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  1. Rangefinder

    6.5 PRC

    Thanks, I’ll checkout the group
  2. Rangefinder

    6.5 PRC

    Hi has anyone had any experience of this round ? tbanks Jimmy
  3. Rangefinder

    neck turning

    Hi has anyone got an Hornady LNL neck turn tool 041224 thanks Jimmy
  4. Rangefinder

    Wanted: Accurate Mag AICS 10 round

    I’ve one rarely used if interested
  5. Rangefinder

    S&B 12-50x56

    Mil .1 clicks
  6. Rangefinder

    .260 bullet & powder choice

    Hi thanks, after a lot of exhausting work I’ve finally got a 2”group @ 500yds using 44.4gr N160 (2940FPS)123gr ELD seated 20 thou from lans
  7. Rangefinder

    S&B 12-50x56

    Hi what spec is you 12-50 ? Mine is sand P4F MTC illuminated in immaculate condition thanks jimmy
  8. Rangefinder

    S&B 12-50x56

    hi I've an S&B 5-25x56 which i'm very pleased with even with tunnelling at low mag but some more magnification would be appreciated, has anyone had any experience of the 12-50x56 scope, good points and bad thanks Jimmy
  9. Rangefinder

    .260 bullet & powder choice

    Thanks JCS i take 1 bullet and exhaust it then another but after several attempts I cannot get a good consistent combination
  10. Rangefinder

    .260 bullet & powder choice

    Hi I’m looking for an accurate long range bullet for .260Rem 26” barrel 1-8.5 twist, I’m currently using 130 gr berger VLD 42.6gr Hogden’s H4350 2800fps which produces 1” group @300yds but unfortunately the H4350 is not available and Berger’s rarely expand I’ve tried 123gr ELDM At various lengths Vit N150 at various charges with speeds from 2800-3100Fps Which will not produce constant tight groups ive also tried 143eldx Vit N160 started @ 41gr increasing in .5 gr but had pressure signs at 42.5gr Showing no promise I’ve also tried Sierra 130gr TMK’s Vit N160 at various charges and lengths which showed no promise thanks jimmy
  11. Rangefinder

    Accuracy International AICS AT Side Rail

    Hi has anyone got a side rail to suite Thanks Jimmy
  12. Rangefinder


    Hi has anyone got 6.5mm 130GR VLD bullet heads thanks Jimmy
  13. Rangefinder

    AI Mag

    Hi cost including postage thanks jimmy
  14. Rangefinder

    AI Mag

    Hi has anyone got an AI .223 Mag will swap a 308
  15. click values ? moa or mil ? recticle type ? thanks rangefinder

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