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  1. Have you got any photos of the 455 one please?
  2. As above, Comes with 1 bushing and priming attachment. I cant get on with it so back to my bench press £**sold**
  3. rhhudson

    Timney CZ455

    Why not just fit an aftermarket spring kit? No need to spend all the £££ on a complete trigger.
  4. There is a Facebook group 'strelok ballistics users group' And Igor is on there and really helpfully, join that and he will sort you out, or one of the other members
  5. rhhudson

    Wanted Lee hand press

    Hi, Has anyone got a Lee hand press they are looking to move on? Must be in good condition. Before I buy new. Thanks *** sorted now thanks****
  6. rhhudson

    Hornady ELD variability

    I am moving away from hornady products. There is a lot of variation in both weight and length. When your shooting at any distance it's no good!
  7. Hi, Somone I know has a savage model 12 benchrest model and it shoots great off a sand bag .3moa easy. Put a bipod on the front and it opens up to about 2moa. The stock has an aluminium bedding block in but it still flexes quite a bit which I'm guessing is the reason it dosent shoot well off a bipod. So has anyone ever tried stiffening a synthetic stock and how easy and successful was it? And what products are needed? Thanks
  8. rhhudson

    Bolt lube

    I like how my post about which type of lube has turned into a fight about to lube or not to lube 🤣 . Please anyone that dosent don't bother commenting. I'm looking for reccomendations on type, not a lecture why I shouldn't. Thanks
  9. rhhudson

    Bolt lube

    Hi, What does everyone recommend for lubricating a rifle bolt? Oil? Grease? Ptfe? Silicone? Also any particular brand Thanks
  10. rhhudson

    Reload swiss powder

    I have read good things about rs powders an really want to try them but know one around me seems to stock it yet... Ill have to stick with vhit for now
  11. rhhudson

    Modified case

    Hi, Who's the best person to send a case to in order to have it threaded to fit a hornady oal gauge. And how much would it normally cost? Thanks
  12. I had one and I couldn't get on with it, I found it tricky to get on and off, (maybe more practice was needed) On the other hand the rifle did carry well and was comfortable. I ended up selling it and am still searching for the ideal sling for my needs. I quite like the idea of the z-aim ones they go over one shoulder like a normal sling but have the additional strap that goes across the body and onto the rifle, that might be worth a look?
  13. Hi for sale/swap my Hawke endurance 30 sf 6-24×50. Mint condition only been on a 22lr comes complete with box and accessories. Same as the link, I can send photos on request http://www.thecountryman.com/hawke-endurance-6-24x50-mildot-16262 Looking for around £250 ono or swap for something like 4-12 mag scope anything considered. This is just too much scope for my little rifle hence the sale. Thanks
  14. Hi for sale is my jack pyke hunters jacket in English oak, size Large. As new condition, Only worn once. Reason for sale is due to weight loss. Sold I can send photos but it really is as new. https://m.gooutdoors.co.uk/jack-pyke-hunters-jacket-p271507 Thanks

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