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  1. Newer Howa has the 2 stage trigger which may be better than the older single stage. Mine was the older single stage and had a gritty creep on it that was easily sorted to a nice light crisp break.......scared the life out of me the first time i tried it but what an improvement!
  2. A good objective post above. Longer range targets is a different game to ethical deer and fox Shooting range On the Howa a trigger job is a must . Mike Norris did a cracking job on mine it was about £40 ish. i had hold of a tikka super varmint the other day and thought the stock seemed pretty good
  3. Ok thanks for that information. It’s a great looking stock and they come highly rated
  4. tuck is The cheek price high enough for a 56mm objective ?
  5. Would you expect to notice a difference in noise level from 16 in to 20 in barrel in a moderated 223? is there any correlation to noise levels vs barrel length in general ?
  6. Thanks. Love a short barrel but the point of the 223 is that it would be a quiet option So a longer barrel this time
  7. Ok must be a stupid question? let me put this another way. re barrel length if i was to get a new 223. My 223 has a 17in barrel, it has what I think is a good mod (aim sport Zonic Compact mod) I have had comments from other 223 users that the gun is loud compared to theirs. They all have standard barrel lengths probably in the region of 22in . Could this be because of my shorter barrel? Thanks Sam
  8. sam39

    Font Colour

    Yes it’s hard on the old eyes this new green
  9. sam39

    George Balfour

    Sad news. Condolences to his family. RIP George
  10. sam39

    50 grain varmint load for Sako 75 Varmint

    N133 and 1450 50gr blitzking a winner for tight groups. Not really a deer round but may be fine head and neck at sensible range? Have never tried it......... yet.
  11. a good review and I find a range finder a very useful bit of kit. Does any know if there is a more compact bino out there that range finds rather than the classic 8x42 which quite a lot of the time I find a bit bulky?
  12. sam39

    George Balfour (gbal on this site)

    Very sad to read this. I have never met George but loved his contribution to this site. Thoughts and prayers for him and his family
  13. sam39

    Rifle Scope for .223. Max £400

    Pardon me if I’m telling you something you know but make sure you discuss reticual thickness if you are target shooting out to 500 yards
  14. sam39

    Rifle Scope for .223. Max £400

    This is bang on. I have regretted buying cheap but never regretted buying quality . It will add to your experience, success and confidence. I know the expenditure takes some coming to terms with but if you do pack up you have a good scope that will be wanted re re sale. 2nd hand with some guarantee is the way to go. Look at Macleod of Tain good luck
  15. sam39

    223 roe bullet

    I have got a good few Sierra Game King 55gr 1365 SBT I was planning on loading for Sottish Roe. I have just seen an old post (2014) questioning there suitability for this purpose. As they do a "Blitz King" (i use 50gr for fox) I presumed a "Game King" would be my Roe round......you know what they say about presuming. Is anyone loaded these for Roe and used them with good results OR have I made a big mistake?
  16. sam39

    223 roe bullet

    Sounds good What twist rate is your rifle re the 63gr?
  17. sam39

    223 roe bullet

    Very useful reference thank you for that. 243 is the go to Roe round and for a good reason im sure. Reading that I will cap 223 Roe shots to 100M if i see one out foxing (bullet change of course) and use the 243 for stalking trips. When I have used up my 223 loading stock I am considering just using the 243.
  18. sam39

    223 roe bullet

    My twist is not ideal having a 1:12.
  19. sam39

    223 roe bullet

    "Personally, and no offence meant, but I think the .224" calibre (in its .222/.223rem for) to be a bit lightweight for deer. The light bullets & small wound channels leaves no margin for error." Anyhoo - it's legal, so aim straight & good luck! This is interesting I am ready to start using my 243 on roe but so far with the results from the 223 I see no need? but I have not shot enough Roe for complete proof with each caliber. I presume you have extensively shot Roe with both calibers to decide that a 223 is a tad light? may be the 243 would extend the confidence and range but I am only after a few for the table each year so can pick my shots. I only shoot 20 to 25 a year.. .........but let me tell you out to 170 meters 223 is a killer on roe!
  20. sam39

    223 roe bullet

    OK thanks. I should have said that the concern in the old 2014 post was rapid expansion/explosion / deflection more like a varmint type bullet. I would like to know what they would do to a Roe at say 100 Meters and are they suitable. The 55gr Sako game kings i use sometimes go all the way and exit but often not just quite leaving a substantial would channel I have had none run off and have dropped them to 170 Meters this is a long shot for me 100M is the norm! but they Knock most down on the spot or a small 20M run
  21. sam39

    Sako vs Tikka

    OK chaps what do you think........ in 223. anyone had experience of using or handling both these rifles? Sako 85 varmint laminated stainless fluted VS Tikka t3 super varmint Any information would be much appreciated.
  22. sam39

    Sako vs Tikka

    Get that. I know inherent accuracy wont change it was the secondary factors you mentioned I was led to believe to help. The countryside is becoming a busy place. Especial Easter weekend! (people everywhere this morning) I like to keep the noise down if i Can. In my situation a mod is a must but as you say every situation is different. Thank you for your points Snakman. And all who took the time to respond. Sam
  23. sam39

    Sako vs Tikka

    Tikka supplier pointed me in the ditrection of a Stalon whisper which they must stock.
  24. sam39

    Sako vs Tikka

    Thanks very much I will look at one of those I think it depends on your circumstances but in most cases a mod is surely a must. Why would you want to draw un wanted attention to yourself, it improves accuracy, saves your ear drums and when on Scottish roe unlike a fox they often do not bolt after 1 shot. in my opinion it makes the rifle a joy to shoot. best money you will ever spend!

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