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  1. Tremo

    Tikka T3x Adjustable Stock

    Cheers Mick. Information as per PM.
  2. Harris Bipod. 9" to 13", swivel/tilt. Smooth legs. Picatinny/weaver fitting. Good condition. £50 delivered. SOLD - Nightmaster 800 illuminator (with a Black Sun Ruby IR LED). Excellent condition. £50, delivered. I have another LED here also that I will throw in. Not sure what it is. Could be white, green or red. SOLD - Laserluchs Ball Mount. Excellent condition. £25, delivered. Atlas BT22 extension legs. Mint condition. £25, delivered. - - Bolt Knob. Internal diameter of 6mm. Good condition. £12, delivered. SOLD - Nightmaster Battery Extension Tube. Mint condition. £8, delivered. As always, first to PM me, Paypal only, UK delivery only, advertised on other forums. I will be able to post on weekends only. Cheers. Tremo
  3. Tremo

    Tikka T3x Adjustable Stock

    Thanks Bertie. Wrong fit though.
  4. Tremo

    Tikka T3x Adjustable Stock

    No mate, just the standard Tikka offering with the adjustable comb. Cheers.
  5. Tremo

    Tikka T3x Adjustable Stock

    Yes, that's the sort of thing that I'm after.
  6. Tremo

    Tikka T3x Adjustable Stock

    Cheers mate. I'll look in to those as well.
  7. Tremo

    Tikka T3x Adjustable Stock

    I want to replace the standard stock on my T3 Lite (.223) with an adjustable stock. I believe that the T3x one will fit? Does anyone have one going, surplus to requirements because the have fitted an aftermarket stock? It must be new(ish) or near mint condition. Cheers. Tremo
  8. The X-Sight complete with X-Mount has been SOLD. The Nightmaster 800 illuminator (with a Black Sun Ruby IR LED) is still available at £60, delivered. The illuminator is currently fitted in a Laserluchs Ball Mount. If this is required also the total will be £90, delivered. The Laserluchs Ball Mount can be purchased alone for £35, delivered. Cheers. Tremo
  9. Very little used. In fact it hasn't been out for almost 12 months. Great condition. Boxed with all the bits and pieces. IR illuminator is completely unused. The unit is currently fitted with a Contessa 'X Mount'. This allows a quick detach and re-attach without loss of zero (so I have found). It also allows the scope to be mounted nearer the eye, so giving a more natural aiming position. https://www.alanrhone-store.com/product_info.php?products_id=1563 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UC6zF_vKkk I also have for sale a Nightmaster 800 illuminator that has been fitted with a Black Sun Ruby IR LED (from Clive Ward). All prices are plus delivery costs. The pricing options are - X-Sight II (fitted with standard mount) = £375 X-Sight II (fitted with X-Mount mount) = £475 X-Mount (X-Sight II must be sold before this becomes available) = £125 Nightmaster 800 (X-Sight must be sold before this becomes available) = £60 Total package detailed above = £525. Photos on request. Paypal only. Mainland GB only. First to PM me. Advertised on other forums. Cheers. Tremo
  10. Sorry guys, it looks as though the rifle has now sold. I'll let you know if for any reason the sale falls through. Thanks. Tremo
  11. The rifle is not going to be in my possession for much longer guys, so I'm prepared to let a forum member have a good deal and buy it cheaper than what is advertised on GunTrader. So, the price is now £850. Obviously at this price, transfer fees will have to be added at extra cost. Tremo

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