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  1. leck

    RCBS 10 10 scales

    Hi, I’m looking for a set of rcbs 10 10 scales, must be excellent condition, cheers Paul
  2. Hi, what’s you’re absolute best price on the delta scope please.

    cheers Paul

  3. Hi Neil, I have two full boxes and one part box with 22 in 

    yours for £80 posted

    cheers Paul

    1. leck


      My number 07570576128

      im on shifts so better texting Neil as on nights.

      £80 posted is the best price as I could put the two full boxes back into malmo guns at £37 per box and most amax are now at least £45 a box if you can find them

      cheers Paul

    2. neil22


      Amax arrived many thanks Paul

  4. leck

    7mm 284 bullets A max

    I’ve two unopened boxes of 100 and one box with 22 , £80 posted, pm me if you’re intrested, cheers Paul
  5. Excellent scope, someone will be pleased with that Paul
  6. leck

    K&M primer tool

    Still looking cheers Paul
  7. leck

    K&M Neck Turner

    I’ve had the same problem before with virgin brass and found necking up in stages helps if you have a slightly smaller mandrel to start off but either way I find if you get a cotton bud and use lube on the mandrel, I use Lyman spray lube, just spray a little in a plastic lid top then apply it to the mandrel itself, you get three or four done and feel it starting to stick again, re apply the lube and you will be fine, also all the tips from fellow members are true so you should be good to go now, good luck. Paul
  8. leck

    30mm optilock rings “high”

    Hi, I’m looking for a set of blued 30 mm “high” optilock rings , must be complete with inserts and good top screws please. cheers Paul
  9. leck

    K&M primer tool

    Hi, I’m looking for a K&M primer tool with the dial pressure indicator if any one has one there not using. cheers Paul
  10. leck

    New rifle decision.

    Wildcat evo, can’t fault mine . Paul
  11. leck

    New Tikka rimfire

    Thank you all for you’re help, I have cut the pin off the plastic trigger guard and taken a wee bit out of the stock to allow the bolt release button to work and she’s all good ! I have my two stalking rifles in Grs laminate stocks and there great so really wanted this to work as the original stock did not suit me and I must say this beserk has transformed it, thanks again Paul
  12. leck

    New Tikka rimfire

    Can anyone advise me here please, I have the 22 t1x in 16” and have just bought a new GRS beserk stock and after a bit of fiddling I managed to fit the barrelled action and get both screws in but here’s the problem, the beserk stock does not allow the bolt release button to function so basically you can’t get the bolt in without cutting about a quarter inch clearance and the trigger plastic floor plate has a protruding pin sticking up at the rear which the GRS does not accommodate; so again you would have to cut this locating plastic pin off, im reluctant to do these small changes as it’s a brand new stock but I bought this Tikka on the belief it fitted any t3 after market stock. cheers Paul
  13. leck

    Wet pin cleaning solution

    Many thanks for the reply’s , I’m off to whip a bottle of washing up liquid before the missus comes home. cheers Paul
  14. leck

    Wet pin cleaning solution

    Hi, could anyone recommend a cleaning additive for a wet pin tumbler please, I have the Lyman one and used the free sample but wondered what you guys get results with. cheers Paul

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