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  1. Used, excellent condition- Timney Rem 700 Calvin Elite w/safety (8oz-2.5lbs) https://www.1967spud.com/shop/rifle-component/rem-700-calvin-elite-wsafety-8oz-2-5lbs/ £155 (posted) - SOLD Has to be the best trigger that I have ever used. Only selling as I am returning the rifle to it's original configuration prior to sale. Used, excellent condition - Contessa Picatinny Rail - Remington 700 Short (20 MOA) https://www.alanrhone-store.com/product_info.php?products_id=843 £40 (posted) - SOLD New - SINCLAIR REMINGTON MAINSPRING TOOL https://www.brownells.co.uk/SINCLAIR-REMINGTON-MAINSPRING-TOOL-SINCLAIR-INTERNATIONAL-749004114 £25 (posted) - SOLD Lapua .243 Brass 125 cases. Three times fired. £25 (posted) - SOLD .243 Brass - mixture of Sako, FC 105 cases. Once fired. £15 (posted) PM me please. Paypal only. Post to UK only. Advertised on other forums also. Cheers. Tremo
  2. Tremo

    Nosler Ballistic Tip - 30 cal

    Evening chaps. I'm on the look out for some Nosler BTs for my .308. Looking to try 125 grain through to 180 grain. Anyone wanting to sell? Cheers. Tremo
  3. All sold. Thanks for the interest chaps.
  4. Tremo

    Anschutz 1417 Stock

    I'm looking for a thumbhole stock for my 1417. Must be in excellent condition. Please PM me. Cheers. Tremo
  5. 87 grain and 58 grain sold - payment pending.
  6. Hornady 87 grain V-Max. 3 full boxes (each of 100 bullets) and one opened box (which is almost full). £30 per full box plus p&p. I will confirm the number in the opened box, but I would guess that £25 plus p&p will be about right. Hornady 58 grain V-Max. 5 full boxes (each of 100 bullets). £22 per full box plus p&p. P&P can be combined for the purchase of numerous boxes. PayPal only please. First to PM me will get first refusal. For sale on other forums. Cheers. Tremo
  7. Nightmaster 800 fitted with ... X-Searcher head and AS IR pill. Comes with a Laserluchs Ball Head mount. Great condition. Perfect for medium to long range foxing. £100 plus p&p (mainland Great Britain). Paypal only. First to PM me. Advertised on other forums. Cheers. Tremo
  8. Excellent condition. Very little use. £35 (p&p included to mainland GB). Paypal only. First to PM me. Advertised on other forums.
  9. Bump + one and only price drop. Now £490 (delivered).
  10. I used a Ward 800L with an Elite 6-24. Sad to say the image wasn't the best.
  11. MDT LSS XL Gen 2 Chassis for rem short action. Black. excellent condition. http://www.blackrifle.co.uk/MDT-LSS-XL-Chassis-System-p/mdt-lss-xl.htm I've added an M-Lok Aluminium Picatinny Rail to the front to allow the use of a bipod. http://www.blackrifle.co.uk/M-Lok-Aluminium-Picatinny-Rail-p/mdt-mlok.htm Attached to the chassis is an Ergo Tactical Deluxe Grip. Black. excellent condition. http://www.blackrifle.co.uk/Ergo-Tactical-Deluxe-Grip-p/ergo-td.htm MDT Skeleton Stock V5. Black. Excellent condition, apart from small 5mm2 piece of rubber missing out of the recoil pad. I managed to catch this in the zip of my bag. Hardly noticeable though, but just being honest. http://www.blackrifle.co.uk/MDT-Skeleton-Rifle-Stock-v5-p/mdt-skel-v5.htm The above package would cost around £730 to buy new. I am asking £525 (delivered) for the lot. Sorry, but I will not split. I can supply photos on the weekend for anyone that is interested in this superb setup. Please PM me. Tremo

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