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  1. 4 unopened boxes and 1 opened box of these rounds (approx. 220 rounds in total). Surplus to requirements. £20. Collection only. New owner must have this ammunition slot on FAC. Tremo
  2. As new. I purchased 2 off these in December 2017. The intention was to use this one on my .22LR, but to date this device has never been out in the field and quite honestly I can't see it receiving the amount of work that I intially envisaged. Hence the sale. I use the other unit on my foxing rifle and from my hands-on experience, for this price, you will not get a better dedicated NV scope. The latest firmware update has been applied. The unit comes boxed with all the original supplied gear (e.g. carry case, IR illuminator, ..). Price is £550 (including RMSD) Paypal only. First person to PM me. Advertised on other forums also. Cheers. Tremo
  3. I'll take the RCBS precision mic 243 please. PM sent.
  4. Sorry mate. It has been sold - payment pending. I'll let you know if the sale falls through. Thanks. Tremo
  5. Black Sun IR pill for Nightmaster 800 illuminator. As new. Purchased from Clive Ward in 2017. £25 delivered (UK). Cheers.
  6. John. Do these prices include postage?
  7. One item remaining - the Leupold MK4 rings. Price reduced to £65 for quick sale.
  8. Magpul PMAG 5 7.62 AC - AICS SA

    Looking for one (maybe two) of these. Must be in mint condition. New if possible. Cheers. Tremo
  9. KRG Stock

    I went with an MDT LSS-XL chassis. The Bravo's were out of stock everywhere that I tried with an estimated 6 - 8 week restocking period, so this lead to a rethink on the best option for the intended use of the rifle. Fortuitous? Only time will tell.
  10. KRG Stock

  11. KRG Stock

    Yes. Cheers mate. I'm just checking out what the forum guys have that they may want to move on. I may also be interested in the MDT HS3.
  12. KRG Stock

    I'm on the lookout for a KRG Bravo (or possibly a KRG X-Ray) to fit a Rem 700 short action. The stock has to be new, or in 'as new' condition. Is there anything about? PM me please. Cheers. Tremo

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