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  1. Would also consider a swap for a .223 AR15 straight pull rifle.
  2. For saleRemington 700 .30826” varmint profile barrel. Threaded 17x1Magpul hunter 700 stock and magwell conversion. Grey.Vortex 6-24x50 ffp moa scopeVortex scope lens coversTier 1 precision matched ringsTier 1 20moa mount baseHarris bipodKRG oversize bolt lift2x 10 rd and 2x 5rd Magpul magazinesWildcat moderator388 rounds fired.All bought brand new, one owner.Absolutely mint condition.Comes with all original boxes and original Remington stock. Cost £2500+For sale at £1500 without moderator£1620 with moderatorCan be viewed/purchased at Bisley or sent via RFD at buyers cost (subject to filling in all paperwork etc)
  3. Machinexl

    Ruger mini 14 magazines

    Hi all, im after some Ruger mini 14 / ranch rifle mags. Let me know what you have! thanks
  4. Machinexl

    Ruger mini 14 parts

    Yes my bad. Thanks for the advise.
  5. Machinexl

    Ruger mini 14 parts

    So if i bought an sgc or similar ar15 .223 straight pull that came with a bird cage wotsit on the end, and i took it off, am i now in posession of a restricted part that i dont have a special separate slot for?? What about if i wanted to put a moderator on there? By your logic id be breaking some rules. its no different for the ruger. You can buy these things on ebay!! I just want the original one for a ruger. maybe my mistake was to call it a flash hider, but you know what i mean and it sounds like you are just being a bit picky.
  6. Machinexl

    Ruger mini 14 parts

    Ive recently bought a ruger mini 14 ranch rifle. It came with a moderator fitted which is the over barrel type. (Yes i had a slot for 223 rifle and a slot for 223 mod). in fitting the mod the original owner removed the front sight and bird cage thing from the end of the barrel. Call it what you like but thats what i want to replace should i want to take off the mod. Its a part that comes with the rifle from new and is not a separate licensed thing. I guess you could call it a muzzle brake.
  7. Machinexl

    Ruger mini 14 parts

    You know what we mean Bradders!! The original bird cage thing on the front of a ruger haha
  8. Machinexl

    Ruger mini 14 parts

    Hi, im after a front sight and flash hider/muzzle brake for a ruger mini 14. And a decent mount base also after magazines 20 or 30rd cheers
  9. Ive moved house now and still want to move this rifle on! £250 I would consider swaps or px either way and i have quite a list of wants!!
  10. I would also swap for a Baikal 410 hushpower or a mossberg hushpower in 20 or 410

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