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    Distiller to trade, shooting interests include foxing, long range vermin, Reloading, tinkering.....
    FCSA and CVPC member. Shooting .38/357 LBR, 357 Westlake Alfa, .260rem, .303, 7.62x53r, 7.92x57, and .338LM

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  1. Yes please! Registered my interest. Look forward to bigger cals too.
  2. Cheers David, the mp5 was definitely a firm favourite with us.
  3. Just back yesterday from a weekend's shooting with ds1 at his range in CZ. Our trip was planned very hastily at short notice, due to my work patterns and being told last minute 'you're having X week off', but David was able to accommodate and was very helpful. We flew into Prague as flights direct to BRNO from Scotland are a bit....sparse.....Prague isn't ideal as it means either navigating public transport(which being fair was excellent when we used it to explore Prague a little), or having David spend nearly 5 hours driving each way. David very kindly played tour guide for a few hours with us in Prague. Lovely city, a little busy and expensive though. We had dinner in what was to be our local haunt every night, food was excellent, super cheap and the beer was great too! Was a few pints later I realised it was knock-your-tits-off juice at 11%. Some restraint required with that stuff. When I booked with David I hadn't really been specific with what we wanted to do. We wanted to have a play with a bit of everything, at the same time as it being constructive and educational. So that's what we did - we got to use a variety of firearms while David ran us through various drills and techniques over the weekend. We had an absolute ball and thoroughly recommend anyone who's looking at doing some section 5 shooting outside of the UK to speak to David, or stop by and see David and Craig at the CTP stand at the shooting show. You won't be disappointed. We'll be back sooner rather than later, the only difficult bit is deciding what we'll do!
  4. Grum87

    George Balfour

    Very sad to hear of George's passing.
  5. Grum87

    George Balfour (gbal on this site)

    Terrible news.
  6. Grum87

    Best moderator

    Quite fond of mine too, have had a prototype since pre-release. Titanium core and a hard anodised body, fully strippable and a lovely bit of engineering. And customer service second to none.
  7. ....does it go bang reliably? If so, don't touch it. A stronger spring will only increase the effort to cock/open the bolt if there is no pre-existing reliability issue.
  8. Grum87

    Stock choice

    Eddie, it's best to try not understand.....
  9. Grum87

    260rem RS62 142gr smks

    I tested 43gr of RS62 with a 139gr Scenar yesterday, it wasn't a great day for it, but I saw minimal vertical dispersion, just a bit of left-right in yesterdays gales up here.
  10. Grum87

    Reloading with Rosie

    Do they wear nice shorts though?
  11. Grum87

    Reloading with Rosie

    I agree. I shoot in a club where it's not uncommon to see the odd young lassie wearing shorts like that during the summer. No one's forcing you to watch it. Not quite sure what's offensive or degrading about a lady in a pair of shorts. It's not like she's bouncing around in a little bikini..... When did we become such a nation of pansies that you can't handle a presenter wearing a pair of shorts? Life's good if that's all we've got to cry about.
  12. Grum87

    Wanted: Accushot Monopod or similar

    Are you planning to shoot off it? I found it to be the most utterly useless piece of kit, if you want to shoot with any level of stability/consistency.
  13. Grum87

    Reloading with Rosie

    Well, having seen that, she's positively over-dressed in the videos it seems.
  14. Grum87

    Gun smiffin question

    Yes, yes it can. It's not wholly uncommon to see aluminium V blocks and chassis' bedded.

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