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  1. Steve good luck with the new build sounds fun.
  2. Nice and he’ll of a lot for the money. Wish it was a 223. Good luck with the sale
  3. Smock

    Thank you for the clarification. I have a mate that has a fortis smock he loves it
  4. Smock

    Yes they were county covers so are we talking about the same kit ?
  5. Smock

    I was looking at Fortis for my next smock. I have never owned any of there clothing but it looks and feels like no nonsense robust gear. there story looks very similar to Arktis. Any opinions on which are the best?
  6. Forum Question - How do I amend . . .

    I like daaaaaaags . Great film
  7. .22 Semi-auto ammo

    I have got on fine with Winchester subs 40 and 42gr also Ely 40gr through my custom 10/22
  8. Newbie advice & Hi!

    Just checked Rimfire Magics site and they seem very thin on second hand gear? They always used to have a fair bit of stuff ? If you can find a few extra quid for a scope sounds like the browning ticks all the boxes
  9. Newbie advice & Hi!

    what sort of scope and moderator can you get for £25?
  10. Newbie advice & Hi!

    Welcome. Google rimfire magic they should have all options and will give you very good advice. I get on ok with subs through a custom 10/22 they supplied me if its really a semi auto you want. I like it but in hind site a bolt action would have done me fine and as above the CZ is a good one. With that budget (£400) i would certainly go 2nd hand, bolt option, European, moderator, you may be lucky and get a European scope but a leoupold/ Nikon would be fine. forget the variable power. fixed power scope would be fine as the variable power adds value to the scope and you should use that value on the glass. So a better make with fixed power would be my choice over an inferior make with variable power. presume you will often be shooting first / last light with a gun that is suited to 50 to 60 yards Sam
  11. Yes welcome.Great choice! enjoy it and see where it takes you. George out of interest why did you say Tikka 1:8 an excellent choice for non re loaders? do you imply that the next step up in accuracy would be a custom job with hand loads and they are one of the best factory options?
  12. Brand new Open to offers. Never been on a rifle needs a tad of finishing, not exactly a “drop in” but a project for a person with some bey basic inletting skills. External looks good. I can pm my number if any one wants to speak to me about it. Made by Parmoor gun stocks
  13. I have had my new book delivered today. Its in great condition and was very well packaged. Thank you

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