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  1. Rs52 with 6.5x47

    Mine 22" too Ive been running it on the same recipe as previous owner BR4 ,38grn Varget 123grn amax 2.6395 to the tip . shoots very well had vermin out to 630yds (3/4 grown wabbit). But running low on varget and i can get RS quite easy.
  2. Rs52 with 6.5x47

    Any body using the above powder with 6.5x47 and 123grn Bullets , Im currently using Varget ? Thankyou
  3. Logged out/Locked out

    Hi DW58 i deleted every thing to do with UKV , then logged back in all fine now , by the way how you getting on with the x47 cases ?
  4. i made my own to the same design as that one got the plans of ytube cost of a sheet of Ply.
  5. I would suggest the wash as i know there are a few from your area who travel there . But unfortunately you have to be a member of basc, which now in many peoples views have no interest in wildfowling as the biggest fowling club in england is leaving them. Im in country side alliance , and sacs
  6. Which club are you thinking of joining ?, They mostly have a probationary period for new members/Wildfowlers and some clubs do bird Id. Which association are you also thinking of joining ? , I do quite a bit of fowling just ask away.
  7. Log in

    That seams to have worked thank you.
  8. Log in

  9. Log in

    Can admin help every time i load up UKV i am having to enter my user name and password , only done this since the forum update ? Many thanks
  10. The New format site - problem

    Any idea as to why the ukv new forum will not remember my user name and password , Or does the new forum require it to be entered each visit ?
  11. Best Wellies?

    I cant say enough about the Snowbee Rockhoppers , apart from been black they have tungsten spikes in the soles brilliant for greasy tree stumps and slimy rocks also very warm. I dont go for top brand names Ive 2 pairs of these boots for 6 years still as good as new, one pair was cut down to fit my breathable waders.
  12. which calibre do you most enjoy shooting?

    17 Hornet at distant targets very pleasing to see such a small bullet results at 400yds .
  13. Foxing with 300wsm ?

    Used to run 110grn max at 3600fps in 308 cant remember the powder , I did these for someone else ,turns fox into mush
  14. 6.5x47mm Lapua cases.

    Ill see what i have spare, Im also coming up your way on the 4th nov if i have any spare i could bring them up?
  15. 17 Hornet - Who . . .

    Thanks i am at 11.9grn in Lovex for 3250 , i might get some RS36

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