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  1. Rangefinder

    S&B 12-50x56

    Hi your inbox is full can you make some space
  2. Rangefinder

    S&B 12-50x56

    Hi has anyone go 1 for sale thanks jimmy
  3. Rangefinder

    223 Bullets

    Hi I’ve 100 hornady 60gr vmax
  4. Rangefinder

    Hornady 6.5mm 130gr ELDM

    Hi has anyone got any? I’ll take a box to try if had one for a measurement thanks jimmy
  5. Rangefinder

    .260 rebarrel

    Yep barrell length, make, twist & throat length as bullets must be mag length
  6. Rangefinder

    .260 rebarrel

    Hi my .260 currently has a heavy Varmint 26” 1-8.5 twist Remy action set in an AI Stock I want to shoot 123ELD,s or 130ELD,s out to 1000yds thanks Jimmy
  7. Rangefinder


    what range have you tried them at? what size of group? how many shot group?what caliber? load data? thanks Jimmy
  8. Rangefinder


    HI what powder is closest to H4350 thanks Jimmy
  9. Rangefinder

    Sako 85 rings

    Hi has anyone got 34mm rings
  10. Rangefinder

    6.5 PRC

    Thanks, I’ll checkout the group
  11. Rangefinder

    6.5 PRC

    Hi has anyone had any experience of this round ? tbanks Jimmy
  12. Rangefinder

    neck turning

    Hi has anyone got an Hornady LNL neck turn tool 041224 thanks Jimmy
  13. Rangefinder

    Wanted: Accurate Mag AICS 10 round

    I’ve one rarely used if interested
  14. Rangefinder

    S&B 12-50x56

    Mil .1 clicks
  15. Rangefinder

    .260 bullet & powder choice

    Hi thanks, after a lot of exhausting work I’ve finally got a 2”group @ 500yds using 44.4gr N160 (2940FPS)123gr ELD seated 20 thou from lans

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