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  1. blueheckle

    Lee press primer arm falling out!

    I had this problem whats happening is the arm is sticking on the lift and coming of its seat, what I did was clean its seat and gave the arm a polish with emery paper etc problem solved HTH
  2. blueheckle

    wildcat evo bridge wanted: 5/8 unf.

    one for sale on here
  3. blueheckle

    .223 Hornady Modified case

    A big shout out to the gent above done my cases etc FOC just goes to show still some gents out there once again many thanks
  4. blueheckle

    .223 Hornady Modified case

    as above guys anyone got one lying in the drawer , or can someone make me one tks
  5. blueheckle

    .223 Hornady Modified case

    Bloody hell that was quick amazing work have sent you a PM regarding my addy many thanks again
  6. blueheckle

    .223 Hornady Modified case

    And one which I am glad to accept still some gents out there right enough
  7. blueheckle

    .223 Hornady Modified case

    I got it off a chap on here he said it was a Dolphin OAL gauge and it takes normal cases such as Hornady tks
  8. blueheckle

    .223 Hornady Modified case

    Thanks for the advice Jamie I have just bought a S/S Hornady type OAL gauge of a chap on here was going to try myself but as you said no lathe to center it
  9. blueheckle

    .223 Hornady Modified case

    Thanks for the advice Jamie I have just bought a S/S Hornady type OAL gauge of a chap on here was going to try myself but as you said no lathe to center it
  10. Items arrived yesterday well pleased many thanks
  11. will take both the above as agreed by email thanks Funds paid tks
  12. 1 Lee Quick Trim Deluxe Pds 15 PM sent pic 1 Solid steel Dolphin OAL gauge pic
  13. blueheckle

    LEE Deluxe fast Trim

    As above guys if anyone has one they are parting with also looking for the Die for it in .223 thanks
  14. blueheckle

    Lee neck collet Die in .223

    Hi guys anyone one got one of the above they dont use before I buy one just putting my kit together so trying to budget many thanks
  15. blueheckle

    Lee neck collet Die in .223

    PM sent
  16. blueheckle

    Hornady Bullet Comparator

    As above guys anyone got one they want to sell only need body and one insert for .223 thanks for looking
  17. blueheckle

    Pulsar Trail XP50

    heads up one on the night vision forum Looking to sell my Pulsar Trail xq50 comes with all orginal bits and I got a pulsar QD lever lock that I got from the states, its really good and you can remove the unit and refit it with no loss of zero. got the unit in December so its getting on for 6 months old. only getting as I'm considering getting a cobra demon gen2Im after £2000 for this all , ideally would like it collected but can post RMSD for that price
  18. as above guys classic cast model the one with the quick release bushing and any other kit bar dies for .223 WHY tks
  19. blueheckle

    LEE Challenger Classic cast Bushing Press

    still looking guys thanks
  20. blueheckle


    Hi Guys just going to get into reloading for my .223 rem 700 I have been keeping my once fired cases which are Sako .223 rem are these any good for reloading tks
  21. blueheckle


    another question would I be better to buy the Lee Classic precision kit , as I have picked up Two Redding Dies F/L and N and a RCBS micro seating die , or would I be better sourcing single items etc
  22. blueheckle


    thanks for that just need to get the kit now proving more difficult than I thought lol
  23. blueheckle

    30mm Teir one unimount

    third eye one here bud nowt to do with me http://www.airgunbbs.com/showthread.php?825838-30mm-unimount Third Eye long saddle 20moa medium height unimount with anti cant bubble black in color very good condition.£150 posted within the uk.
  24. blueheckle

    Full .223 Reloading Kit

    as above guys looking to get into the reloading game and was hoping someone might be giving it up Pm WHY thanks for looking

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