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  1. Excellent condition. Very little use. £35 (p&p included to mainland GB). Paypal only. First to PM me. Advertised on other forums.
  2. Bump + one and only price drop. Now £490 (delivered).
  3. I used a Ward 800L with an Elite 6-24. Sad to say the image wasn't the best.
  4. MDT LSS XL Gen 2 Chassis for rem short action. Black. excellent condition. http://www.blackrifle.co.uk/MDT-LSS-XL-Chassis-System-p/mdt-lss-xl.htm I've added an M-Lok Aluminium Picatinny Rail to the front to allow the use of a bipod. http://www.blackrifle.co.uk/M-Lok-Aluminium-Picatinny-Rail-p/mdt-mlok.htm Attached to the chassis is an Ergo Tactical Deluxe Grip. Black. excellent condition. http://www.blackrifle.co.uk/Ergo-Tactical-Deluxe-Grip-p/ergo-td.htm MDT Skeleton Stock V5. Black. Excellent condition, apart from small 5mm2 piece of rubber missing out of the recoil pad. I managed to catch this in the zip of my bag. Hardly noticeable though, but just being honest. http://www.blackrifle.co.uk/MDT-Skeleton-Rifle-Stock-v5-p/mdt-skel-v5.htm The above package would cost around £730 to buy new. I am asking £525 (delivered) for the lot. Sorry, but I will not split. I can supply photos on the weekend for anyone that is interested in this superb setup. Please PM me. Tremo
  5. Afraid not. He was a little slow on the trigger. 😉
  6. I have discovered another three unopened boxes (3 x 100 bullets) of these in the cupboard, all with the same batch ID. For sale as one lot (300 bullets in total). Price is £105 plus p&p. First to PM me. Paypal only. Advertised on other forums also. Cheers. Tremo
  7. Thanks for the offer, but I can't let them go for that sorry.
  8. * Price Drop * Sat here collecting dust, so ... £25 per box (100), plus p&p.
  9. Tremo

    Nosler Varmageddon .22 Cal

  10. Tremo

    Nosler Varmageddon .22 Cal

    Before I purchase new, are any of you guys looking to sell some of these? I'm interested in 40 grain and 55 grain. Tipped preferably but I will consider hollow point. Thanks. Tremo

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