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  1. Roy W

    Help Please, how should this be fitted

    It's a Hammer and Trigger pin retainer from a Jewell Trigger. https://www.ar15.com/forums/ar-15/AR-Trigger-Mystery/12-731937/ So one end is going to go over the trigger pin and the other under tension against the hammer pin, or vice versa, resting in a groove I would imagine. Look up fitting Jewell triggers on Youtube
  2. Roy W


    With those quantities you are hardly going to break the bank, either that or your daughter has unrealistic expectations regarding her inheritance!
  3. Will it fit another make of lower designed for 308, or does it need to be an LMT lower? I guess what I am asking, is, is the spare upper only compatible with the LMT lower or could it be made into another rifle with a non LMT lower?
  4. Does the LMT upper fit onto any standard AR15 lower?
  5. Roy W

    REM 700 blueprint

    Dave Wylde of Valkyrie Rifles will do you proud
  6. Roy W

    scope removal.

    You certainly have some dilemmas about taking your rifle out and about 😮 Why not just use his gun or a club gun at his club and not have the hassle?
  7. Roy W


    Unbelievabl.......................y good deal ! 😂
  8. Roy W

    Case tumbler, preferably Lyman pro 1200

    CDSG currently has the Lyman 1200 for £69
  9. Roy W


    Ring the NRA and ask them?
  10. Roy W

    Anyone done any reloading for a .308 LMT

    Do you mean Vhit N140? If so, that load sounds about right. RS50 and RS52 will also work
  11. Roy W


    I think you'll find the new course automatically includes HME

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