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  1. OK folks. For those who like a happy ending or need themselves to know the answer to my original question, read on. Firstly thanks to all those who took the trouble to try and help me in my quest. It was much appreciated. The quest is over: turns out that The Shooting Shed do now make this item,and that's where I ended up. David had some concerns about needing to get his hands on a CZ 527 in .22 Hornet, in order to get the precise measurements to make something he would be happy to put his name to. As luck would have it I was, by virtue of a small detour to a journey I was already making, able to oblige him, and am now the proud owner of the desired item - well made and looks great too. Many thanks to David and Christel for the guide and even bigger thanks for a delightful hour spent with them in the shed. Nice people, enviable shed and a lovely part of the country.
  2. More good and salient points, thank you VarmLR. I've decided, in view of how it's served me for a good time, that I'm happy with my gear - the scope mounts, as per your experience, were an important factor that I, fortunately, sorted out early on in my quest. When you consider the myriad of tiny factors involved in attaining even workable accuracy, and the lengths you sometimes have to go to in order to sort out each individual one, you realise that it's a wonder we get to hit anything at any distance. I'm very clear in my mind that, a bit like "standing on the shoulders of giants", we owe it to the efforts of those who passed before us - and also to our contemporaries who give unstintingly of the fruits of their own painstaking endeavours. Why couldn't I have been interested in something nice and straightforward like stamp collecting?
  3. Well gbal, another very full answer, thank you - your answer was longer than my question! (And equally as well informed as your knowledge of the sex life of bigamous foxes). Precise and thorough testing is of course the only way for me to know what applies in the case of my own rifle and scope. However I take confidence from the mass of evidence forthcoming here that, unless i have a cheap or faulty scope, the order of magnitude we are talking about is either non-existent or negligible. The scope in question has served me very well for several years. It has held zero admirably and has always adjusted well, whenever I've had cause to re-zero it, so I'm confident that it's well engineered and have had confidence in it from the start. The rifle is zeroed to give a 1 inch maximum point blank from 25 yds to 180 yds (according to the ballistics tables i've used). It is used off sticks in the field, so the single biggest limiting factor is my own (modest) shooting ability. The distances I shoot at too, for that reason, are also pretty modest,so if we're talking sub MOA, then that's more accurate than I am in those conditions. Additionally I have never actually felt that changing magnification actually made any difference to my shooting in these circumstances - I still feel that success is down to how I shoot on the day rather than to my equipment - that's the importance of having gear that you're confident in, otherwise there are just too many variables. So why then have I put everyone to all this trouble with this question if, as I just said, I've always felt it was down to me anyway? Well, the sad truth is that I've noticed that more and more recently, in order to get a decent sight picture, I've been having to turn down the magnification to give me a brighter picture. The question arose, and doubt then took seed in my mind. That can affect confidence, and without confidence even the best equipment won't have you shooting straight. I feel that is now addressed, and that I can move on. Any optometrists out there on UKV?
  4. Good idea ds1. Another case, like with brown dog's reply, of "Why couldn't I have thought of that for myself?". I think sometimes one gets so tied up in one aspect of a matter that simplicity goes out of the window - certainly one of my shortcomings time and again. Guess that, for me, that is the real value of good mates / contacts / fellow forum members. Thank you.
  5. Thank you gentlemen. I think that that flood of information answers my question nicely. Good to know what the figures in red meant. And nice to think that at 10x it falls (purely coincidentally) at the best point for judging hold-over etc, since that is somehow less easy to judge than in full daylight. An actual test on the range will always, of course, be the acid test, but I do like Brown Dog's idea of fixing on a target then changing the magnification - why didn't I think of that? Demonstrates nicely the real value of a decent forum where we can draw on the experience,knowledge and common sense of a wide range of people. Thanks again to all of you for giving me the benefit of yours.
  6. A question to those in the know: I'm familiar with the notion that in non-first focal plane scopes the POI will shift if using a magnification other than that at which the scope was zeroed. What I'd like to know is the order of magnitude we're talking about. Is there some formula / rule of thumb to work it out? That would great, so long as fairly simple. If not, it may help if I give the particulars of my own case: I am using a Bushnell Elite 6500 for hunting, which I zero at 160 yds, and use at the maximum 16x magnification whenever possible. When used with the Archer NV add-on, however, I get a much brighter picture at 10x magnification. Therefore, if the shift in POI is not too great, I'd like to carry on with everything else at 16x, and just drop to 10x when using the add-on. The normal range for me would be 50 - 100 yds, sometimes, but only when unavoidable, out to 150, with my longest ever shot being 175 yds when everything was perfect for taking the shot. If all the variables are still too great, then I suppose a totally workable answer would be to know what would be the change at 100 yds if I dropped to 10x having zeroed at 16x. Coincidentally the '10' digits on that scope are in red, whereas all the others are in black - anyone know what that's about? Many Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks snakeman. When I called, they confirmed that it is indeed the one - but they're on back order. Typical of my luck, but there you go.
  8. Contacted HPS. Very helpful and knowledgeable,and can do one for me, but need precise dimensions (beyond me!) or to see the gun and bolt. Looks like I'll be dropping in next time I go down to south Wales.
  9. Thanks VarmLR. I'll try them and let you know how it goes.
  10. Hi Gents. This is my third posting on this excellent forum in request for information. The previous two attempts met with total success, so here's my latest preoccupation (where I have so far drawn a complete blank). Hitherto I have had to manage without the above item. I have tried,I think, three in the past which I bought on th'internet, and which were supposedly for the Hornet (can't remember what they were), but none actually fitted my gun. Shooting shed don't do them. Who can help? Many thanks in advance.
  11. sambar

