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  1. Would you consider selling 2 or 3 .338 lapua cases? And bullets if you have any? I want to make some inert rounds for my collection If so please pm me with a cost including p&p Thanks
  2. Truing Beam Scales

    I contacted Scott Parker a while back about gettng my rcbs 10 10 done and he only tunes specific ones. But what he did offer was a new set of scales tuned and delivered (can't remember What the scales were) Postage there and back and his work would just be too much but a new set supplied and delivered wasn't too badly priced ( can' remember the exact price) He was very helpful it' worth giving him an email too see your options and then just sell your existing ones.
  3. 6.5x47 with 120gr amaxs

    I use the 123g a max in 6.5× 47 I tried n150 and got a fairly decent group but pressures were getting too high. I have just tried the new imr 4166 varget equlivent and I'm getting better accuracy with them 1/2" was a bad group!! My rifle preferrd the faster powder.
  4. Solid tempilaq

    Yeah mine was the same. Use the tempilaq thinners it takes a fair bit to get it back to liquid if its gone thick
  5. Hi, Does anyone know if there is a cheat sheet online on setting up strelok pro and what all the different things are and how to tweek it for your rifle? Thanks
  6. My DIY annealing machine!

    And mine. 😊
  7. What four rifle calibres - factory ammo

    22r 22-250 243 30-06
  8. I don't know if it had any benefit cleaning or not, but..... I use a rotary tumbler it makes them look nice if nothing else.
  9. Tempilaq 750 Wanted

    Sorted now. Thanks anyway.
  10. BiPods

    How much is your budget?
  11. You got a price in mind or is it free to a good home?
  12. annealing process

    So... After a lot of consideration I have ordered a machine from lubo, I have been scouring the internet and YouTube and think I have got the hang of the annealing bit. (Think being the key word) But my question is at what point do you do it?? Do you do all of your case prep ( size trim etc) before or after the process? And also at what frequency? I was thinking of doing it every second firing or does it need to be done everytime to feel the benefits? Thanks
  13. I have a small note pad for load data and then I made an a4 sheet up that I keep in my cabinet with round count for my rifle.
  14. Tempilaq or no?

    I am going through the same stage, I have just ordered a machine from lubo, Ordered my gas torch and now just tempilaq. I have been doing a fair bit of reading up / YouTube and the general idea is 750 on the inside of the case neck. So that's what I'm going with I think.

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