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  1. Scope sold pending the usual. Advert amended.
  2. Now sold. Ruger 77/22 all weather in 22wmr. Rifle is in good condition with a comfy functional stock, stainless action and barrel screw cut 1/2unf. This is a nice short little rifle which makes it very pointable and would be a great truck gun. Trigger is light, crisp and predictable and it groups about 1"at 100yards with Hornady V-max 30grn. 22wmr is flat shooting from 30-100 yards and groups as well as 17hmr, but is less affected by wind and more energy! Included are two 9-shot rotary magazines that both feed well. These sit flush with the action. It also has ruger stainless 1" rings. Scope not included in the sale. This has been my faithful bunny gun but my shooting has taken a new direction so it's time to sell. £180 including rfd my end or will include some rounds if face to face. Also advised elsewhere.
  3. Good afternoon, do you need to adapt the rifle to fit this, or does it just fit on a standard rifle? Many thanks.
  4. Hi, how much is it? Any pictures please?
  5. Just wondering if you would split these? If so, how much for the mat please?
  6. Morning, I have tried to pm you about this but it says you cannot receive new messages?
  7. Where are you located please?

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