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  1. rangerunner

    7 mm rem mag brass

    hi paul, got 57 Nosler cases, probably on 3rd firing, £20 posted
  2. Hi. Looking for the above, 28" or longer for an FClass build. Thanks
  3. .17 and 223 sold 6.5 x55 and 25.06 still available
  4. rangerunner


    A photo of the box end with product details would be useful
  5. rangerunner


    Is this FFP, illuminated and zero stop?
  6. Surplus due to sale of rifle. £25.00 per 20
  7. Once fired, cleaned, with LEM cleaner and neck sized with lee collet die102 cases Nosler £5558 cases Norma £3020 cases Sako £ 10 All plus p/p Also for sale on S.D.
  8. Due to the sale of my rifles in the above calibres, I have the following ammunition for sale.40 rounds .223 Privi 69gr Match £10 per 20150 rounds .17HMR 17gr £2040 rounds Nosler Trophy grade 140 gr £25.00 per 2040 rounds Federal 140gr SP £25.00 per 2040 rounds Norma 140gr SP £30.00 per 2020 rounds privi 139gr SP £1020 rounds Hornady 140gr SST £25.00
  9. rangerunner

    McMillan A3-5 Riser

    Hi. Just wondered if anyone has anadjustable cheekpiecefor an A5 stock, any colour, integral clamp bar. Thanks Rangerunner
  10. Thanks Hobbit for the write up, excellent results and good shooting. I changed the order on the Action to a Definace tactical and added the new tacsport Bixn-Andy 2 stage trigger. I'll probably get the whole lot assembled to fit in a JP stock that I already have as I still have another few months to wait for the Manners. I'll PM you soon to see if you fancy a Bisley outing. Regards Rangerunner
  11. Bought these in the wrong size when State side, too far to send back. http://www.ap-manufacture.com £10.00 inc p/p
  12. Redding 25.06 body die £15 +p/p Hornady 25.06 modified case £7.00 inc p/p Lee 2 die set, almost unused £23.00+p/p 100 Berger 115gr 25cal hunting bullets £45.00+p/p 100 Berger 210gr 30 CAL vld's hunting £55.00+p/p I think its about £3.90 for posting these items Thanks

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