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  1. ON HOLD. Provisionally sold. Payment pending.
  2. Reluctantly I have decided to sell my rifle. Limited use and a change of work situation being the major factors in the decision. The rifle is the stainless model, with 24" inch barrel and adjustable cheek piece. It was purchased for hunting only and has never been used for range work. Consequently the shot count is low. 250 at most. The rifle was purchased this year and is in mint condition. Attached to the rifle is a calibre-specific Wildcat Evolution. This was purchased at the same time as the rifle, so the shot count is the same. Asking price for the setup is £1100. A significant saving on buying new (if you could indeed get your hands on a stainless model). I also have somewhere between 50 and 100 loaded rounds that I will give to the new owner (if collected). Face to Face collection preferred, although RFD transfer may be considered. PM me for photos (genuine interested buyers only please). Tremo
  3. .224" - Nosler 40 grain Ballistic Tip, Varmint. - SOLD 230 bullets (from of box of 250). £55 delivered (Mainland GB only). .243" - Hornady 87 grain V-Max. - SOLD Unopened box of 100 bullets. £25 delivered (Mainland GB only). First to PM me. Paypal only. Mainland GB only. Advertised on other forums. Cheers. Tremo
  4. SOLD. Cheers enigma, for the swift transaction.
  5. Excellent condition. £70 delivered. First to PM me. Paypal only. Mainland GB only. Advertised on other forums. Cheers. Tremo
  6. 2 Boxes sold. 1 box remaining, plus part box of 24 bullets. £47 (delivered) for the lot.
  7. Before I buy new, is there any one out there with some of these that are surplus to requirements? Cheers. Tremo
  8. I have 3 boxes of these for sale (100 bullets per box). All unopened. Batch # 30302. £35 per box + p&p. First to PM me. Note: Advertised on other forums so a PM is the only way that I can confirm who was the first member to request the purchase. Don't lose out by replying to the advert only. Paypal only. Mainland GB delivery only. Cheers. Tremo

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