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  1. Roy W

    Mini 14 223 Wanted

    I'll dig them out for you Dave
  2. Roy W

    I am after a .223 / 5.56 AR15

    What's it for? If it's CSR then the CISCAR wouldn't be competitive due to it's straight pull handle. IMHO. If it's for foxes, then it looks ideal. or give Mark Bradley a call and get exactly what you want
  3. Roy W

    Mini 14 223 Wanted

    If you buy one, I have some mags here you can have cheap
  4. Roy W

    first 223 reload

    The Reload Swiss data book does
  5. 209 twice fired RUAG .338LM cases for sale £50 + £10 postage within UK No longer needed as the 338 has gone. Will need tumbling as they have been sat for a while
  6. Roy W

    CSR Accuracy

    Stick a scope on your Enfield and buy some spare mags,
  7. Roy W

    338 Wanted

    Roger that
  8. Roy W

    338 Wanted

    There is an AI L115A3 clone at Devizes Gunsmith at the moment, not on the website
  9. Not really, you said : Most MoD owned ranges do not permit their use, e.g. Bisley and Kingsbury - which is wrong You’ll find they are prohibited unless the RCO condones there use - Nothing to do with the RCO - It's whether you book it with the Range Office. If ant one person complains, no matter how far away, the brake MUST be removed - Where does it say this?
  10. As above, a Gen 1 UBR sought. VGC or better cheers
  11. From the NRA Bible Appendix 17 Firers who wish to use Black Powder firearms or muzzle brakes, or who wish to shoot from a table or bench must inform the Range Office at the time of booking so that appropriate separation on the firing point is allocated. Any firer who does not give advance notice of such requirement may find that proximity of other firers prevents their desired activity Nothing about RCO's choice or other people moaning
  12. No, you just have to let the range office know you will be using one. We use them all the time at Bisley. They do state that they may add a surcharge for a lane between you and everyone else, if necessary, but to my knowledge it's never been charged. I think your rules are either old, word of mouth or anecdotal
  13. Leupold 12-40 x Mk 4 Spotting scope. Complete with London Bridge tan cover, AI lens caps (with NSN), Killflash end cap (NSN marked) Very rare to find the lens caps or killflash. FFP, with centre only Mildot reticle, no outer edge bars on the reticle. Fits standard tripod. $2300 new For sale, £900 incl postage Will not split. Advertised elsewhere

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