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  1. See the tub of H4350 hiding on the shelf , cracking rifle if didnt have one id snap it up.
  2. I use radiator spray for my steel and shotgun pattern plate .
  3. Furyan

    Pard NV 007

    Good price just not on the pigeon watch
  4. Furyan


    Pm sent
  5. Furyan

    6.5mm 123g amax alternative

    Expand good , sent about 60 all same as in good expansion , cant really say how good on deer as head shot , couple of foxes they did`nt go anywhere. Rabbits and crows really dont like them pigeons pop, Im happy with them. Dont have any pics as im not really into taking pics of shot stuff too much hassle.
  6. Furyan

    6.5mm 123g amax alternative

    I sort of switched to 123grn ELD as i still have 200 123grn Amax left now, Ive found the eld shoot the same as the Amax with same powder pushed with Varget. But i also like 130grn Sierra TMK pushed with VhitN140 which expand very good even on crows . Im using a 6.5x47 22" 1.8.5 Barrel .
  7. Furyan


    2 posts and comes out with that mmm, They do damage to property as well as trees and push the native reds out and yes they taste nice.
  8. Furyan

    Choosing a barrel profile

    Cant say i have had the standard Varmint barrel get hot on my cz527V , I get set up with crow/pigeon decoys out to 250-300 yds sit there all afternoon sometimes, I also stalk with the same set up , and the same at night (with-out the crows). All home loads stretched them out to a long way past 300yds.
  9. Furyan

    CZ455 Magazine(s)

    Yes i have a metal 10 shot mag which fits 455 and 425 , Make offer
  10. 17Hornet with 30grn pain Killers
  11. Furyan

    17 hornet

    Got cz527v Hawke sr pro 8-32x56 + mounts plus sound mod, Sonic best ive heard and ive compared it to dpt , wildcat. dies Redding / wilson cleaning rod (pro shot) Bipod bullets various 20grn Berger Hp , 20grn gold tip , 25grn vmax 25grn Hp (old style) some hand swagged bullets 25grn and 30grn. some loaded cases Hornady and rws which need fire forming ( i cant do it if need be, these are new .22 rws) Genuine bullyberry 20cal/17cal forming die. 4x 25 round holders with inserts 50 round ammo box powder 1/4 to 1/2 tub of lovex DO63 (Brilliant powder for hornet ) 2 full tubs H4198 £1600 no offers Plus rfd price unless its collected . Pm if interested
  12. Furyan

    hornady eld match

    Interesting Si
  13. Furyan

    Eley Cartridges

    Yes i had a few Eley factory carts with hard primers , I dont shoot many factory stuff prefer to load my own.
  14. Furyan

    Amax to the Eld's

    Nice buck
  15. Furyan

    Amax to the Eld's

    ELDm expand very well

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