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  1. sam39

    Advice needed. Chamber issues

    Have you checked the spring is ok on the ejector claw that is positioned on the bolt? I have had this with my 223 but never with factory ammo just home loads and only a few (they were not as hot as the factory looking at the brass/primer) even then it was more a gentle tap to get them out and no more. it seemed the claw was slipping off the case head leaving a very small mark/ scuff on the rim of the base. I did end up carrying a cleaning rod in my truck just in case! not sure it should take a "real good bump" to get them out?
  2. Done, thanks for bringing to my attention
  3. sam39

    Double rifle sling

    Thank you for taking the time for that detailed reply it is much appreciated as there seems to be no clear winner. Also reminding me that I have managed for a few years without needing to wrap my sling around a tree! The sticks are fine. thank you
  4. sam39

    Double rifle sling

    May I ask if you use this and like it?
  5. sam39

    Double rifle sling

    Yes I can see what you mean, it looks like the secondary strap should connect lower down to the main strap to stop it riding up under the arm pit
  6. sam39

    Double rifle sling

    Z aim looked the answer . Now I know these chaps on you tube are trying to sell them but what were the issues? It’s appeal was it looked like it held the rifle firm in the required position and was quick to release for a shot?
  7. sam39

    Double rifle sling

    Just seen a demo on u tube that looks exactly what I am after ! Not too expensive perfect thank you very much
  8. sam39

    Double rifle sling

    Hello hope you are well. i understand that side mounted would be better but would it work “rucksack style” on original mounting points?
  9. sam39

    Double rifle sling

    My rifle is cumbersome when slung on my shoulder. Muzzle down is too close to the ground, normal way is top heavy due to mounting point and weight of mod / bi pod it just slides to the horizontal. is a double sling the answer ? If so any recommendation ? thanks Sam
  10. sam39

    Wanted 30 mm picatinny mounts

    Pm sent
  11. sam39

    Hunting knives

    Perkins kinfes, after viewing that I would not bother registering if I was you. sam
  12. That is bad luck. good stock, new trigger, sort after twist rate and mod its spot on. Good luck with the sale and your new projects
  13. sam39

    Favourite Hunting Knife

    This knife sharpener is the key thing to my knifes, I have several and like them all some expensive but the 10 quid mora does what all the others do

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