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  1. The rail mount looks good, but by the time you've bought a v3 and imported the mount, you're not far short of a labradar anyway, no?
  2. JabaliHunter

    Brass Trim Length

    Nothing, but one is a lot quicker...
  3. Hi.....hadn't seen your reply on the thread about random visits until today and the thread seems to have wandered away from the original topic so thought id reply directly....hope that's ok ?

    In reply to your question, its semantics really....if the police were acting on intelligence and intended to seize your firearms then there would almost certainly be further offences involved, most of which would have a power of entry, assault/threats to kill/breach of peace, etc......the list goes on. So if they were attending to seize your firearms they COULD be in possession of a warrant but almost certainly wouldn't be. I have done this myself many times over the years and never with a warrant...the process is too long winded and messy and their is always an alternative.

    If however, you had not committed any offences but were deemed unsuitable to possess your firearms due to mental health issues or sobriety concerns, then this would almost always involve a warrant and would be a much more low key approach.

    Hope this helps.

    Regards, Rob.  

  4. JabaliHunter

    Random security check by armed response unit

    But as I understand it, they would still require a warrant
  5. I suppose its old fashioned to rely on English? After all, they were giving out 'free' lessons in it at school, and it was around long before the internet... If it was so challenging to convey meaning, books would never have caught on... But for the avoidance of doubt: 😉
  6. JabaliHunter

    UKV site not secure?

    Why has my phone started flashing up red warnings that the UKV site is "not secure" when signing in? Is this a concern?
  7. JabaliHunter

    GP.s and FAC renewals

    It would be useful if BASC would re-state its advice, as that page is dated August 2016
  8. JabaliHunter

    Favourite Hunting Knife

    Not even close... ?
  9. JabaliHunter

    Viht 6.5x284 reload data interchangeable with .284 Win?

    Sierra has some data for the .284 and Viht powders http://accurateshooter.net/pix/sierra284.pdf
  10. price reduced (as shown above)
  11. JabaliHunter

    If you could choose one caliber for foxes, what would it be?

    If you don’t reload: .223 is probably your cheapest and best option; or .204 if you can get ammunition easily/cheaply where you are); But if you reload: TAC .20 or .20 Practical to use readily available .223 brass; or .20 PPC if you want to go the whole hog...
  12. As long as it is sufficiently stiff and isn’t bent...
  13. 6.5mm (.264) 107 GR. Sierra Tipped Matchking #7407Anybody seen these available in the UK?

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