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  1. sam39

    Hunting knives

    Perkins kinfes, after viewing that I would not bother registering if I was you. sam
  2. That is bad luck. good stock, new trigger, sort after twist rate and mod its spot on. Good luck with the sale and your new projects
  3. sam39

    Favourite Hunting Knife

    This knife sharpener is the key thing to my knifes, I have several and like them all some expensive but the 10 quid mora does what all the others do
  4. sam39

    first 223 reload

    If I had a programme I would run the data for you but I rely on others with a programme to do it for me.
  5. sam39

    first 223 reload

    It’s not a bad place for someone starting out AND it would have that bullet and that powder combination
  6. sam39

    first 223 reload

    Del, have you run your required load through a ballistic programme? It would give you min and max recommendation it will Take into account al the variables. Normally load up on .2 increments. any experiance re loaders near you that can help / teach you to develop your first round? Even if you have to pay it would be money well spent. Good luck it’s not too complicated But it must be safe and your gear must be set up and calibrated correctly a bit of reasurance to start with is worth its weight in gold. good luck its a great thing to load your own
  7. Yes sold to Re Pete. I will send you my bank details if you can send me your address . I will post Monday
  8. Probably not what your are after but I have theses for £15 delivered
  9. sam39

    Wanted part boxes of bullets

    Del judt re read my text I meant £35 the lot sorry
  10. sam39

    Wanted part boxes of bullets

    I still use theses so they are not surplus to requirement. For what it’s worth I get on well with 50gr Sierra blitz kings on fox
  11. It would be good to have a range like this where an individual could book and shoot as it would suit some to do this once or twice a year but I understand the regulations you operate under and it is sounds straight forward. What does it cost to join?
  12. sam39

    Wanted part boxes of bullets

    Got Sierra game kings 55gr SBT 2 and 3/4 box I could send u the 3/4 Box (75) £35 delivered
  13. sam39

    Dodgy peepers.

    I get them too. I have never really noticed them causing trouble when looking through a scope.
  14. sam39

    17 HMR scope and mounts advice

    Yes sorry I saw the post re 223 after. Good choice . Great caliber and can’t go wrong with tikka also good reports on those scopes good luck
  15. sam39

    17 HMR scope and mounts advice

    I’ve got these if they are any use to y
  16. I have a pair of theses and love them. Feel good in the hand, optically superb, well made.
  17. sam39


    But also the 6mm comments on this post are completely justified. as it would do your primary request well (fox) but also a perfect Roe round and legal in England. You would have all bases covered. I have one for this but i dont know your situation.
  18. sam39


    I was in this position a few years ago when moving up from rimfire to center fire and i thought a 22 hornet would be all I need for some longer range crows. My first response when some one said why not just get a 223 was that it was more than i was after "overkill"..............its the best advice anyone has ever given me. I loved the centre fire and moved on to fox, Scottish Roe,longer range gongs, and targets for fun i could not have done ALL this with a lesser caliber. You could argue for a dedicated fox rig the .204 would be great and many love them but im sure you CF shooting will develop. We are all going through this journey just some are further down the line than others. If i was starting again i would go straight to a 1/8 twist tikka super varment in 223, factory trigger is good and easy to work on if required, I quite like the stock its perfectly good enough, its not too heavy. I also like the sound of the CZ short action mention above a good option. Plenty of other options a different price points but the 1/8 or 1/9 (CZ) is important for the heavier loads. If you go 2nd hand get it checked out before you part with the cash if you know nothing about the rifle. easy to load for (which i now do and never thought i would when starting out) shed loads of factory ammo with all the bullet types you need and the 1/8 will stabilise the heavier end which will be helpful in bucking the wind. Good luck with what ever you end up with. Sam
  19. Thought it was a “drop in”” inlet is cut for howa short action but needs finishing. I have no skills to do this. Thumbhole, lamanet 250 new £80. Advertised elsewhere
  20. sam39


    Nail on head!
  21. Theses have been on one rifle they are 1 year old £15 delivered 30mm Weaver medium
  22. sam39

    How do You prep Your brass? UKV survey.

    Having some good music on i find helps,.............................. Tumble, dry media Full length size /D prime using lee lube Wipe clean outside, cotton bud in neck. clean primer pocket/poke out flash holes Only trim, chamfer when needed. prime cases anneal every 5 firings reload

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