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  1. Mark Jones

    Cleaning barrel

    Exactly that, saw accuracy get worse and groups open up
  2. Mark Jones

    Cleaning barrel

    Can't see any copper in it?
  3. Hi, trying to clean my .243 T3 stainless. Have been shooting Nosler 80grn home loads. Prob put 300 through it so thought I'd clean it. Brought some wipe out and a nylon brush to try. Started with 2 wet patches ( black then grey) then put brush down bore guide and saturated it. Worked up into a foam with gentle scrub and left to soak for 1 hr. When I patched it out just pushed white foam out end of barrel. Recon I've fired maybe 1000 through it since new, shouldn't I be getting some copper out?
  4. Mark Jones

    80 Grain Nosler BT Powder

    Thanks for all the advice, think I will try the 140 and start about half way up on the websites reccomended load and go from there.
  5. Mark Jones

    80 Grain Nosler BT Powder

    i'm using a .243!
  6. Mark Jones

    80 Grain Nosler BT Powder

    that mean they are both ok?
  7. Mark Jones

    80 Grain Nosler BT Powder

    that mean they are both ok?
  8. Mark Jones

    80 Grain Nosler BT Powder

    Hi all, could do with some help please. I am shooting Nosler BT 80 Grain bullets from a Tikka T3 19" barrel. I have had to change powder due to supply problems and now have a choice of N140 or N160 Vhit. I brought a 1kg tub from the shop with a new box of heads (N140) but now a lot of people have said I should have got the N160, phoned the shop and they tell me the 140 is correct. can anyone help before I open the powder in case its not the best choice Many thanks Mark (forgot to say .243)
  9. Mark Jones

    Tier One Rail

    Hi all, just brought a new rail and Drone Pro. Any ideas on Torque settings for the rail on to a Tikka T3 stainless, Many thanks, Mark
  10. Mark Jones

    Drone Pro 15x Questions

    i see night vision gear uk accept a discount code, do anyone on here have anything to do with them or have a code, just thought i'd ask, many thanks Mark
  11. How old is this please? Could you please send some pics Thanks Mark
  12. Is the long saddle mount still availed? Regards Mark
  13. Mark Jones

    Drone Pro 10 X

    good idea but got a pulsar with doubler on the rimfire, works well but not rugged enough
  14. Mark Jones

    Drone Pro 10 X

    Was looking at buying one of these for an up and coming job but am unable to get a due in date from supplier, not sure if they are pushing the 15X or not but the 10 mag would suit me best can anyone recommend a suitable alternative for the money? Regards Mark
  15. Mark Jones

    Tier one unimount 30mm

    Hi looking for a unimount in black to mount a niteforce to a tikka t3. many thanks

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