com/product-p/dp-17009.htm then any decent one piece Picatinny Mount....
  13. Very well sorted SIG 522 .22lr semi-auto. Lightened trigger polished transfer ramp. This cycles like a sewing machine and is accurate enough to win LSR competitions with RWS semi-auto (and I have) but is also a slick PR tool. I have installed a Beamshot laser in the forend instead of the plastic tube. And this is zeroed at 25m. Comes in standard trim with 3 SIG mags (1x25 & 2 x10) and muzzle brake for £400 One off with purchase (if wanted as std rifle I will keep these and sell them spererately) package of 2x Promag 30rd mags, SIG clip on cheek piece riser, A-Tec moderator (slot needed on FAC), Hogue SIG 5XX grip and AR handguard converter nut £100. So total package £500. F2F sale or Meet up. May even RFD transfer if travel isn’t an option. PM me for email address for HD images or questions. Selling to fund a change in thought for PR, no other reason.
  14. Bloody hell always too slow......😕

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