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  1. Hello, I am back now and the one on my 223 which is rated up to 22-250 is a JD151 which is an overbarrel model. I am pleased with it. Best wishes, David.
  2. Hello, I am in Madeira at the moment so need to check the model numbers when I get back. I have them on both my 223 and 7 x 64 and I am very pleased with them. They are light and seem very efficient. Best wishes, David.
  3. Might be a stupid question...

    Is the thicker end in a target rifle to alter the barrel harmonics??? David.
  4. Legal??

    As above. I assume you have a 223 on ticket, otherwise wouldn't be an offence to make up the ammunition? Best wishes, David.
  5. Scope for 7.62x39

    Yeah, but brave people can do it! David.
  6. Scope for 7.62x39

    Try somewhere like the Stalking Directory for a nice reputable 6 x 42 by a good maker. This advice is probably worth what you paid for it. David.
  7. Rifle twist

    CZ do a nice 1 in 9. David.
  8. Just buy your rifle seconhand then breaking it in really doesn't concern you. David.
  9. Calcium Carbide?

    You know what happened to the cat that ate carbide? It has a set of lean kittens! Sorry, couldn't resist. David.
  10. cz 527 varmint

    Some of the 527 have a chamfer on the extractor claw face to enable it to ride over the rim of a cartridge so they will push feed. I think that as Grum 87 says Mausers aren't really designed for it and so if the facility is used a lot, long overall length cartridge and a lot of range use, the extractor will change shape. I think it is a use occasionally feature, not full time. The sledge idea seems good though. David.
  11. Question For The Gunsmiths - CZ527

    This may be cheeky but look on the web at replacement triggers for single and double trigger 527 if the replacement is the same part number you are probably on a winner with your friends trigger. David.
  12. wild boar caliber england

    If a 308 is too close to a 6.5 x 55, put in for a 9.3 x 62! That is quite a bit bigger and a really good driven boar round. David.
  13. I have no experience of the 220 Swift, so you can file this under "keyboard expert" if you like, but an awful lot of British and Commonwealth troops did OK with a rimmed 303 round and managed it in what could be described as a high pressure environment. David.
  14. Re-barrel

    Seems to me, you have a slot for a 6.5 x 55 and this is a pretty good calibre, look on the web and you will probably be able to get one for less than the cost of a re-barrel. Just my 2p worth. David.

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