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  1. Mine wasn't threaded to the shoulder though Bradders...it ended a few mm short. Needed to extend the thread and undercut properly. None of my other rifles have this issue but yes, I appreciate that it's not only Tikka that have done this, it's others as well. At least they've recognised that for mod users, it needed addressing. It is an issue with some mods depending on how their threads are cut. Many don't have any relief or undercut of their bushings. It's then that a problem occurs as obviously, the mod can be pulled off axis at the end by enough to cause a bullet strike.
  2. Using a Sinclair F-Class front bipod and no back rest for me, as I wanted to replicate loads fired in the field. Fired about 600 rounds from this barrel and it's settled in nicely but my SD/ES has started opening up from where it was with earlier loads, so need now to re-establish an accuracy node. Reasons may be lands going back a little or powder/primer batch variation, but whatever they are, my SD is now around 15 and ES has opened up considerably to close on 30, or double what they were for the same load. Brass batch is now 5 fired but careful attention to prep observed and FL sized every time.
  3. VarmLR

    Schmidt & Bender turret markings

    2cm per click = 10cm/100m with 5 clicks so 2 = 200m at 0.4Mrads = 8cm or 3.1 inches and 3 = 300m = 1.1Mrads. That's smack on for my 139 CM load at 2700fps or .308 using 155 smks at about 2850fps. It's starting to get a bit loopy by 400m with what looks to be about 2.4Mrad drop so this isn't some flat shooting load. It dials more like a 168 or 175gr .308 load but could be any number of alternatives.
  4. That's odd because he managed to do my 26" .223 barrel! I think that the barrel was fitted back through the headstock as Bradders suggests.
  5. I think that the issues are now resolved with newer rifles Andrew. Early production runs had a few mm of the threaded area next to the shoulder left uncut which was the problem. Newer ones now appear to be undercut by all reports. Why they ever released the Tac without the thread being properly cut in the first pace beats me, as it was always going to be a potential cause of problems for mod users.
  6. I had mine undercut and put pressure on GMK to address this is it doesn't half scare the crap out of you when pulling the trigger, and seeing impact miles to one side and high.....at 25 yds!!!! You then check your mod to see that it's b&ggered and the rounds have been clipping it on the way out. I followed this up, not satisfied that I had invalidated my warranty by doing what Tikka should have done in the first place, and to be fair to GMK, they did, shortly afterwards meet with Tikka to discuss the issue. The interim solution was to provide crush washers (which does work as the square face of the mod then has a square face of the washers to mate with so stays concentric to the barrel as the washers are stacked so that the thread effectively undercuts them). It does look as if Tikka are now properly undercutting the threads as it isn't really helpful to issue statements like "....designed for use with a muzzle break so we see no problem.". As these were intended to sell mostly in the State's, marketed for "Law enforcement and Military" but ostensibly more civilians will buy them up (when did you last see the military sporting Tikkas?). Shout loud enough for long enough, and play the safety card and someone somewhere should listen, as may have been the case here. Good job it's now sorted...and about time!
  7. VarmLR


    Apparently the heads and bullets that rise to the top of the pecking order are to be referred to as "Head Bullets"
  8. VarmLR

    Worth a read...........

    I think that's probably the truth whatever we decided. It's worrying though to note that some of the ultra-right leanings with some European countries are similar to those of 80 years ago. This isn't though to be confused or deliberately (or otherwise) conflated by those holding strong pro-EU views in this country with those accused of being "far right" for wanting out of the whole mess.
  9. VarmLR

    Worth a read...........

    Better late than never! Yes, I' hadn't read the full article to be fair, just skimmed through it and I do agree with what the article says about your first point except it's also true (here's the balance) to say that the reasons against Brexit and the campaigning was also misrepresented and continues to be with project fear growing by the day. Project fear has done as much as anything to hit share prices which ebb and flow on speculation. On your second point, it's more than an act of faith. Some see it as an act of necessity. The status quo was never going to remain the status quo for long. Europe and EU funding is in major crisis and at the very least we'd have lost the last of our concessions and paid a hell of a lot more if looking at just the financial side of things. It was never though all about just finances. If you cannot see where Italy, Hungary and Poland may be heading, if you cannot see the very real potential for the EU to fragment or implode with the growing strength of feeling against the EU's continued federalisation plans, then perhaps asking the question "what do you base that on" says that you haven't opened your eyes as to what's happening elsewhere amongst our European neighbours? Also it's extremely naive to think that because we voted to leave that this weakens European resolve to stay united on our shared security concerns. We'd have likely been more at risk had we voted for and taken part in the hapless venture that is the EU joint strike force. Ask anyone here with experience in logistics and the way that the armed forces work. The main concern if Russia kicks off is that the EU will fail to unite and will be too busy bickering as to who will lead. NATO exists with or without the Commission. Sorry, but I really cannot see that any of your arguments hold up to scrutiny any more than you see that mine do.
  10. VarmLR

    Worth a read...........

