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  1. tecuani

    Tikka T3 Bolt problem

    @ Baldie I had an aftermarket bolt and shroud once, the shroud was acceptable and stayed on. The bolt was fitted, I was not happy with the fitting and after firing once or twice I quickly reverted back to the factory bolt! That was on the T3 but not important for me as I own now a T3x. The T3x will stay "as intended and designed by Tikka", the only change planned is a pse stock from one of the topic contributors!! tec
  2. tecuani

    changing barrels with Keppeler

    It is not difficult, same here fix the barrel in a vise. Since I have a square action I use a wrench, goes without saying, I protect the action for damage with either leather or felt. However, doing it yourself, since it is not a switch barrel system (or any other reference to fit) you need to keep headspace in mind. Regards, Tec
  3. tecuani

    Schultz & Larsen

    Hello, Is anyone here using a S&L Tactical whom I could ask for some experiences or hints? Also by PM or email. I am aware that some of it is very personal and a pro for one might be less important for me or the other way around Regards, Tec
  4. hello, As Brownell's does not seem to deliver them to the Netherlands, does anybody have a good source for go/no go gauges suitable for 6,5x47L? I would settle for a set used gauges also. Kind regards, Tec
  5. tecuani

    rebarrel expectations

    Hi Edi, Not nice to experience but I consider it as learning (I thought I finished school long time ago!). I surely would have walked a different way now. It would have been more paperwork, export the rifle and getting it back to the Netehrlands. Not difficult but time wise much longer and a lot more paperwork, at the moment I decided I did not expect any technical problems. For the gunsmith it was daily routine...... On the other hand what you say, he is highly unlikely to get anymore business from me or friends, since they have seen what happened. Yes, it looks nice and impressive, at least to me and he did a nice job optically........but....still......in the end.... a rifle is made for shooting...... Tec
  6. tecuani

    rebarrel expectations

    Thank you for the replies and useful information It already sort of confirms what I was thinking. For now, I wish you all very nice days during the Festive Season!
  7. tecuani

    rebarrel expectations

    Hello Big Al, No need to worry, I kinda blame myself for not researching beforehand and just trusting the gunsmith's "beautifull blue eyes".... I wrote this post to learn, it was a bit waste of money but the most annoying thing is, without a doubt, the hassle and trouble for me. Consider it wise lessons learned!! However, as a layman I trusted also the advice of the gunsmith! He assured me it was a piece of cake for him, all in a days job. I did not blame him initially, I tried to work it out, but now he is very persistent that the problem lies in my both scope mounts (original keppeler). This just does not add up for me comparing the results for the .280 and the 6,5x47L. I just cannot believe that a 6,5x47L needs a 20 MOA mount just to punch the paper @ 100 meters and that he suggests it as a viable solution, actually 40 MOA for longer ranges. Thank you for the replies and explanations so far, they have been helpful and it clears things up for me! Tec
  8. Apart from the colour of the stock it looks remarkable like a Tikka T3 Sporter (and as my first rifle I developed a love for it!) Needless to say I am impressed by the nice work you did! Have fun with it! Tec
  9. tecuani

    rebarrel expectations

    Thanks Gun Pimp, I tried to boresight this barrel but having difficulties with it and blaming it mostly on my ageing eyes...... I already serious doubted my boresighting skills since I could see the paper target but there was no way I could punch the paper, as it turned out it was shooting very low (almost 1 meter ~ 3 foot @ 100 meter). I had one of my mates had it sighted (also boresight) until in the end we started as shooter-spotter on a heap of sand since he had very little success. I will ask the gunsmith about the indexing, but judging from the progress (this is a point of discussion since April) and the solutions he is not aware of it As it was promised to be a "multi-calibre", I was (at the time) not aware of the problems I could meet, so let this be a warning (and a learning process) about barrel changes in a multi-calibre role It is not just as simple as screwing another barrel in...... What you say makes sense! But 2 feet @ 300 yards is still different from 1 meter @ 100 meter I will serious think about the multi-calibre for this rifle as I think due to the differences in both barrels it is not a feasible thing, unlike what the gunsmith recommended. Tec
  10. Good evening, After reading here a lot I would like to start a topic, I am hoping to get some suggestions regarding rebarreling and my expectations. I had, for my Keppeler action, two barrels made. One like the original 6,5x47L (replacement) and a 2nd barrel (suggested by the gunsmith) in .280 Both barrels are of a threaded type. The original 6,5x47L was never used over 300 meter (no other possibilities here in the Netherlands) I don't have exact scope data (Nightforce benchrest) but for this distance no problems were expected nor encountered (there was enough adjustment left for longer ranges, but not sure how much exactly). Now the problem, the new barrel seems to shoot low, in my opinion not a little bit but a lot. With the scope (nightforce) fully adjusted/dailed up it shoots about 35 cm low (under the target) at 50 meters (I guess about 70 cm @ 100 meter). Trying with another scope and scopemount (Elite Tactical, 34mm tube, 26 mil of total adjustment range) it still shoots low and I have only 6 mils left to dail up. So it hits the target at 100 meters, but a distance of 300 meters will be at the end of the range :-( The .280 barrel, however shoots different. When zero'ed at 100 meters I have 16MOA (126 clicks up) on the Nightforce left on the range (not really long range but a considerable difference) as for the Elite Tactical I have 184 clicks left, since it is a mil scope, 18.4 mils which gives me a theoretical range of 12-1300 meters. It should be capable of longer ranges but for now it will do. Now, upon explaining these variations to the gunsmith, he said that changing barrels always gives variations. I am willing to accept that, as a matter of fact, as an engineer I would be surprised if this wasn't the case...but this much? In my opinion it is not acceptable, basically it means that a rebarreled rifle cannot shoot on target with a stock scope @ 100 meters, I never heard of such a thing. I mean Keppeler and Nightforce is not really bottom end quality.... As the solution he suggested a 40 moa Spuhr mount to overcome the problems. I do not favour this since to me the low shooting of the 6,5x47L is caused by a different problem and the 40 moa mount is just circumventing the real problem. Am I setting the standard too high? What can be expected based on your experience? Kind regards, Tec

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