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  1. blueheckle

    Foxes everywhere today!!!

    Many thanks for the info 👍
  2. blueheckle

    Foxes everywhere today!!!

    Can you give us a bit more info on the above mate tks
  3. blueheckle

    WANTED .224 (1455) 55gn Sierra Blitz King

    sods law tks bud
  4. blueheckle

    Foxes everywhere today!!!

    yes its good to hear the old sounds of the countryside coming back again , curlews lapwings, skylarks etc etc, regarding the IR they defo get educated to the glow more so if you are spotting with it , if you seen some one holding a lit ciggy in a dark spot it wouldn't attract to much attention till they started moving it around, I always tell the grandson when spotting move slowly when scanning, I have just picked up a Drone x10 and an extended pic rail but will stick with my gen 2+ till the dark nights
  5. Having a bit of a clear out so here is another DVD great condition as only viewed a couple of times again first to say yes followed by Pm as advertised else where , bit of info Run Time: 63 Minutes For ARMORERS and NEW SHOOTERS alike… With many new scope mounting products in stores today, it can become confusing to choose the most accurate way to perform these tasks. This DVD will show you both the time-tested methods as well as the newer technology methods available for scope mounting. Some of the devices used could possibly be lying around in your basement or garage. The use of a wood dowel rod did a very effective job for aligning the scope bases. However, the new tools make scope mounting much easier with greater accuracy. We show you both processes. Comparison of old and new ways for bore sighting your firearm is also shown. Again, the new techniques and equipment take the process of scope mounting to a new level. Recommendations are made to best serve your needs. Watch, learn and apply the scope mounting practice of your choice. . £10 posted thank
  6. blueheckle

    WANTED .224 (1455) 55gn Sierra Blitz King

    Sorry mate can get them for £28 a box was looking for a few to try thanks
  7. as above guys anyone got box or partial boxes lying around etc thanks
  8. #1 Hi I bought this a while back of a chap for my Remmy 700 S/A RH , but have decided to go a different route in great overall used condition apart from a little bit of bedding compound and his fete ling out work , so these are reflected on the price I paid a bit more than I am asking which is £150 + P/P here is a good honest revue of it
  9. blueheckle

    TUMBLER (non working)

    As above looking for one to cannibalize PM what you have must be able to post thanks
  10. blueheckle

    RCBS precision mic .223 SORTED THANKS

    Hi all as above please anyone got one lying in the drawer gathering dust , Pm with details please thanks.
  11. would be interested in just the small primer one and fittings thanks
  12. blueheckle

    .223 rem F/L die

    Hi as above looking for just a Full length .223 resizing die many thanks for looking PM details
  13. blueheckle

    40gr 223

    I have a Rem 700 LVSF 22" barrel in .223 and tried a load the other day of 24.9 of VV n133 and that was coming up the neck of my sako brass trimmed to 1.750 " and Coal of 2.200 , all within 3/4" at 100 which is good enough for me as a varmint round, but there is no way i could get 27gn in my case thats for sure

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