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  1. Hi for sale/swap my Hawke endurance 30 sf 6-24×50. Mint condition only been on a 22lr comes complete with box and accessories. Same as the link, I can send photos on request http://www.thecountryman.com/hawke-endurance-6-24x50-mildot-16262 Looking for around £250 ono or swap for something like 4-12 mag scope anything considered. This is just too much scope for my little rifle hence the sale. Thanks
  2. Hi for sale is my jack pyke hunters jacket in English oak, size Large. As new condition, Only worn once. Reason for sale is due to weight loss. Sold I can send photos but it really is as new. https://m.gooutdoors.co.uk/jack-pyke-hunters-jacket-p271507 Thanks
  3. Tried to pm you Says you can't receive them? What voltage and plug is on the case prep center? And what tools come with it? Thanks
  4. If you want to keep with factory bullets. It might be worth looking at .260rem. as you say the creedmore is the popular thing at the min (until something new comes out) but I'm not sure how many different factory loads there are to try.
  5. £105 posted if that works for you?

  6. Due to change In plans I have... 294 6.5mm eld m for sale. SOLD Advertised elsewhere Thanks
  7. How much do you want for the cleaning kit?
  8. Hi up for sale are my 123gr amax. There is 306 in total 2 unopened boxes, 1 opened and the 6 in with that. SOLD ELSEWHERE Would prefer them to go as one lot. Thanks Advertised elsewhere
  9. rhhudson

    Which quad sticks

    Mick Miller Thanks for that. It looks a lot better than the standard garden cane ones I have. I'm going to give it a go. Thanks
  10. rhhudson

    Which quad sticks

    That sound like a slightly more elaborate set..... if you don't mind could you post a picture? Thanks
  11. rhhudson

    Which quad sticks

    Hi, I'm looking at getting some quad sticks after moving from trigger sticks. I have got some of the garden cane diy ones but want some with the flat front rest to enable more adjustment. ..... budget wise was looking for £100-£130 ish. Any suggestions as to what is best please. Thanks

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