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    Fly fishing,Shooting,Ferreting,and keeping and breeding Discus fish.

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  1. blueheckle

    Two Man Pop Up Hide

    W/E bump tks
  2. blueheckle


    PM sent
  3. blueheckle

    Two Man Pop Up Hide

    still looking thanks
  4. blueheckle

    Two Man Pop Up Hide

    Hi Guys looking for a two man pop up hide like the one in the pic pref water proof but will consider others PM please
  5. blueheckle


  6. blueheckle


    As above guys anyone got a set lying around, condition unimportant as long as functional PM details thank you
  7. blueheckle

    My Target master died! Suggestions please

    Result good to see there are still some genuine people around well done that man
  8. blueheckle

    REM 700 Firing pin spring compressor

    looking for one of the above guys Pm with details also looking for a spring thanks
  9. blueheckle

    Lyman case prep tool

    Hi guys anyone got one for sale same as this
  10. Hi interested in trimmer if you will split but your inbox is full as says you cant receive PMs tks sorry cancel that just noticed they are caliber specific tks
  11. blueheckle

    Case Trimmer

    Wanted case trimmer what you got PM please thanks
  12. blueheckle

    Lee press primer arm falling out!

    I had this problem whats happening is the arm is sticking on the lift and coming of its seat, what I did was clean its seat and gave the arm a polish with emery paper etc problem solved HTH
  13. blueheckle

    wildcat evo bridge wanted: 5/8 unf.

    one for sale on here
  14. blueheckle

    .223 Hornady Modified case

    A big shout out to the gent above done my cases etc FOC just goes to show still some gents out there once again many thanks
  15. blueheckle

    .223 Hornady Modified case

    Bloody hell that was quick amazing work have sent you a PM regarding my addy many thanks again

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