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  1. Roy W

    Schmidt & Bender turret markings

    I expect each of those graduations has 2 clicks between them, and it is 0.1Mrad clicks. I would ignore the upper numbers and just record the drops based on the o.1 Mrad clicks, not bothering with other turrets which are unlikely to match your ammo precisely anyway
  2. Don't forget your mother's maiden name, first pet's name, favourite colour and first school. Just to be on the safe side.
  3. Roy W

    Enfield T4 zeroing problem.

    I decided that someone could really be that rude, sarcastic and conceited in one post, so it must have just been badly worded. Surely one person can't make a thread asking for help, then a few posts later tell everyone they don't need help because of their x,y & z experience....................................can they?
  4. Roy W

    Enfield T4 zeroing problem.

    Never mind
  5. Roy W


    Twice as much again
  6. Roy W


    Apparently 'Heads' command a higher price
  7. Roy W

    Worth a read...........

    Didn't we do this in 2016? Then it was passed into law by the same self-serving hypocrites now trying to overturn it?
  8. Roy W


  9. Roy W

    Enfield T4 zeroing problem.

    You could have a front pad and a rearsight pad, like the Enfield Enforcer mounted. You could have No.4T pads on the side mounted professionally and use a 4T mount. Or, you could ask a gunsmith to fit the 'No Gunsmithing' mount properly Just some thoughts
  10. Roy W

    New to firearms, have a question.

    The Proof Houses are private companies with one aim, to make money. They would claim kettles needed proofing if they thought they could get away with it. The CPS prosecute proof offences, the Proof Houses would provide an expert witness, and nothing else. The proving of firearms is governed by the Gun Barrel Proof Acts of 1868, 1950 and 1978 (However, note that much of the 1950 Act was repealed in 1996 by SI 1996/1576). Chapter 24 of the following document explains the legalities: https://www.sceguk.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/sites/24/2015/07/Home-Office-Guide-on-Firearms-Licensing-Law.pdf
  11. Roy W

    New to firearms, have a question.

    Are you saying the Proof House prosecute?
  12. Roy W

    Enfield T4 zeroing problem.

    Non-gunsmithing scope rails are renowned for being, how can you put it, ........shite There are too many variables in the rifle and the mount to get a perfect fit. Take it to a gunsmith, or get proper mounts fitted.
  13. I thought they were £15.50 per hour? How did three of you pay £45 for four hours? Is there a special discount code?

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