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  1. Tremo

    Warne 30mm Low QD Rings

    Any of you guys have an unwanted set of these? Only 'Low' height please and must be in good condition. Cheers. Tremo
  2. £110 for the 3 boxes delivered? That's a good price. Sounds remarkably like the price I offered a few weeks ago. Hindsight eh?
  3. If I didn't already have a .22LR in my cabinet I would be halfway to Devon by now! A lovely rifle. Good luck with the sale.
  4. Tremo

    .243 lapua brass

    No worries at all mate. It's a wise choice John. All I use is Lapua. I remember picking these up, once-fired, as 'backups' just in case I could not get any Lapua, and they've sat there collecting dust ever since. All the best mate.
  5. Tremo

    Lyman Primer Pocket Uniformer - small

    It's nowhere to be found, sorry.
  6. Tremo

    .243 lapua brass

    Hi John. I had a few minutes spare so I took a look. No Lapua brass I'm afraid. It's all gone. What I did find though was two other bags containing .243 brass. The first has about 150 once-fired Federal cases in it. The second has a selection, all once-fired - Sako (x42), Winchester (x6), RP (x22), RWS (x20). They are no good to me as I no longer have a .243. If you are interested suggest a price and I'll weigh them for a p&p price.
  7. Tremo

    .243 lapua brass

    Will do mate. I'll have a dig around over the weekend.
  8. Tremo

    Lyman Primer Pocket Uniformer - small

    Not much mate. I see that they are around £24 (+p&p) for a new one. How does £15 posted sound? I have to find it first though!!
  9. Tremo

    .243 lapua brass

    I may have some here mate. I'll have to check. If so it will be twice fired, not once. Would that be ok?
  10. Tremo

    Lyman Primer Pocket Uniformer - small

    I may have one of these Matt. If I do it's hardly used / as new. How are you expecting to spend, as it may take quite a bit of digging around to find it?
  11. 400 Sierra Varminter 55 grain Spitzers (Blitz) .22 Cal 4 boxes of 100. £15 per box + p&p. - SOLD Viper Moderator Cover - Black - New £5 + p&p. Lyman Trimmer Pilot #26 (6.5mm) - New £6 posted. First to PM me. Postage to mainland GB only. Paypal only. Advertised on other forums. Cheers. Tremo
  12. Redding Neck Die Set, now £38 + p&p Redding Body Die, now £20 + p&p - SOLD
  13. Redding Neck Die Set - .243 Winchester. Great condition. Includes neck resizing die and bullet seating die. £44 + p&p I made a mistake here. This is actually a 3 die set for the .243 Winchester. Seating, neck sizing and full length sizing dies. £50 + p&p - SOLD First to PM me. Delivery to GB only. Paypal only. Advertised on other forums. Cheers. Tremo

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