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  1. Furyan

    Eley Cartridges

    Yes i had a few Eley factory carts with hard primers , I dont shoot many factory stuff prefer to load my own.
  2. Furyan

    Amax to the Eld's

    Nice buck
  3. Furyan

    Amax to the Eld's

    ELDm expand very well
  4. Furyan

    Amax to the Eld's

    Ive gone from 123grn amax to 123grn ELDm every thing the same primer .powder, oal . shoot no difference.
  5. Furyan

    17 Hornet. HW66 J-M

    Very nice I did think about getting one but went for another cz527 and glad i did . I have been testing some 30grrn Match and very impressed with them and im just waiting for it to dry up again to test some different 30grn rebated , and some 25grn Hp all hand swagged.
  6. Furyan

    65x47 cases

    Ronin Can you remember what the Sako 75 you built for Offroadgary was set up for 123grn or 130grn or 140grn ? Thank you Furyan
  7. Furyan

    Lead free

    Anybody tried the lehigh brand on bullets i have just bought a box or two of the Controlled chaos lead free some 20grn for the 17 Hornet, and 95grn for the 6.5x47, Anybody interested in them contact wwwcdsgltd.co.uk .
  8. Furyan

    65x47 cases

    Thanks for that i still use the load info he sent with the sako shoot very well when i do my part i tried all sorts with the cases apart from a small base die, I have tried all sorts with the cases to get them to chamber body die with redding comp shell holders still could`nt get them to chamber . i marked one case up with red marker pen let it dry chambered it to see if i could see any obvious marks , Nothing apart from on the base and this is with the bolt striped and no firing pin . it would have been cheaper to buy new cases and go from there . Not to worry .
  9. Furyan

    65x47 cases

    Sorted this issue with the cases they are now a solid block heading to the scrap yard 😀
  10. Furyan

    Tumbler media

    Thank you Chris , i normally tumble them first before any lube gets on them .
  11. Furyan

    Tumbler media

    Thanks ive just ordered some.
  12. Furyan

    Tumbler media

    Hi anybody recommend a decent media for the dry tumbler , I just put a tub of lyman`s red stuff in and omg its stained the cases ,me, everything . and it compacted into the 17 Hornet cases tight i had to spend another hr or so picking,cleaning the cases out with some fine wire. Thank you Mark
  13. Interesting idea thank you
  14. We are doing very well with the 25grn vmax and HP at some good distance, we are working with some 30grn HP at the moment using the same powder DO63. I was tempted with the HW66 but only right handed versions available no good for me .
  15. Furyan

    65x47 cases

    cool cheers Ronin

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