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  1. sam39

    Long range scope options.

    I have binos and scopes from Mclouds Tain, great service and peace of mind especially if used kit is an option
  2. sam39

    Long range scope options.

    This is good advice. When spending that sort of money it is good to get your preferred options “in your hand” feel the quality, weight and how it functions and adjusts with advice on hand.If NEC is out of your way North show is Harrogate in May. Not sure if the distributors are all the same.
  3. Following, as I have a have a similar spec SFP scope but was told that parallax was a must and the better the glass ( more coatings) the worse the image is hence many people are getting on well with the cheaper scopes. Sorry read the other posts now. Looks like parallax is a must for night time use
  4. sam39

    Which quad sticks

    Bungyee cord is good to tie sticks together with.
  5. sam39

    Which quad sticks

  6. I was backing you agreeing with you and using the official information you posted. You have the wrong end of the stick old boy. I was asking if someone was acting in a malicious manner towards the original post or had landed him in it to warrant an armed un announced visit. sorry if I caused you insult your are correct my spelling is not top notch sorry about that too while I am on
  7. This makes perfect sense. Unfortunately interpretation of the guidelines varies from county to county but I understand they are trying to do the best they can. I have no issues with Northumberland and find them excellent.
  8. Fire service carry out a magnificent job. I thought of them as life savers rather than “enforcers” 😎
  9. Where it is judged necessary, based on specificintelligence in light of a particular threat, or risk of harm, because of this
  10. I would say both under the circumstances put forward
  11. So no justification for selecting a few random FAC holders for checks that are showing no threat.The visit was not justified (presuming no “specific intel in light of a specific threat”) trurning up armed totally un necessary The only justification could be the arms are safer in the possession of the officers rather than left locked in their vehicles. Has someone landed you in it? Sound malicious to me. never heard of this before only with aggravating cercumstances. Arguments, confrontation.....
  12. sam39

    New to firearms, have a question.

    A good start. Have fun
  13. sam39

    New to firearms, have a question.

    Can’t see that as the 2 calibers are not exactly miles apart makes no sense. I had a 22rf for several years got a 223 for vermin and the got a 243 for deer no probs
  14. sam39

    New to firearms, have a question.

    This is spot on. You may well find after you have shot the daft ones the rest may be over 100m. Generally people moving into rifle shooting and center fires often under gun. .223 is a perfect fox round

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