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  1. What ret and is it FFP or SFP? Thanks
  2. I use one and am happy with it. :-)
  3. Hi guys, I'm looking specifically for proven loads in a Blaser R93. I'm well aware that all rifles are different but I'm struggling to get to 1700 foot pounds without getting flattened primers in my rifle. Where i've loaded hot and got 1700 foot pound I'm having a hard time opening the bolt. Many thanks guys
  4. phillips321

    FFP scope & turrets help please ?

    All my scopes are either fixed focal plane or fixed mag. I hate the fact that mil dot rets only work on a specific mag on SFP scopes. FFP is easier, or better yet just go for a fixed 6x or 8x and forget about the rest. Anyways, if you're shooting under 200 yards most calibers are an inch high at 100 and then just point and squeeze, job done.
  5. phillips321

    .22-250 load data for 75gr Amax

    Likewise, sent a PM with photos. Remember that reloads are for specific rifles and what works in one might not work in the other.
  6. phillips321

    .243, Vit N160 & 100gr Sierra Pro Hunter - Where to start?

    So would you say this primer is ok?
  7. phillips321

    .243, Vit N160 & 100gr Sierra Pro Hunter - Where to start?

    Sako factory 100 grain fired just fine (and grouped) Powder was sealed from HPS in Gloucestershire, they're very reliable. Dated 2014 i believe. I will try a friends N160 to see if it makes a difference. Scales are weighing correctly. I checked with a 50grain vmax and a 100grain pro hunter. I also cross referenced with my beam scales before i sold them. Bolt was a little stiff to close with some resized brass. The dies i'm using are these (hornady american series). I'm thinking this is where something could be going wrong??? I'm tempted to buy some more factory ammo and pull the bullets and then reseat with my N160? Cases trimmed to length (or just under), then deburred inside and out. Bullets sat less than SAMMI. I'm thinking it might be a good idea to try a friends resized brass and load them.
  8. phillips321

    .243, Vit N160 & 100gr Sierra Pro Hunter - Where to start?

    Ok well that wasn't a good start! I started at 34grains and blew the primer out the back of the case! So i dropped down to 30grains to try again and got this: I then dropped to 29grains and got flattened primers: This was with once fired cases (i bought factory ammo and shot). I'm really at loss as to what to do here? I'm getting some different brass this week to try and i'll start at 29 and work my way up slowly again, but i can't believe this is so far below what Vit quote?
  9. phillips321

    .243, Vit N160 & 100gr Sierra Pro Hunter - Where to start?

    P.s. all i can find on the net is this from roestalker.co.uk who's using an R8 (I'm on a R93 platform) and goes from 39-->43grains
  10. Hi guys, New rifle so looking to figure out powder measures as a starting point and a max so i can work my way up. However The Vit website doesn't have load data for this bullet but for another 100grain it's stating 34.4-->39.8. Does anyone have any load data for pro hunter 100grain in 243 using N160? Just so i know where i can work from and to? Many thanks
  11. So guys, When i first started reloading i figured out that 22.5grains of N133 being a 50grain VMax suited my 222. Well after a nice morning with VarmLR a few months back we talked about my reloading and how i could improve it. A few things were pointed out but my powder measurements weren't the best. As such i bought a Hornady Auto Charge (a bit fiddly to use but speeds up the process). Well i decided to test the groups again now that I'm getting a little better at reloading. I started at 22.2 grains and worked my way up to 22.7grains in 0.1 steps. Here are the results: <-- 22.5 <-- 22.3 <-- 22.7 <-- 22.6 <-- 22.4 <-- 22.2 I'd appreciate any advice on which group to go with. There was a fair bit of side wind today, and these are 5 shot groups, some shots i've cleared pulled so maybe count them out ;-) Thanks in advance
  12. phillips321

    Blaser R93 Magazine insert 243/308

    Hi guys, As per the title I am looking for a magazine insert for an R93 that takes 243. I believe it's the same insert for 308 and a few other cablers so if you happen to have one spare collecting dust I have cash waiting. Thanks
  13. phillips321

    Power outage - a tidy solution...

    You realise just how stupid this is? Just incase you didn't think about the scenario... It's dark, the powers out, the fridge and freezer are defrosting, you fire up the generator and plug one end in, you're in a rush. You can't find the other end of the cable on the floor so start fishing for it...ZAP! Game over! Do yourself a favour and get one of these off flea bay for nice and cheap and it'll do the change over and grid disconnect for you :-) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm//272258690237
  14. phillips321

    i snipe problems

    No but i had problems with Strelok working with my weather flow wind meter in iOS 10 if you're experiencing that? I've spoke to the dev and he's fixed it and put in a new release for apple approval.

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