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  1. I have got an atlas psr and it is extremely rigid and very versatile. It was an expensive layout but you don't get any of the hop that you get with a Harris. I was torn between that and the Phoenix but the Phoenix didn't have any pan, only cant adjustment. The atlas has both pan and cant so you can move onto your target without loading one side like your Harris and resulting in pulling the shot. Richard fittings did a YouTube round up of several bipods on sharpshooting uk. That might be worth a look.
  2. Moderator cover for sale, as new condition. Velcro and elastic fixings. Od green. These Mod covers offer both protection and help reduce the mirage effect from the heat build up inside the moderator. These cover are made of several layers of natural heat resistant materials combined with Kevlar and other heat resistant synthetic materials. I can email pictures on request *advertised elsewhere* £35 posted
  3. Pm also sent regarding 123g amax,
  4. Hi. Up for sale is my Thlr rear bag. Same as the one in the link except green with black straps https://www.mmsporting.co.uk/shop/rifle-accessories-bags/thlr-standard-rear-bag/ Not really sure on price so... £20 posted ? Ono Can send pictures if you require. Thanks Rhhudson
  5. rhhudson

    How do You prep Your brass? UKV survey.

    Tumble Anneal F/l size Trim/chamfer/deburr Tumble again. Normally size/Tumble in batches of 50 but when annealing I normally do 100 (keeping them separate). I tumble twice. First time to clean a bit of the carbon to stop it all going in my dies. Second time to remove any remaining swarf/case lube and polish.
  6. Are you selling as a whole or individual? Interested in the target master... price please
  7. Night master are worth a look.
  8. rhhudson

    6.5mm varmint bullet choice

    I loaded some with n150 but to get them to group anything like they were running far too hot and cratering primers massively the were doing 3166fps so I ditched that load. Don't know if it's worth trying n140?
  9. rhhudson

    6.5mm varmint bullet choice

    What powder and speeds are you getting with these?
  10. Atlas do one. I just did one.
  11. I had a burris four x with the same fault some form of contamination. Every time I fired it kept moving around. I sent it back and got a replacement which I then sold as it was brand new and upgraded. As others have said I'd send it back and either want a replacement or full refund! Read up on your rights.
  12. Give John a call he'll be your best option. When he makes them actions he machines the port with the rail on so that it all matches. So he would have to do the same with a new rail or depending how easy it is machine the rail. He is very helpful and I'm sure will sort something for you.

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