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  1. Ruger mini 14 parts

    Yes my bad. Thanks for the advise.
  2. Ruger mini 14 parts

    So if i bought an sgc or similar ar15 .223 straight pull that came with a bird cage wotsit on the end, and i took it off, am i now in posession of a restricted part that i dont have a special separate slot for?? What about if i wanted to put a moderator on there? By your logic id be breaking some rules. its no different for the ruger. You can buy these things on ebay!! I just want the original one for a ruger. maybe my mistake was to call it a flash hider, but you know what i mean and it sounds like you are just being a bit picky.
  3. Ruger mini 14 parts

    Ive recently bought a ruger mini 14 ranch rifle. It came with a moderator fitted which is the over barrel type. (Yes i had a slot for 223 rifle and a slot for 223 mod). in fitting the mod the original owner removed the front sight and bird cage thing from the end of the barrel. Call it what you like but thats what i want to replace should i want to take off the mod. Its a part that comes with the rifle from new and is not a separate licensed thing. I guess you could call it a muzzle brake.
  4. Ruger mini 14 parts

    You know what we mean Bradders!! The original bird cage thing on the front of a ruger haha
  5. Ruger mini 14 parts

    Hi, im after a front sight and flash hider/muzzle brake for a ruger mini 14. And a decent mount base also after magazines 20 or 30rd cheers
  6. Ive moved house now and still want to move this rifle on! £250 I would consider swaps or px either way and i have quite a list of wants!!
  7. I would also swap for a Baikal 410 hushpower or a mossberg hushpower in 20 or 410
  8. Hi all, im moving house next week and could really do with some money to help with things so i have decided to sell this rifle. GSG5-SD .22 semi auto This is a fantastic little rifle and is really good fun to shoot. Its in very good condition with no major marks or scratches. The rifle has an after market folding stock fitted. There is also a low mount base fitted to the top ready for optics. It comes with one 22rd magazine as well as a tactical looking gun bag. The original box, instructions and tools also come with it. Ive had it since just before xmas and have fired approximately 1000 rds through it. I bought it second hand from a guy who only put a few hundred rounds through it. As with all these GSG5 rifles it likes to be kept clean and it prefers certain ammo. I have found it likes mini mag, Blaser, ar tactical and rws semi auto ammo the best. As i still shoot other .22 guns there will not be any ammo supplied with this rifle. I would prefer f2f meeting for transfer. I could rfd at buyers cost. £240. Thanks for looking. Pic can be sent via email if interested! I would straight swap for a Hatsan Escort 20 bore semi auto shotgun.
  9. Hi all, Ive got some genuinely used once Vortex precision matched scope rings for sale. They are for 30mm tube scopes They are the high rings- 32mm/1.26 inches Fantastic condition having only been used for one shoot where i decided i wanted slightly lower rings. I bought them at the same time as a Vortex scope without checking the actual height i needed! You can see from the pictures that they cost £117.99 I would like £80 posted for them. (Bank transfer or paypal + fee)
  10. Ill take the micrometer please. Pm me your details.

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