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  1. Newbie - needing a reloading kit

    I went with the rcbs rockchucker supreme kit. Depending on what levels of accuracy/consistency your looking at I can' see the need for upgrading anything. The only things I have done are the chamfer/ deburr tool and the primer pocket cleaner. Not because they were cap purely because they are a bit small and fiddly.
  2. Zeiss V8 4.6-35X60

    3cm at 100m is equlivent to 1moa (I think) so for you to move 1moa you need to adjust 6 clicks. As far as the adjustments go 0.5cm @100m so that' 1cm @200 1.5 cm@300 2cm@400 and so on..... 5cm@1000m If you only have 101 clicks then it will move 50.5cm @100m / 16.833 moa I have the smaller version 2.8-20x56 and my clicks are 1cm. So 100 clicks on my turret is 100cm @ 100m/ 33.33 moa Do you only have the one turn of your turret or will it go any more? (I think I'm right in what I'm saying but it' made my head spin too now)
  3. Hi. Up for sale is my Hawke red dot site. 1x30 dovetail mount brand new never mounted. In box ( but box says weaver mount) £50 including first class post. Advertised elsewhere Thanks Rob Struggling to upload photos. I can send them via email if required.
  4. IMR 4166

    I use imr 4166 in my 6.5x47 and found I am getting good accuracy with it. But as Laurie said I am getting very low speeds. I was pushing 123g bullets to 3100fps with a hot n150 load. I switched over to 4166 because it was too hot with the n150 and couldn' get the accuracy any lower. And I'm only getting 2664fps and I'm at the top of my powder load. I think the reloaded Swiss powders are very good from what I hear but I am yet to try them because know one stocked it around me. Such a shame varget and the other good powders have been banned it's messed a lot of shooters up!
  5. Zeiss V8

    How much for the sale?
  6. praesidia rifle accessories. He has got a Facebook page. Was very helpful when I got mine.
  7. I've got a Kevlar one on my wildcat evo mod. Looks a lot better than the cheap neoprene ones. But obviously costs more. I think the guy only makes them for wildcat now.
  8. Please pm me regarding Redding trickler your inbox must be full

  9. Any idea on how much postage would be for 200/300?
  10. From what I hear the eld-m are just as explosive as the amax were. I feel your pain hence I stocked up on 123g amax before they stopped doing them.
  11. Action bedding

    Hi all. Thanks for the reply. A little background info. I am running a John Carr custom action with sassen barrel in 6.5x47. Timney elite trigger and as mentioned a grs laminate varmint stock. I am currently getting between .2-.5moa (not yet tested at long range). I just wondered if a profesional bedding job would bring it much better and is the cost layout worth it for my needs. I don't shoot comps it is used for plinking on private ground, varminting (up to 500yards) fox and occasional deer. If I was to have it done it would be a professional job done by a Smith so by the sounds of it I'd be looking around the £300 Mark. But if it is not going to greatly increase my accuracy then it is perhaps not worth doing at this stage. Thanks for the info any more will be greatly appreciated and if there is anyone who has gone through a similar stage that would be helpful. Rhhudson
  12. Action bedding

    Hi. A couple of questions .... First will bedding my action /stock increase accuracy (not currently having issues just looking to get even better) Second. Will it throw my current load out ( will I need to rework it again or just tweek) Third how long would it take to do And finally how much would it cost to get it done professinally It' a grs laminate stock and custom rem 700 action. Thanks. Rhhudson

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