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  1. Rangefinder

    1-10 twist .243

    Hi advice required is a 1-10 twist .243 suitable for 103gr hornady ELDX tHanks Jimmy
  2. Hi I’ve sent you a pm thanks jimmy
  3. Rangefinder

    Schmidt 5-45x56 LRR unboxing

    Many thanks, I’ve several scopes and probably my favourite is a S&B 5-25x56 P4F I was thinking of changing to a 12-50x56 but have never had any experience of it regards Jimmy
  4. Rangefinder

    Schmidt 5-45x56 LRR unboxing

    Hi from your experience how would you rate the S&B 12x50 thanks Jimmy
  5. Rangefinder

    Redding body die

    Hi has anyone got a redding .223 body die thanks jimmy
  6. Rangefinder

    Redding seating micrometer

    Hi has anyone got one or who stocks them? It’s for .243 seating die Redding Bullet Seating Micrometer W/VLD #7 Seat Plug thanks jimmy
  7. Any photos, click value, reticle type, FFP or SFP may be interested in part exchange for a Hendsolt 4-16x56FFP mil dot scope thanks jimmy
  8. Rangefinder

    .243 proven Loads

    Hi I’m new to .243 and will be using a 20” 1in 10 twist i would appreciate if some proven loads could be shared I've ordered Sierra 90GR game changer to try I’ve got N140, N150, N160 & RL15 thanks jimmy thanks Jimmy
  9. Rangefinder


    Hi I’m looking for an ASE ULTRA S 6.5mm mod 18x1 thanks jimmy
  10. Rangefinder

    Hornady 6mm ELDM 90gr

    Small mistake should have been 6mm ELDX tried spud none listed
  11. Rangefinder

    Hornady 6mm ELDM 90gr

    Hi, does anyone have any or know where I can get some? Thanks jimmy
  12. Rangefinder

    .243 bullets

    Hi has anyone got any .243 hunting heads up to 90GR only Small’s qtys (15 of each) required to start load development thanks Jimmy
  13. Rangefinder

    Gun cabinet

    Thanks JCS
  14. Rangefinder

    Gun cabinet

    Hi I’m looking for a large rifle cabinet 10 to 14 gun must not be wider than 550mm many ideas thanks jimmy

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