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  1. Very good condition Gen3 . £265 new . £190 POSTED. See them on YouTube for a good guide, to set up.
  2. Chas great set up ,hope it sell well. Where did you get the tripod adapter and what's it called . ATB
  3. Tikka T3x Super Varmin Adjustable. 243. Very accurate rifle, in near new condition ,250 rounds. Great saving on New £925;offers excepted Trade for binoculars _+ cash considerd
  4. Redding competition seating Die, 243 6mm.,,they are £139 new, selling for £89 posted. Boxed set No 55114.
  5. Is the price including postage . Ted
  6. ted105

    Lyman Gen 6

    I need a repair to a gen 6 powder scale. It's showing error code 040 which I think is a load cell problem ,any one had one repaired in the UK. Or is it a send to USA. Thanks.
  7. Hi do you have any photos please What condition is it in . Thanks Ted
  8. Hi Chris NZ.Does your sons pivot Thanks
  9. ted105

    300 SWM.

    I need to load a few practice rounds ,for use before overseas shooting . Don't want to buy a new tub of powder .i have rl22 and N160 both give loads for the300 SWM . Any of you load it need some feed back. Thanks,.

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