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  1. click values ? moa or mil ? recticle type ? thanks rangefinder
  2. Hornady bulletts

    Hi banus no thanks I’m developing a hunting load for 95gr Vmax
  3. Hornady bulletts

    Hi has anyone got any 95gr 6.5mm vmax thanks Rangefinder
  4. Hi are the 6.5mm 95gr still available ? thanks jimmy
  5. Hi are the 6.5mm 95gr vmax gone? Thanks jimmy
  6. .260 Rem

    Thanks but unfortunately no Hogden powers I’ll go with vit, reloader 15 or some of the others which are available
  7. Hi has anyone got a load for Hornady 95 gr vmax 1-8.5” twist
  8. Nosler heads 6.5mm

    Hi anyone know where I can get 6.5mm Nosler accubond 129gr
  9. nosler 6.5mm accubond

    hi has anyone tried these? can you send me groups especially 400+yds do they function as accurately as berger 130gr? how well do they expand
  10. Berger 6.5mm 140gr VLDs

    Hi John I’ve got some if you still need them
  11. Chamber mops

    Hi I’m looking for 1 of each to fit PRO SHOT ROD
  12. ASE ultra

    I'd agree as I’ve an another older 1 which has had at least 4000 rounds through it and still in perfect condition, I wouldn’t advise anyone not to buy an ASE mod as the build quality is not what it used to be
  13. ASE ultra

    Thanks The distributor has said this corrosion is normal and won’t affect operation until it has corroded twice the diameter of the baffle hole!! I’m not happy with their after sales and would recommend buying ASE products as Their warranty isn’t worth the paper it wrote on 😤
  14. Hi I’ve a warranty issue which I would like some advise I’m using a .30 cal mod on a 260 which has started to corrode after 800 rounds, it’s a year old

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