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  1. Roy W

    RS70 FOR 300WM

    Lots of people, myself included, use it for .338LM , from memory I was using 85grains with 250gr Scenars.
  2. Roy W

    New Tikka rimfire

    I think you'll be lucky to get one for June now, I think pre orders are approaching four figures, and the first tranche won't be anywhere near that. Probably a lottery who gets them. Plus just as many orders for the 17HMR version apparently
  3. Roy W

    New Tikka rimfire

    I spoke to GMK and they were expecting deliveries late May/early June, but have lots of back orders
  4. Roy W

    Dasher dies

    For a moment I thought this was a sad, pre Christmas announcement!
  5. Not according to the 'For Sale' Rules below: I didn't know the cost of postage, but as it was a £20 scope, if the postage was a deal breaker then probably best not to bother buying it! You were too late anyway You must have been a member of the site for more than 1 month to sell any items. You may only advertise SECONDHAND shooting related items that you are not selling for gain. If you wish to advertise shooting related items of any other nature you must sponsor the board and place your advert in the For Sale (Trade and UKV Supporter items) section. You are limited to ADVERTISING 5 PRIVATE SECONDHAND ITEMS FREE PER CALENDAR MONTH -Anyone wishing to advertise more frequently must sponsor UKV. You must fill in your profile to include your nearest postal city (not just county). You must state a price. This is not an auction site. You may not place an advert for a 3rd party (ie No "my mate..." etc). You must state if the item is being offered simultaneously elsewhere. Obviously, the advert must be legal.
  6. The prices are shown, TASCO now sold. Postage was £4.50
  7. Dave, Andy B will have them, he'll be in touch
  8. Two basic air rifle/22 scopes Tasco Golden Antler 3-9x40 , 1/4 MOA clicks, lens caps , excellent condition RRP £69.99 - £20 + postage Bisley 4 x 40 with weaver rings, 1/4 MOA rings , good condition , minor scratching on turret caps - £20 + postage
  9. Roy W

    Ruger mini 14 magazines

    I have 2 x 5rd and 1 x 20rd, if interested. Drop me a PM
  10. I had my Seamaster serviced by Robin Martin. The shop doesn't look much from the outside, is an old fashioned horologists, with clocks everywhere. Some nice Rolex wall clocks in the form of large Submariners and GMTs, not for sale though. The shop can appear a bit manic out the front at times, but the chap who does the servicing comes out to deal with you personally, sticks the watch on the microscope viewer to show you what's what, keeps you updated and always meets timescales. If you need to send a watch somewhere, then I recommend them too. Or drive down to Portsmouth, drop the watch off, call in at Portsmouth Gun Centre on the way out of town.
  11. Roy W

    Scenar 155 and Swiss Reload

    Yep, 46 grains
  12. Roy W

    Enfield Enforcer Woodwork Wanted

    I'm after a set of Enfield Enforcer woodwork. Everything except the butt, which I have Anyone got any lying around? I have some nice T4 woodwork going spare if needed. thanks
  13. would need to check. I think it's 4MOA Will only split if someone wants the pistol without it

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