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  1. Wanted - S&B PMII 10x42 P3

    No one?
  2. Wanted - S&B PMII 10x42 P3

    Looking for a S&B PMII 10x42 P3, mint condition. Either send to Denmark or Scotland (will collect next time I'm there) - would love if there is Tenebreax on it.
  3. I'll take both if necessary. Is it still possible to unscrew the QR and use the Harris bipod as standard with swivelstud?
  4. Selling without the QR item? Willing to ship to Denmark? //Bo
  5. Best Wellies?

  6. Sig Sauer SSG 3000

    What have you found?
  7. Sig Sauer SSG 3000

    Hi, Both models er in stock in Denmark, so if you are willing to do an import.. Are you aware of the option to get at Sauer STR (Skandinavian target rifle)? It's the same rifle as a SSG 300, just without picatinny rail but with an 11mm dovetail instead. They are sold very cheep here in Denmark (about £6000 s/h) - they are exactly same rifle and do Therefore fit custom stocks like McMillan, Bolthorn etc. Have you tried the Patrol stock? The hand position on the trigger hand dosent fit my hand very good, Therefore i diddent get one of them but bought an Sauer STR instead and ordrerd a New chassis for the Rifle. http://longrangedesign.com/hem/products/jet-01%20chassis%20system.html In Denmark most shooters prefer the rifle in 6.5x55 but it is at switch barrel rifle, so you can easily change barrel or caliber in few minutes yourself. The magasine fit both 308 and 6.5x55 I also have a converting kit in 22lr for mine. Nice for traning. //Boryx
  8. S&B sunshade

    I got one brand new.
  9. Hi, On my Sako75 I have mounted a picatinnyrail from Richard Near - great stuff, and Nice chap to deal with. //Bo
  10. Sako 75 w/ AW mag ?

    Looks great.... That could be an solution. But...... Mine is in caliber 6.5x55 (action IV), and far as i know the AW 10shot magazine is only in "short action"? I'll try to extend an original magazine together with my gunsmith-friend. If it works i'll post som pictures. //Boryx
  11. Hi all I have looked around for a "custom" magazine for a Sako 75. It's about the only thing i miss at my Sako, the original magazine is only for 5 shot. Has any off you ever come across a bigger magazine for a Sako 75? I hope that there could be a bigger chance in Uk than in Denmark. //Boryx

    Still looking - I have one I consider to sell. Its a long action, IBM, G2, colour 1/3 OD, TAN, BL - its like new. But i wont let it go cheep, waited more than a year for it, and payed at lot of Tax for importing it. Send me a PM if your still looking. //Boryx

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