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  1. Morse

    UKBRA 1000 Yard Benchrest - 25th March

    +1 A sneaky switching wind to boot that I need to learn to read!! A great shoot.
  2. Morse

    Which PM11 to buy?

    P4 Fine. Both are good scopes. I went for 5-25 x56 over 10 years ago. Was that pleased with it I bought another for my 6.5. Good solid scopes imo worth every penny. There are some good threads on the go on this topic in the scopes sub section you might find useful as well. Enjoy your new toy. M.
  3. Morse

    New dies

    +1 on Forster. I have the BR set for 6.5x47. Well made and produce results I'm happy with.
  4. Morse

    Lapua 308 brass

    I am on my 9th reload in lapua brass. 2x trimmings in quite a stiff load (46gr N140 155gr SMK Palma) primer pockets are getting a bit loose and some soot. I suspect the brass does need annealing but it's nothing major and it still groups great. I will bin it at the 10 point just in case and also as I want to try Palma brass. New brass is cheaper over this lifespan than buying an annealer albeit the induction annealing technology looks good and over the long run could perhaps help. Not sure how other brands would fair, was talking to someone today who mentioned federal brass died on its 2nd reload. I've only ever use lapua brass so can't speak first hand. I guess it depends on how you load, if you FL size each time and if you are using v light loads perhaps which will basically determine how work hardened the brass becomes. There are many better qualified people on this site who will be able to explain the intricacies far better than I.
  5. Morse

    Can this be right?

    The P4 Fine ret has worked well for me at distance. I have had one of my 5-25x56 PM2 for 11 years now. Faultless. I then bought another 2 years ago without hesitation.They are solid and reliable. The only downside being weight if you are constrained by competition class limits.
  6. Morse

    Diggle Benchrest Success

    Well done Al. Great success for you in the championship. Looking forward to the 1k series again. Si / Darrel good effort on your shooting. Good grouping and a new records looking forward to the next shoot, and watching more quality kit and shooting on the line. Shame I had to give Sunday a miss this time.
  7. Morse


    Arktis is the way to go. The smock is good quality. We got them given to us in work and they stand up to abuse. The trousers in the rip-stop type fabric are decent as well. They do them in OG and Black as well as most types of Cam Eg DPM/Skan/MTP. Worth a look and good value for money if you want to avoid the full Mil look. http://www.arktisltd.co.uk/index.php/products/b310p/
  8. Morse

    Hand priming tools

    +1 on the Lee Ergoprime. Hasn't let me down and the feel / tactile feedback is good. Decent £ as well
  9. Morse

    ear defenders

    The pro tac 2 look good as well. I've had my set for a good while now and they are spot on. If there is one bit of kit I would spend money on its hearing protection, once damaged its gone for good.... if you want reactive it's best paying decent money and getting the latest electronics, some electronics recognise and attenuate the shot quicker than others and that initial 'spike' can cause some damage over a long time period depending on how much /what you shoot. Potentially something to consider perhaps? Some of the reactive sets that you can get made to be moulded to your ear look Gucci and will be my choice when the peltors go u/s but won't be anytime soon.
  10. Morse

    EDGEWOOD BAG (Front&Rear) / SEB MAX Rest

    Thank you to those who replied / PM me. All sorted now. UKV at its best and. Excellent dealings and very quick.
  11. Morse

    EDGEWOOD BAG (Front&Rear) / SEB MAX Rest

    PM sent
  12. Before I take the plunge and purchase new kit.... Does anyone have a SEB Max front rest (I would consider a NEO possibly) and Edgewood / SEB Rear bags and suitable front bag for any rest you have for sale. Interested in the full lot or if you have bag only for example. I'm guessing these don't come up for sale that often but figured I would ask around before parting with my hard earned so I have more £ to buy ammo bits! Thank you for looking. Morse
  13. Brillo, when I get some suggestions from suppliers I can PM you some details etc and it may get a quicker turn round if they make two up if it means less machine setup or something. I'm not an engineer so not sure how that side works otherwise I'd make it myself.
  14. Morse

    New Brass prep and new load to develop

    Ok. New brass (Lapua) I use a Wilson primer pocket tool to even out the opening, using this I get a few specs of brass on some cases more than on others so this tells me it is evening things up. Lapua drill and not punch primer flash holes I think so unlike some other brass you don't get a burr or a flake inside the case that can cause ignition variance. I then chamfer the neck and that's about it first time out. Lapua brass is first rate and needs little else doing to it. I sort the brass by weight into batches that I then use to reload. Not sure about how much of a difference it makes but you do get some variance across 200 cases so it may have an influence. This is what I do with 6.5x47 and .308 brass. Yours are smaller and not having re loaded .223 for 10yrs I can't speak with certainty on this cal so I can't help with starting loads etc. I like the Forster BR dies and also I have a Redding micrometer seat die as well. Both are excellent and I have no particular preference. The Lee kit works well but depends on the issues you mention that mean you need to service them. Perhaps a new set? What gun are you using? Custom / factory? Straight pull or bolt? This will determine how far you want to go with brass prep. You might for example if running a single bolt gun choose to neck size only and FL as required. Lots of experience on UKV so others will no doubt shout up who are reloading in .223. Hope this helps.
  15. Paul, thanks for that. Unfortunately I can't make today's shoot but the winter season is something I definitely want to take part in. I would imagine that the autumn / winter wind conditions at Diggle will make this quite a challenge!! Hope everyone has a good day out today. Any advice is always appreciated from the UKV community as ever. Are there any preferred dimensions for front plates / rear riders that I need to consider. Also some offerings on Sinclair etc whist not suitable for AI / AICS are made out of plastic and some of various metals. Is this a cost / weight matter or is there a difference in how they ride the bags?

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