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  1. sam39


    I have got on well with the z aim pro stalker . It’s not 100% perfect when used as a conventional sling but when the cross buckle is in place it leaves 2 hands spare for binocular use and climbing over fences great if you have a heavy mod and bipod buggering up the weight distribution of the rifle. Strap around the pistol grip a tad annoying but no big deal
  2. sam39

    Behind the license revocation

    Interesting. Never seen a flock of pigeons on a potato field. Rooks pull a few out of the drills after the tops are dead but get a field next to a release pen birds dusting and pecking gives you a fair few green spuds with holes in! Only localised damage
  3. sam39

    Behind the license revocation

    How long have pigeons and rooks (you tend not to get 500 crows together) eaten potatoes? ..........people that make assumptions “because they will always be here” don’t they make you smile
  4. sam39

    Behind the license revocation

    I would be surprised that that is the reason the place is over run with rabbits
  5. sam39

    Behind the license revocation

    70% but my Dad always told me you need to put 4 down for every 1 you want to shoot. Returns are better if you have shoots next to you and everyone does there bit
  6. sam39

    Behind the license revocation

    You or some one said you had to do big days otherwise you would not cover beaters pay and lunch? i know all the other costs I have been involved in it all my life. Some shoots make a lot of money. They shot big bags and often.
  7. sam39

    Behind the license revocation

    Ok so that’s 10 pheasants
  8. sam39

    Behind the license revocation

    I am aware of the costs and the huge amount of work that go into a driven days shooting. I was just commenting on beaters and lunch. If you are just doing something because you "enjoy it" you do not fall in to the category of commercial shooting I am talking about . Most of us do it because we enjoy it or we do it together as a team of guns and watch our shoot improve and develop
  9. sam39

    Behind the license revocation

    How many beaters do you have? How much do you pay them....what do you give them for lunch? 200 birds at £45 a bird. I am available next season to come and beat for you.
  10. sam39

    Behind the license revocation

    Yes, hands up, I have been there and done that but have you not found as you get older you get wiser you learn a few things in life. I have kept a game book since I was 14 (first entry 1 pigeon with my 20 bore) I could tell you exactly where I have visited, the bag and what fun we had but I wont bore you with that, I've been about a bit there are several of them. not giving the antis anything, as a group we can sharpen up a bit
  11. sam39

    Behind the license revocation

    Yes I agree we need to stick together on this and Yes a well run shoot brings huge benefits to the country side and other species. Much of our green and pleasant land is there because of shooting and hunting. I just think the big days are bad PR. Who on earth needs to shoot that many pheasants in one day........yes I have been on a few big days myself in the past........ not any more. I shoot a fair bit and pick up, it would be a good start to see more guns taking a brace home at the end of the day. Better still putting 50 in your freezer at the end of the season to see you through. I know for a fact not many do
  12. sam39

    Behind the license revocation

    We have our issues in commercial game shooting that are doing us no favours. Some shoots are releasing too many pheasants.The big bags have to stop. And don’t get me on about the “high bird specialist” shot gun (a close range weapon) give em all a 16 bore and under an oz of shot, 1/4 and 1/2 I'm involved in running a shoot and I farm, I disagree completely that pigeon and Corvid shooting needs any control, I cant stand Packam ( but that is irrelevant) I do see so many people shooting that I wish had his bird identification skill. Unfortunately his agenda is to ban field-sports and self promotion, he is irrational. With his understanding of the countryside you would think he might have a better grasp on how it should be managed. Country folk are doing a pretty good job of it. Let’s rein things in a bit give the antis nothing and our grandchildren will be able to carry on.
  13. The light holder is no good. I need a wing man for that also it is a bit high! I sit on a pillow to get the height better. It’s not ideal but better than the mirror. It’s fine when parked up waiting in a hot spot
  14. I tested one last week. With conventional mounted points it flopped from side to side on my back when getting over a fence and on other occasions. I think it would be spot on side mounted. That’s the key. It was well made. With the release clips I thing you could get it into a shooting position without waving your arms all over the place.

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