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    Distiller to trade, shooting interests include foxing, long range vermin, Reloading, tinkering.....
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  1. Barrels

    They are barrel blanks, not chamebered. So not technically barrels. No FAC required, and you'll need a gunplumber to chamber and thread it for your rifle. You can buy chambered barrels, but they'd need to go on your FAC.
  2. Legal??

    If you're transferring ammo to him, home loads or factory, you should be signing it onto his ticket.
  3. Smock

    If you want that sort of jacket, splash the cash on an Arktis.
  4. Sporting Services 'Nimrod' rifle

    Simply Firearms has some in, may be a little closer to home? I couldn't gather whether he's buying in actions and having them barrelled here, or they come in as barrelled actions, so can't comment on quality. But as a means to getting a look at an action.....
  5. Sporting Services 'Nimrod' rifle

    Grant, I have the range orders for Blairadam tucked away somewhere, and they allow up to 5160ft/lbs, at a max speed of 3275fps. It'll come down to your club/rco's as to whether or not they'll let you shoot it. My 338 comes in under the limits but CVPC won't let me shoot it, boo!
  6. SVLK-14S Sumrak 4K capable!

    'Just like a Ferrari' I'd like to think if Ferrari made firearms they'd manage to time a muzzle brake correctly. And it wouldn't have an action that looks like a brick. *edit* also, aluminium barrel!? Reaaaaaaaaally?
  7. Air rifles in Scotland

    Best bet is to ring Police Scotland and ask. For someone to possess an air rifle in Scotland, it either needs to be on an AWC, if one was applied for, or an FAC/SGC will cover it until your renewal, at which point you must apply for an AWC for it. I believe visitors need to apply for a visitors permit, much like foreign visitors bringing a rifle in for some stalking. How having an FAC may or may not change that, I don't know...
  8. Forum Question - How do I amend . . .

    Heaven forbid someone may of mistaken you for one of our traveling brethren. D'ye like daaaaags?
  9. 6.5 variants

    In a modern rifle, hand loading the 6.5x55 or 6.5x55AI will out perform all the others anyway.....
  10. Hobbesy, you may want to edit out your last post/delete it and forward the info by PM
  11. British Shooting Show - No Dogs

    Is that some form of cheap rip-off Tiger Stripe camo?
  12. British Shooting Show - No Dogs

    Camoflauged dog would get in though....sneaky beaky.
  13. No worries. On closer inspection, it's sitting in an original wartime laminate stock.
  14. Yugoslav rather than Hungarian. Most likely a German re-arsenaled action with new stock and barrel. The 1.TRZ marking is common on arsenal rebuilt Mausers and Nagants from Yugoslavia. Nice rifles and good shooters. Good luck with the sale, no doubt the new owner will enjoy it.
  15. Not to be a d!ck, but some of the 338(bagged stuff I can't see), is not Lapua manufactured. T headstamped is RUAG manufacture, ex military most likely.

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