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  1. rhhudson

    In ear hearing protection.

    I have just ordered some of the 3m lep 200 ones after much trailing the internet. There is a lot of good review's from shooters on Amazon and also a lot of good recommendation on stalking directory.
  2. I have got one, I have foot the green shooting version. I find it really good just connect it to your strelok pro app add your range and away you go it constantly updates with corrections. A lot of people have got the cheaper blue version and keep having trouble with it losing connection. No such thing on the green shooter one. Spend the extra and get one brought.
  3. rhhudson

    6.5mm 123g amax alternative

    What are the eld match like for expansion? Are they predictable or do they just drill straight through?
  4. rhhudson

    6.5mm 123g amax alternative

    Thanks for that.... So yeah the nosler 120g bt hunting does look the best option. But at nearly £60/100 They are the most expensive!
  5. rhhudson

    6.5mm 123g amax alternative

    What will the sst preform like on smaller animals? I thought they were for deer?
  6. rhhudson

    6.5mm 123g amax alternative

    Hi. So with the 123g amax now gone what have people swapped to? For me it was an all round bullet. Good bc, good expansion on corvids and fox. And I'm looking for something to fill it's boots. My rifle is a 6.5 x 47 with a 1/8.5" 22" long So I can't really go any higher than 130gr. Looking for tried and tested recommendations please. Thankyou.
  7. rhhudson

    High seat freeze

    If you only looking for a cheaper one I brought a jack pyke hunters bib and brace. It does the job ideal. I got mine on offer for about £15.
  8. Mine is like that. What did you alter to give you decimals?
  9. rhhudson

    wanted 243/6mm bullets

    Take a look at cdsg Ltd (online) They have a 24hr sale on at the min until midnight I know 75gr vmax are on offer @ £25 Might be worth a look if your quick
  10. rhhudson

    6.5x47 brass

    How many times fired?
  11. rhhudson

    Looking to minimise my cabinet

    6 x 47 lapua?
  12. I have got an atlas psr and it is extremely rigid and very versatile. It was an expensive layout but you don't get any of the hop that you get with a Harris. I was torn between that and the Phoenix but the Phoenix didn't have any pan, only cant adjustment. The atlas has both pan and cant so you can move onto your target without loading one side like your Harris and resulting in pulling the shot. Richard fittings did a YouTube round up of several bipods on sharpshooting uk. That might be worth a look.

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