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  1. I had my Seamaster serviced by Robin Martin. The shop doesn't look much from the outside, is an old fashioned horologists, with clocks everywhere. Some nice Rolex wall clocks in the form of large Submariners and GMTs, not for sale though. The shop can appear a bit manic out the front at times, but the chap who does the servicing comes out to deal with you personally, sticks the watch on the microscope viewer to show you what's what, keeps you updated and always meets timescales. If you need to send a watch somewhere, then I recommend them too. Or drive down to Portsmouth, drop the watch off, call in at Portsmouth Gun Centre on the way out of town.
  2. Scenar 155 and Swiss Reload

    Yep, 46 grains
  3. Enfield Enforcer Woodwork Wanted

    I'm after a set of Enfield Enforcer woodwork. Everything except the butt, which I have Anyone got any lying around? I have some nice T4 woodwork going spare if needed. thanks
  4. NRA CSR & PR Handbook

    Yes they do, or at least did at last year's Imperial
  5. would need to check. I think it's 4MOA Will only split if someone wants the pistol without it
  6. GSG 1911 .22LR LBP excellent condition, fired approx. 300 rds. With 6 magazines (3 with +2 followers) Fitted with Shield Mini sight (Red dot) , small surface scratch on sight lens, but does not affect it optically. Original case with all factory literature, accessories and tools, plus original iron sights. £550 or £400 without the Shield Mini Sight and the Iron sights replaced. Can bring to Bisley.
  7. I have four different ones. The three black ones, with allen bolt fixings are all 120mm long The original Green thumbscrew L96A1 mount is 100mm long HTH
  8. New Tikka rimfire

    It also has an 11mm dovetail apparently
  9. Methuen

    Even better option
  10. Methuen

    I wasn't in a team last year until Saturday evening when the Diggle team were a person short. Always worth making it known that you are looking for a place. Or better still, cajole others between now and July to form one. Do the falling plates Saturday evening as well, and make a weekend of it.
  11. Competition at Bisley

    Probably the most ridiculous comparison on this forum. You ask for options, then respond like this. I am not surprised you've been suffering from a lack of suggestions.
  12. Competition at Bisley

    Based on the above you already do all the elements of CSR. The Methuen alone covers everything involved in CSR. Which begs the question why you are against shooting CSR? That would give you one competition day a month between Oct and Apr, plus the Imperial week.
  13. Competition at Bisley

    The CSR league has two dates left to run, 3/3 and 8/4, still time to enter the March one
  14. What Baldie Dave said, stick her in with the Spaniel, they'll be cuddled up asleep before you know it!

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