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  1. Binnzy

    Single shot bobsled

    I had some specifically made for me (CNC'd in aluminium). PM sent.
  2. Hi Spencer Some time ago I was in a similar position to you, before I really caught the FTR bug. I have competed with, and still own, factory actions that perform exceptionally well at long range, but a certain level of investment is required. As Big Al has suggested, the most 'bang for your buck' is to replace the existing barrel with a match quality one, this is where you will see the highest level of improvement for your money (as well as getting the twist rate / length / profile chambering that you want). This will also give you the opportunity to change to 6.5cm if that is something of importance to you. As far as a stock is concerned, have a look at the KRG Bravo, which is a drop-in replacement, will not require bedding, and is relatively good value. Overall, a similar level of investment to buying a Tikka Tac A1; BUT, the big difference is that you will have that all important match barrel rather than a factory one, which will always offer better performance than the factory barrel. You don't see the 'smiths on this forum replacing barrels with hammer forged factory options - there is a reason for that. Some factory barrels can perform well; however, all properly fitted match barrels will perform. Whilst resources may mean that you are currently unable to get that full custom rifle you may like; since you already have the action, a semi-custom should outperform a similar factory option every time...good luck!
  3. Binnzy

    Tikka Donor Action M590 / M595 / T3

    Hi Spot Many thanks for the offer, but I now how what I need.
  4. Binnzy

    Tikka Donor Action M590 / M595 / T3

    All sorted now. Many thanks for all of your help and responses.
  5. Binnzy

    Tikka Donor Action M590 / M595 / T3

    Does anyone have a spare 243 or 308 M590/M595 3 or 5 shot magazine they would be willing to part with before I look at buying new? Thanks to all for your offers; I have replied to all of your PMs.
  6. Binnzy

    Tikka Donor Action M590 / M595 / T3

    Hi 6mmBR For this project I am looking for a +/- .473 boltface to rebarrel to 6.5mmm Creedmoor. So anything 22-250 / 243 / 308 / 7-08 etc would be great. However, if there also happens to be a cheap .384 available, previously a 204 / 222 / 224 that might be of interest too. Regards Paul
  7. Binnzy

    Tikka Donor Action M590 / M595 / T3

    Hi Palo Many thanks for the offer, but I am only looking for the above mentioned Tikkas. Kind Regards..
  8. Hi As the title suggests, I'm looking for one of the above donor actions for a semi custom project (right handed). Stock will likely be replaced, so its condition isn't important, but I will need the 'bottom metal' and magazine. Please let me know if you have something 'shot out' you are looking to move on. Paul
  9. Binnzy


    No Paddy, not a joke. I have no affiliation to them, but I have used the bipod weekly for over 5 years without issue and I live in the Scottish Highlands. My experience is not as you suggest. Just my view, thats all.
  10. Binnzy


    Hi I use the Snipersystems bipod - similar to Harris but much better engineered and thought out (cants with a locking lever). About £90, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee. I've used one on a 308 for years without issue, after 'retiring' a Harris: http://www.globalrifle.co.uk/snipersystems-mark-ix-tilting-bipod-7-p.asp I wouldn't buy another Harris again For F Class FTR - Seb Joypod all the way - buy once, cry once.
  11. Binnzy

    Tikka M590 .223 - FTR

    Well...my wife elected to have that colour; after all it's her rifle, and she loves it. The fit and finish of the rifle is excellent. Throughout the project, I was always worried about the cost saving of using the original walnut stock; however, the paint and clear coat finish does the give the stock a 'soft touch' and tactile feel whilst retaining the rigidity of the original wood. As for the 'brief', the aim was to have a rifle capable of holding an F class 0.5MOA V bull (ICFRA Target) out to 600yds for club level FTR competition - without costing a fortune. It's early days, but from what we have seen so far, it looks like the rifle will be capable of exactly that...many thanks to Big Al.
  12. Binnzy


    After using Remington 7.5 BR primers for some time, I was unable to source any at the back end of last year. After hearing some good reports of the Muroms and some info from Re-Pete, I made a detour to HPS and bought a significant quantity of KVB-223M primers. I now use them exclusively for both 223 with the 90gn VLD / Varget, and for 155.5gn FB / 200gn Hybrid / RS52. Results for ES and SD for both calibers have been nothing short of outstanding. Group below is 5 shots at 100yds, the Murom/RS52 combo produced nice round groups over a variety of charge weights - usual caveat, my load may not be safe in your rifle, especially as I have a lot of freebore. The chamber in that rifle is specifically cut for the 200gn hybrid.
  13. Binnzy

    1000y load

    The initial question was in relation to a 26'' barrel. If he wants to reach out to 1000yds with it, there is likely to be a price to pay in terms of barrel life.

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