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  1. For info the .303 SMKs are only £44.40 per hundred from Kranks.
  2. British Shooting Show - No Dogs

    If Bradders had a dag!
  3. British Shooting Show - No Dogs

    I won't be taking my dog, just my handsome scouse mate.
  4. So where does Airsoft and Re-enactment come into this? Neither are shooters as such, but look at Airsoft for instance, they look more tooled up than the SAS. A few target shooters in DPM smocks aren't an issue, in fact many of them never get seen by non shooters. If they want to drive to a shoot looking like the 3rd Mess Tin Repair Regiment, then they are already too odd to change by suggesting they don't wear it.
  5. Do the Electronic targets on Stickledown give read outs in inches? The ones on Century seem to be in MOA.
  6. Valkyrie 6.5 creedmoor barrel

    Next one is this Sunday, 3rd Dec, then 6th Jan. Dates are all on the NRA Website under CSR. I'll be going to them all, so pick your first one and let me know. Or get a car full from the Island and split the ferry fare.
  7. Valkyrie 6.5 creedmoor barrel

    Looks Good Dave. Stick the .308 barrel on and come to the next CSR shoot. I'll even pick you up from the ferry!
  8. Blimey, is that how much they fetch now?
  9. CSR equipment

    You could always go the whole hog and have your lunch on the range after the Urban Match
  10. A set of 34mm mounts, like new. Came with a scope but I never used them. They were fitted to a PM2 5-25x56 and are a solid, chunky steel set of rings. Picatinny fittings, currently for sale at Sporting Services for £195 pair Price £140 Can collect Hants/Bisley area or will post Special Delivery for £8
  11. I had exactly the same problem with my Beretta this week, only it wouldn't go far enough over to open the action, so was jammed shut. Took it to GMK today, they said they've had it happen to a few guns and put it down to the drying process in the factory being so good, that when the wood naturally moistens, it swells. They're going to re-profile the woodwork and refinish. It had raised 1mm above the action
  12. Nice used S&B PM1 3-12x50 scope with BDC turrets and Mildot reticle. 30mm tube £750 delivered Hants/ Bisley or posted Special Delivery at cost advertised elsewhere
  13. Markers Bisly

    Regardless of the zero range accuracy or otherwise, if the bloke was missing the target, it still isn't the marker's fault. They are markers, not spotters.

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