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  1. I’ll take them please, pm sent
  2. Hi, this is just a quere about blued or stainless sako 75 actions. i have a a blued 75 with the magazine stainless apart from the very bottom which is (was) blued so when fitted the whole thing is blued , however I was cleaning some moderator sections in my ultrasonic the outher day and decided to put this magazine in as well to give it a clean and guess what ? the blueing came off to reveal a nice shiny stainless bottom , obviously then this was just painted which doesn’t bother me at all but left me wondering if the action was also painted , the rifle in question has the blued action but a stainless barrel. cheers Paul
  3. leck

    Bix N Andy trigger Sako 75

    Still looking, second hand if one going spare please as I can’t justify new price. cheers Paul
  4. leck

    New Tikka rimfire

    I’ve got one on order through Malmo guns and last week they called to say acording to the importers, there now looking at late July- early August 🙄 for first delivery cheers Paul
  5. leck

    Grub screws for Hornady Lock ‘n Load kit

    I lost mine after dropping it in my workshop and after a long search I could not find it, however today I went to our local hardware/steel stockist and gave him my hornady comparator, he gave me two grub screws stating American thread, far better than the original so now sorted !!!! Paul
  6. Still good “banter” with you lads, unfortunate today though !! Paul
  7. leck

    Bix N Andy trigger Sako 75

    Cheers baldie, I will see what Paddy Dane has got if I can find contact details for him Paul
  8. leck

    Bix N Andy trigger Sako 75

    Hi, looking for a bix N Andy trigger for a Sako 75 cheers Paul
  9. Hi, I have two Limbsaver barrel tuners, one bull (varmint brll ) and one standard both shipped direct from States £40 posted, cheers Paul
  10. One pic rial by Ken Farrell to fit a Remington 700 long action, new screws that require ground to length. I’m unsure if this has built in moa but has R.E.M.7L.1.0 stamped on it. £45 posted, cheers Paul
  11. leck

    GRS stock

    Still looking.
  12. leck

    Nightforce NXS 8-32x56

    Pm sent Cheers Paul
  13. leck

    Timney Calvin elite trigger rem 700

    Thanks, trying for second hand before going new. Paul

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