    Bigamy among foxes?

    Thanks for that gbal. An excellent, admirably well-informed reply. I would say that the location in question is one where food supplies would be far from problematical for any local foxes, even less so now that there are new-born lambs a-plenty (the three taken so far were in prime condition)- which ties in with what you were saying. It'll be interesting now for me to see how long it is before the currently vacant territory is re-occupied. Presumably that occurs once the neighbours start to realise that the area is no longer marked, and that trespassers are no longer prosecuted! Foxes are so fascinating. Even though I'm engaged in controlling them, I would hate for them to disappear.
  12. sambar

    Bigamy among foxes?

    Hi Gents, a question to those who may know: I am aware that during the foxes' breeding / rearing season the family group may comprise subservient females (in addition to the breeding pair) who help with the rearing of the young, though they don't themselves breed. Does it ever happen that a male may have two breeding (and pregnant) females? I ask because I have recently had to deal with a lamb-killing problem, during which I took one dog plus two females that were in young. Since then no other foxes have,as yet, appeared on that patch, whereas I was expecting to have another dog to deal with, since there were two pregnant females. Observations / experiences great appreciated.
  13. sambar

    Quickload request for 6.5x55 please.

    For all the reasons you allude to, Laurie, the 6.5x55 does look like a can of worms when you first look into loading for it. I had indeed picked up that there were a confusing number of variations in action,age, country of origin,CIP vs SAAAMI specs,varying max pressures etc etc etc - shame I hadn't had your more straightforward and concise overview when I first started trying to fathom it all ! Should have come to UKV in the first place rather than finally out of desperate confusion. Thanks for your time and the benefit of your knowledge.
  14. sambar

    Quickload request for 6.5x55 please.

    Thanks for that activev111. Great how, after an initial request, so much information keeps coming in - and I've finally found someone who uses N150! I tried to get the 140 Interlocks, but had no choice, so had to buy the 129's. There are good reports about them,so I'm hopeful of developing an effective round. You're getting good accuracy with yours, and it's particularly interesting to learn your warning about over-high velocities - ties in with all the advice and warnings on that subject given by earlier contributors. You guys are all taking them at ranges well beyond what I currently feel capable of. However that leaves me hopeful that I will be able to get the round I need at my ranges, even with my 20" barrel, without having to push the powder charge. Thanks for the warning about the charge being lower in the newer Viht guide.
  15. sambar

    Quickload request for 6.5x55 please.

    Thanks banus02. Even more useful info for me. As I stated earlier, I had to buy what was available when I was gearing up for this, and since I have a full kilogram of powder, finances dictate that I need to at least try to get a working load from it,before considering laying out on another. Just as sod's law dictates, having once bought N150, my subsequent research on th'internet seems to indicate that by far most handloaders are using everything but! It's encouraging to hear of your success on deer with the Interlocks. All the more so as it's at velocities under what some say are necessary. I was actually also already wondering about their eventual suitability for foxes,as and when I get sorted, so you've pre-empted me there. I will be shooting from a 20" barrel, for what that's worth. As for range - 260 yds is well beyond what I'd be comfortable with, so no limitations or problems for me in that respect presumably.

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