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  1. Very nice. People might like to know if it is manual or auto. David.
  2. Kalahari

    Worth a read...........

    Having said you don't believe in "The mob rule that is a referendum" how do you in all conscience ask for another? Unless your sort of democracy is of the kind where you keep asking the question until you get the answer you want and then shut down the debate? David.
  3. Kalahari

    Worth a read...........

    "I didn't think the country was daft enough to vote leave... " This sums up the problem in one line. The assumption that remainers are oh so clever and leavers are oh so stupid. Ti has been going on since the votes were counted. The question is quite simple, do you believe in democracy or are you so thick you don't understand the concept. See, how do you like being treated like an idiot? David.
  4. Well I am sorry if I caused offence by being thin skinned but often the only way people know you are jesting is to use emojis. There is no tone or smile on the web. Also Bradders to be fair you had just been rude about someone because he hadn't said thankyou. Maybe he should have, maybe he just forgot but you certainly didn't give out the feeling that you joked a lot and then the post about people shooting at short ranges sounded fairly abrasive to me. David.
  5. Why don't we all start fighting amongst ourselves? After all it isn't as if anybody else is out to get us! Let people do what they enjoy. I mean if you are a stalker the plan is to get reasonably close anyway. As long as people are safe, have fun I say. David.
  6. Kalahari

    Jan 5th CSR, Bisley

    Almost a pity not to allow people to shoot it with a military calibre round even if using multiple magazines, not to count in the final scores but to just have a go before making an investment. David.
  7. Kalahari

    Jan 5th CSR, Bisley

    Sounds fun but I don't have a qualifying rifle. David.
  8. Kalahari

    UK Distributors too greedy?

    You mean I have to qualify for this list??? Don't think I can manage that, not competent to qualify. Just wanted to be on a list!!! 😁 David.
  9. Kalahari

    UK Distributors too greedy?

    Quick, put me on this list! I want to be on Bradder's list! 😀 David.
  10. Kalahari

    Posting Rifle stock within the U.K.

    Yes, when they ask what is in it just say "wood carving" and fittings. Not a lie, but doesn't mention the dreaded firearm word. David.
  11. Kalahari

    Ammo from 1960s compared to today.

    Anybody who supports mandatory testing should look at the safety and other statistics for countries that have such things. They are often a lot more dangerous/worse than the UK. This is before we advocate allowing the police more powers to interfere in our sport. David.
  12. Kalahari

    Stock Inlets.

    Stock manufacturers seem to want to sell me more stocks, not help. So I am relying onyou guys! Thanks, David.
  13. I am sure someone can help on here. My questions are:- Is the inlet for a stock on a CZ550 the same as that on a BRNO 600? Secondly how do these two compare to the inlet on a Mauser 98? Many thanks, David.
  14. Dunno what all this has to do with rangefinders! 😀 David.

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