    +1 With bells on. What is unbelievable is remoaners challenging the views of those who want out of the EU as "unbelievable". The sooner we're out the better. At least it'll focus minds on the business of getting on with things and hopefully put a stop to the toxicity of the whole thing which sees friend pitted against friend and family member against family member. That's one of the more tragic side effects, not whether our bleeding share value is up or down . As to the comments about people being made redundant...people have been made redundant for less over the past few decades...any excuse to "streamline" under the way many companies have been run. Of course we all have sympathy for those it'll negatively affect in this respect, and my own business will be hit hard as will my income which is marginal as it is, but I genuinely think that the UK will be better off longer term. I couldn't give a fig who agrees or not because I didn't vote for what others believed, I voted for what I believed after thinking long and hard (the present day EU issues were thought about long before we were given the option of voting) .
  11. You are Paddington, and I claim my £5. Got any marmalade sandwiches?
  12. VarmLR

    Worth a read...........

    Quite honestly? These articles sicken me because they make out all Brexit supporters to be ill educated neanderthals who didn't know what they were voting for and are unwilling to reason. That voters understood that no one person, let alone anyone putting a cross in the box, understands all the potential and real issues seems to have been conveniently forgotten. The princples at stake do matter to many of us, and the economic fallout is to be expected as it's the medium term penalty for most likely longer term gain but UK and EU politics are all like the economy, about short term greed and gain. With the principles at stake, of course people are emotive and cannot be shaken, because belief in something isn't just Utopian, it's what is at stake as part of our identities and our way of life. Who we are matters and the nation has gone to war in the past to maintain those freedoms and identities. I'm not saying anyone will go to war over Brexit, but as a set of driving principles, most voters have seen nothing but the sneering divisive face of corrupted Euro politics for years all engineered from the earliest of days to lead us to one single point...a Federal Sates of Europe. There are as many arguments for leaving as for remaining, it's just that the easy option appeals to those who couldn't be arsed with the alternative. Personally, I think it's immaterial what way people voted as on it's current course, the EU will most likely crash and burn within the next 5 to 10 years anyway and we'll be left pretty much in the same boat. No-one has a crystal ball, but there's so much speculation and B/S flying around on all sides, you'd be forgiven for thinking otherwise. People wanted out of the EU and not out of Europe (another distinction conveniently forgotten) nor, ideally out of a common market. The EU's end goal is full on Federalisation and loss of national identity, whatever claptrap they try to spin now. Thanks to the likes of Bliar and subsequent politicians, we have been frogmarched right up to the front gates before coming to our senses, so whatever the future holds, I'd hope that it'll be a damned sight more organised and settled (no-matter what some of us would like to think) than this train crash of a political and economic mess that we find ourselves in now.
  13. Absolutely Gunner. It's not a wise thing for anyone other than those who need to know that you have firearms at your property. Certainly, at the very least, attention oughtn't to be drawn to it. I've found Glos licensing team very good in this respect.
  14. At last, someone speaking sense. Point is, that armed officers turning up unannounced clearly brings unwanted attention to the FAC holder, and no-where within anything that I have read suggests that these checks must only be made by armed officers. Your FEO can make the inspection and if there's any issues, he has the power to remove firearms until such time as arrangements pass muster. As Matt suggests, unless a warrant has been issued, you have the right to refuse access and ask for written notice of a randomly chosen inspection. Random, in this instance, means that FAC holders may be randomly picked out, but turning up unannounced is likely to result in a "please come back later" response if it is inconvenient to you at that time.
  15. What are you on? Can you read? You clearly have trouble spelling. No-one has "landed me in it" as you put it and there's nothing malicious about providing HO guidelines to clarify what the guidelines are. Please keep your idle speculation to yourself. Yout post was uncalled for, overly aggressive and plain ignorant.

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