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  1. Hi Dorg I still after all the 95grn Vmax Paypal Adress please
  2. Are-theses still for sale 300 6.5mm Vmax 95gn £38
  3. I normally put a radio on low playing what ever music or someone talking broccoli that has worked for me , I know George Newcombe used to hang sprout stalks up for them to be occupied , never tried it myself the radio seamed to work for me. sleep tight
  4. good to hear there getting on
  5. Action bedding

    I did my cz527 17Hornet which went from 1/4 group @100yds to all touching after i put Brass pillars and bedded the action with JBweld Ive done two now and there both shoot very well .
  6. Leave them to sort it out BUT i will say this with the beddlington part in the cross they can be a bit fiery , hopefully the spaniel with take control . Any idea which the line of beddlington is from. Nice looking pup (Poppy) I know of one that was called daisy she was a right little B##TARD near anything else brilliant with kids/adults but that's it get it working on rats it was fine . Enjoy the pup mate
  7. Bargin for someone right there
  8. Lyman Gen 6 - views from a loading bench!

    I have the Gen6 and after finding the previous user had managed to get Varget in side it ??, After a good clean out it works very well with a different range of powders from varget, rs52, Lovex do63, A1 Ao Bluedot Alliant Steel, Herco, Maxim SSB150, Saved me loading on shotgun loading too.
  9. 6.5mm varmint bullet choice

    i like the sierra 85grn HP and 123grn Amax , shot some longish fox with the 123grn
  10. Yes they know as the Rillington Strain not too far from Scarborough , One of the nicest gent ive ever met. Ive also had the pleasure to hunt with Brian Plumber now that was a experience i will never forget .
  11. David Hancock is just a puppy farmer bonny dogs mind , if you can find a bedlington from George newcome line cracking line. ive grown up working with lurchers mainly 1/2 cross collie/greyhounds and irish wheaton/greyhound , also had the pleasure of working a beddy/whippet with George newcome, very nice working dog.
  12. left mine at 24 inch happy with them
  13. sonic 35 or Dpt but not cheap
  14. Bix\n Andy trigger sako 75

    How good are they i didnt think you could beat the factory 75 trigger ?

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