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  1. Roy W

    Jetz cqb or compact wanted

    Sounds like a plan, as long as the Commons aren't required to vote it through, of course!
  2. Roy W

    Jetz cqb or compact wanted

    I think you should consider a part time consultancy in mediation. I'd pay to be a fly on the wall
  3. Roy W

    1 inch patches

  4. Scope now SOLD. Killflash available for £75
  5. Leupold Mk4 12-40x60 spotting scope as used by the British Army. Complete with tan soft cover, AI NSN branded bikini covers and killflash. FFP with Mildot reticle Currently £1900 new https://www.uttings.co.uk/p114693-leupold-mk4-tactical-12-40x60-spotting-scope-leu-53756/#.XJ8pfHk3YRY FOR SALE £675 with killflash and caps or £600 without I won't sell killflash separately unless the scope sells first without them. Excellent spotting scope, will fit on any standard tripod. Located in Hampshire UK, will post Special Delivery at cost, will post abroad tracked and insured at your expense. Can be collected, or meet up at Bisley. Advertised elsewhere.
  6. Roy W

    AI Ax rifle accessories

    Dave, try these https://londonbridgefirearms.com/ It's owned by Bill Pearce (I'm sure you remember him). He's also on Facebook. I'm sure he'd be willing to help if he can.
  7. Roy W

    Wanted AIM 55 Drag bag

  8. It also happens to be the patch 'Blackbeard's Pirate Flag' worn by Seal Team 3. A more likely source perhaps? Or do Black Rifle supply Seal Team 3 too? Just google Seal Team 3 Blackbeard patch
  9. Roy W

    Schmidt & Bender turret markings

    I expect each of those graduations has 2 clicks between them, and it is 0.1Mrad clicks. I would ignore the upper numbers and just record the drops based on the o.1 Mrad clicks, not bothering with other turrets which are unlikely to match your ammo precisely anyway
  10. Don't forget your mother's maiden name, first pet's name, favourite colour and first school. Just to be on the safe side.
  11. Roy W

    Enfield T4 zeroing problem.

    I decided that someone could really be that rude, sarcastic and conceited in one post, so it must have just been badly worded. Surely one person can't make a thread asking for help, then a few posts later tell everyone they don't need help because of their x,y & z experience....................................can they?
  12. Roy W

    Enfield T4 zeroing problem.

    Never mind
  13. Roy W


    Twice as much again
  14. Roy W


    Apparently 'Heads' command a higher price

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